Sunday, March 30, 2008

From someone that understands all too well...

I have mentioned that I get amazing emails. They are incredibly touching, encouraging and supportive. And sometimes there are people that you feel God directs right into your path. This person is one of those. This is just a small snippet of one of their emails. I found it very pertinent and asked for permission to share.
"As for support and hope, I'm glad to offer either at any time. When my pastor murdered my friend (although we all just thought she died in a horrible fire), my world was completely shattered. I've never experienced such devastation and it left me with an experience that has truly changed me. The Lord allowed things to get really bad, but then he restored hope and life for me. Rarely a day goes by that I don't remember the effect it had on my life. It's so strange to me to read that there are such similar evils out there (such as what Matt did to Kari), but I've learned that there truly is nothing new under the sun. Matt's not unique at all, just a type, and his type needs to be stopped. Of course the ultimate justice awaits him, and I would never want to be him. The Lord will hold him accountable not only for what he did to Kari and their daughters, but how he used his position of trust to deceive and use people."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I may get in trouble.....

...for highlighting and discussing this comment I found at KWTX's website:

Posted by: JK Location: Waco on Mar 27, 2008 at 06:39 PM
Sadly, the DA isn't up for re-election until 2010. And you know, it wasn't that they didn't have the evidence to indict. It was that they hadn't even worked on the case yet. Hewitt PD and Rangers both said they haven't been asked for anything! How sad.
Message from the McLennan County voters:
Hewitt PD and the Texas Rangers have info/facts/evidence/testimony you don't want leave your job without. Pick. Up. The. Phone.

Humorous Quote of the Day

“I looked through facts in this case very hard with the eye of a prosecutor,” Gray {Matt's attorney} said. “I kept waiting for him to slip up or for him to lie, but he never did.”

Ohhhhhhhhhkay. Someone needs reading glasses and a Tivo. Or a conscience. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kerrville's take on it....

Kerville Daily Times - March 26, 2008
Murder charges against Baker dropped
(Click link above for full story)

"McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest was not available for comment."
They should have kept trying so he could clarify for them as he did the WacoTrib today:

McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest said the murder charge against Matt Baker stands, but his office agreed to an order issued Tuesday that required a refund of the $200,000 bond used to secure Baker's release from jail in October.

"It was an act based solely on the passage of time," Segrest said. "It does not dispose of the criminal charges in the least. Those matters are still under consideration by this office."

DA says....murder charge stands

New article in the this afternoon:
DA says he can't indict ex-minister accused of killing wife
(click on link for full story)

McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest said the murder charge against Matt Baker stands, but his office agreed to an order issued Tuesday that required a refund of the $200,000 bond used to secure Baker's release from jail in October.

"It was an act based solely on the passage of time," Segrest said. "It does not dispose of the criminal charges in the least. Those matters are still under consideration by this office."

I first found this story at the KWES NewsWest 9/ Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, TX website.
At a quick glance, also found at news sites for Lawton, Witchita Falls, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Sherman, El Paso, Las Cruces, Houston, the Examiner, Baylor Lariat, Kerrville, San Antonio, Tyler.

Comment today...

Wanted to highlight a comment received just this afternoon. She makes a very good point.

"I'm in Kerrville and just this morning, after reading the paper, I realized we are/were "hosting" two possible wife murderers in our town! I have read in passing about Matt Baker and Tim Dawson and never took notice that they were two different people and two different cases of possible murder.

I came to your site looking for details. It is very informative. Kari certainly was loved by many people and from what little I've read she seems like a wonderful lady. I'm very sorry for her family for their loss.

I found my best friend dead in his home two weeks ago. There is not a detail of it that I cannot recall or any sequence of events that I am confused about. I remember what I said to the 911 operator. I remember it all very vividly. That is why I have a hard time believing that anyone would be unclear on whether they found the note and that sort of thing. It seems to me that finding your wife dead would play out over and over in your mind and would be extremely difficult to forget.

I am so angry with men like Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, OJ Simpson, Matt Baker and Tim Dawson. It is terrifying how they have everyone fooled.

I would not go so far as to pronounce him guilty but he definitely deserved to be indicted and tried. There are too many questions to not go to trial."

It Ain't Over

I think this is one of the key phrases in an article found at

“It wasn’t a discretionary act,” Segrest said, speaking of his office’s agreement to an order issued Tuesday by Justice of the Peace Billy Martin to discharge Baker’s bail bond. “It was an act based solely on the passage of time. It does not dispose of the criminal charges in the least. Those matters are still under consideration by this office.”

The DA's office is delving into this investigation this week. What happened yesterday was simply the matter of the 180 days. Once they wrap up their investigations, Baker will will be subject to re-arrest, coming up with bond money again and then the Grand Jury.....and ultimately trial. If the DA felt there was nothing here, they wouldn't continue on with investigations. But. They. Are.

More news on the subject:
KCEN-TV (Channel 6) - Murder charges against former pastor are dropped (for now)
"Defense attorney Gray says the district attorney's office says it will keep this file open and continue working on the case."
KXXV-TV (Channel 25) - Ex-Pastor's Murder Charges Dismissed (for now)
"WACO - Matt Baker no longer faces murder charges, at least for the time being."
KWTX-TV (Channel 10) - Murder Charge Against Former Local Pastor Dropped (for now)
"Martin said if prosecutors think they have enough evidence to re-file the arrest warrant, Baker could be rearrested."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Taken from tonight:
(March 25, 2008)—The murder complaint against former Waco-area pastor Matt Baker, who was harged [sic] in the death of his 31-year-old wife Kari, was dropped Tuesday. Kari Baker died in April 2006 in the couple’s Hewitt home in [sic]. McLennan County Justice of the Peace Billy Martin signed the dismissal order at the request of Baker’s attorney because the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office had not sought an indictment with [sic] the required 180 days after Baker’s arrest. Martin says it’s the first such writ he’s signed in his more than ten years as justice of the peace. The order also returns the $200,000 bond Baker posted in October. Martin said if prosecutors think they have enough evidence to re-file the arrest warrant, Baker could be rearrested. The original arrest warrant for Baker was issued in September. Baker surrendered to authorities in Kerrville, where he was living with the couple's two daughters and working as a substitute high school teacher.

As far as I know now, this is just procedural due to the 180 days limit. But new murder charges could be refiled as early as......tomorrow. Baker is NOT off this hook yet. This is merely a formality. Let Baker's friend have his bond money back. It means nothing.

Email me

Will the person who left a comment about Dallas this morning (or tried to...I haven't let through yet), please email me. I have a couple of questions for you.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Comment in Waco Trib Today

Interesting comment left today in the

By One of Matt's Victims
Mar 24, 2008 3:44 PM

Well, here is a fact for all of you out there. Matt has been living a "double life" since 1991 when he assaulted me in the old training room of the Baylor Stadium; a time when he was majoring in Youth Ministry and Recreation. He admitted it to Baylor personnel and apologized to me in front of the same personnel. And I was promised by the University that he would be punished. He got by then and he continues to get by now. I find it very interesting that his story continues to change as he tells it. He has been caught in many lies with all of this but unfortunately not yet in court. So, is Matt the most unlucky person on the planet?? Why does he keep losing jobs b/c he gets accused of sexual misconduct? Maybe something to the stories?? Just another part of his life y'all might want to chew on for a bit.

I did not know that he had admitted to it to Baylor personnell and then "apologized" for it in front of them. Now, he says nothing happened at all? I hope the person in charge of that at Baylor is called to the stand to testify on what happened and WHY THE HECK he let it go.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Saw this in the Letters to the Editor portion of the today.

Take Baker case to trial
A former local minister, Matt Baker, has been charged in the 2006 murder of his wife. Why hasn’t our district attorney pursued the case? The March issue of Texas Monthly states that Baker, who has been a teacher, youth minister, camp counselor and pastor, left several of those jobs with disturbing allegations about his sexual conduct toward those in subordinate positions. We next learn of his wife’s death while he was seemingly involved with a younger woman.

Many unanswered questions surround Kari Baker’s death: What happened to Matt Baker’s computer? Why was he calling the younger woman around the time of his wife’s death?Why was he in a jewelry store with the same woman shortly after his wife’s death? Why would his wife suddenly decide to take too many pills when she was excited about a new job? Why would she leave a typed suicide note? Why doesn’t the forensic evidence from the crime scene support Matt Baker’s claims about what happened — and when it happened — on the night of his wife’s death?

Many of the responses Baker gives to these questions are contradictory. To ensure justice to all — Kari’s family, the two young daughters left behind, Baker and our community — it is necessary for the McLennan County district attorney to take this case to trial.
Dr. Cheryl D. Bohde

Friday, March 21, 2008

"Classless, desperate act"

2 articles in the Waco Tribune Herald today:
Lawsuit re-filed against former Central Texas pastor in his wife's death
Ex-minister wants bond back in arrest on murder charges in wife's death

The Dulins’ attorney, Bill Johnston, of Waco, called the allegations in Gray’s motion a “classless, desperate act.” “To me, it just sounds very desperate on their part, and it seems like it is irrelevant speculation,” Johnston said. “It strikes me as a tactic to scare Linda off from pursuing this case. But that lawyer doesn’t know us and her very well if he thinks that is going to scare her off.”

Yup, Mr. Johnston, you got that right.

Kari Baker’s parents, Linda and James Dulin, who refiled a wrongful death lawsuit against Baker on Thursday, reacted angrily to Gray’s assertions. “I don’t believe Kari ever had an abortion,” Linda Dulin said. “Nothing in the papers that were filed even suggested one. Mr. Gray has made an unethical claim that can’t be backed up.” Dulin added, “However, Jim and I loved our daughter. We were so proud to be her parents. Our love for her wasn’t conditional, no matter what happened in her life. Lies and mudslinging like Mr. Gray and Matt Baker are resorting to will backfire.”

Dulin questioned why Baker is the only one close to Kari who has said she was distraught, depressed and suicidal. Others have said she was positive, happy and looking forward to a new job. “Matt can’t have it both ways,” Dulin said. “He can’t say he loved Kari in one breath and then disparage her time after time. Not once since her death has he said anything kind or loving about her. What does this show his daughters, Kari’s daughters?”

Anyone else find it interesting that this bogus mud is slung at Kari on Good Friday? This is so unethical and desperate that it's almost humorous. Almost.

Another article on the website has this story:
Family of Central Texas teacher re-files wrongful death suit

A former local pastor accused of killing his wife filed a motion to have those charges dropped.
Matt Baker and his attorney released new accusations against Kari Lynn Baker they said will prove his innocence.

That’s as her family filed a wrongful death suit against him before the statute of limitations runs out. It’s a murder mystery that's gained national attention: a former Baptist preacher, now accused of murdering his wife two years ago. His attorney wonders how all the publicity will impact the case. "It's a two edged sword and I really don't know which way it will fall.

Re-reading the articles and the motion GJG filed. Okay. Re-reading it again. Hmmmm.....I guess I'm really missing something here. New accusations that prove his innocence? Nope. Can't find anything remotely close. Really, really weak try....not to mention rather unethical and low and desperate. And we'll see very soon which way things fall.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Civil Suit

Well, it's all over the news like it's some shocking story. But if you think about it, it's basic "MyDaughterWasMurdered 101" + Simple Math = 2 year deadline coming up.

You have two years from the time of death to file a wrongful death suit. It will be 2 years April 8. The DA's office is moving along, too. It looks like someone may get it from both ends. Justice is not blind. Thank God. Everyone get ready.
You can see the news blips here:

KCEN-TV (Channel 6) - Family of Central Texas teacher re-files wrongful death suit
KXXV (Channel 25) - More drama for ex-pastor accused of Killing Wife
KWTX (Channel 10) - New lawsuit filed against Matt Baker

Now, let's see how easily Matt's side answers for their actions coming up tomorrow. Desperation is an ugly thing to watch.
(Click on image above to view larger.)
Pictures courtesy of Linda Dulin

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another sweet email....

I went to Waco Christian with Kari and want the family to know how sorry I am for their loss. Kari had amazing energy, such a wonderful attitude and personality, and was so full of life!

Kristi - 1991 graduate

Friday, March 7, 2008

20/20 Comments

Wow. I'm almost speechless. You?

TM Comment

Saw this comment posted on Just passing it along.

Law Did this Baptist preacher kill his wife?
posted by julie_gjjrdw
on Thursday, February 28, 2008 @ 12:54:27 CST

I have just finished following the Mark Jensen murder case online at This case and the case of Matt and Kari Baker are eerily similar in every aspect. I hope Kari’s family is aware of this trial that was in Kenosha, WI, and just came back with a guilty verdict for the husband who drugged and poisoned and killed his
wife and said she committed suicide, even though she had 2 children at home and had just applied for a job she wanted, and was cooking sugar cookies and taking her kids to karate and planning movie nights to watch Christmas movies ... the list just goes on and on. I would like to be able to contact them with this information, but if someone would just pass it along? Thanks.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


As far as I know, 20/20 has their interviews scheduled to air this Friday. I think it will only be a 20 minute segment in the hour-long show, though. That's really not much time to adequately cover both sides, but that's just their format, I suppose. I pray that 20/20 will do a fair job and not trade truth for drama.

I just came across this "press release" on this website --

Plus: Actress Tori Spelling Speaks
Exclusively to Elizabeth Vargas; Brian Ross Probes Claims of Man Who Says He May Be JFK's Love Child; John Stossel Previews Upcoming "Age of Consent" Report

Was the untimely death of a Baptist preacher's wife really a suicide, as the justice of the peace first ruled, or was the perfectly healthy mother of two murdered by her husband? In an exclusive television interview, ABC News Senior Law and Justice Correspondent Jim Avila asks Matt Baker, the popular Baptist minister from Waco, Texas, why Kari, his seemingly fine wife, would commit suicide, leaving behind two daughters. He says that she was depressed and "could never let go of Kassidy," their daughter who died from a brain tumor when she was 16 months old, almost a decade ago. But Kari's family suspected foul play and the police took another look into the private lives of the Baker family. Will the secrets revealed lead to a murder charge for Matt Baker? The report airs FRIDAY, MARCH 7 from 10:00-11:00 p.m., ET on the ABC Television Network.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank You!

I was out of town most of the last week so I apologize for the delay in moderating comments. I do want to thank you all for the wonderfully encouraging (and informative!) emails you've sent me. The fight for justice for Kari doesn't just involve "Charlie's Angels" and an "enterprising housewife" blogger, let me tell you.

Thanks again. And if I missed anything while I was gone, let me know.