Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kerrville's take on it....

Kerville Daily Times - March 26, 2008
Murder charges against Baker dropped
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"McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest was not available for comment."
They should have kept trying so he could clarify for them as he did the WacoTrib today:

McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest said the murder charge against Matt Baker stands, but his office agreed to an order issued Tuesday that required a refund of the $200,000 bond used to secure Baker's release from jail in October.

"It was an act based solely on the passage of time," Segrest said. "It does not dispose of the criminal charges in the least. Those matters are still under consideration by this office."


4truth said...

Exactly. a temporary reprieve only.

JF said...

From the Kerrville paper

“The McLennan County DA’s office has a lot of integrity, and they went through this like I did and realized there is insufficient technical evidence to support a murder charge right now.”

Have you ever noticed how much this attorney gives himself little pats on the back: "like I did.."

If I were Mr. Baker this would concern me. This guy is like the dude in the locker room who brags about all the girls he gets, when in actuality he gets none.


Shannon said...

....and notice the last two words of his quote....RIGHT NOW. Even he knows that the DA's office will finally take notice of it now that they are actually investigating.