Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WacoTrib Letter to the Editor

From today's WacoTrib.com:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Justice for Kari

I was not raised in Texas, but I knew of its legendary reputation for law and justice: not only a pride in its determination to “get the bad guys” but to seek punishment against them.

With that in mind, I must once again ask the McLennan County DA’s office why it hasn’t moved on the Kari Baker case. It’s been two years since Kari died, nine months since Matt Baker was arrested — and this case has not yet been taken to the grand jury.

Local and national media outlets, including Texas Monthly, “20/20” and “48 Hours” have all presented the abundant evidence against Matt Baker and have asked why the DA continues to do nothing; indeed these journalists seem incredulous that no criminal case has moved forward. Web sites and blogs have been inundated with inquiries from all over the country asking why.

Recently, Channel 25 featured a story on the “Justice for Kari” bumper stickers displayed all over. What this makes me wonder is if McLennan County is a place where justice may not be served unless it’s an easy, slam-dunk case that causes little attention, no messiness, and quickly goes away.

The most damning evidence against Matt Baker is scientific: forensic proof that not only did Kari not kill herself, but also that the timeline and circumstances Matt Baker tried to establish are impossible scenarios. Toxicologist Steven Karch, obtained by “48 Hours” as an objective expert with no stake in the case, said, “Being cold in a hour is non-existent unless you’re killed in the Arctic or an icebox.”

It’s time the DA’s office moved, now, on the Kari Baker case.

Lori Watts

Monday, July 28, 2008

Justice Delayed is still justice

It’s time. Matt Baker must be held accountable. The civil trial is the first step. The criminal trial will follow.

Justice delayed is still justice.

You see, only when Matt Baker is held fully accountable by our legal system will two little girls be set free. Free to love their mommy. Free to love their grandparents. Free from manipulation. Free to get the help they need.

Justice delayed is still justice.

It’s time to show the people of McLennan County that when you murder someone you will not get away with it. We may think that something as tragic as this couldn’t happen to our families. I am sure the Dulins believed this. This is every citizen’s fight for justice. We fight for all because it is a fight for each of us.

Justice delayed is still justice.

Still there is always room for compassion….ESPECIALLY in the fight for justice. I feel a great deal of compassion for the Gray family as they mourn the loss of a child. They need this time to grieve. So, justice is delayed a little longer.

Justice delayed is still justice.

Waco Tribune Herald - Former minister Baker's attorney seeks delay in start of civil suit trial

:::my comments in red:::

Saturday, July 26, 2008
By Tommy Witherspoon
Tribune-Herald staff writer

"An attorney for former Central Texas minister Matt Baker is seeking
postponement of the trial of a wrongful death lawsuit in which his wife’s
parents allege that Baker killed her and tried to make her death appear a

While the criminal investigation into Kari Baker’s April 2006 death continues, Judge Ralph Strother of Waco’s 19th State District Court has set an Oct. 6 trial date for the civil lawsuit at the urging of attorneys for James and Linda Dulin, Kari Baker’s parents. ::::As you can see, there had been a date set. That will likely be delayed now...perhaps by as much as two months.::::

Baker, 36, who has denied killing his wife, has since moved to Kerrville and has been represented by Kerrville attorney Guy James Gray in the criminal case. Keith Williams, also of Kerrville, has been representing Baker in the civil case, but has said he has turned those duties over to Gray because Williams was elected judge of the 216th State District Court and will be unable to continue representing Baker.In a letter this week to Strother, Williams asks for a postponement of the trial and any
other matters involving the case for at least 30 to 45 days because Gray’s son
was killed in an auto accident in early July, the second of Gray’s sons to die
under tragic circumstances in recent years. ::::Gray was scheduled to take over Baker's defense in the civil case.::::

A spokeswoman in Gray’s office said he was out of the country Friday and unavailable for comment. Strother
hadn’t acted on the request Friday but has said he likely will grant it under
the circumstances.

“We are anxious to go to trial,” Linda Dulin said Friday. “Justice has been a long time coming. However, our hearts go out to the Gray family at this time.” ::::I echo your sentiments, Linda. Such a tragedy.::::

Waco attorney Bill Johnston, who represents the Dulins with his wife, attorney Susan Kelly Johnston, and attorney Darren Obenoskey, said he won’t oppose the motion for continuance. “We understood their position and will leave that to the discretion of the court,” Johnston said.

Baker, formerly of Hewitt, was arrested in September on murder charges in the death of his wife, an elementary school teacher and the mother of their two daughters. Her death initially was ruled suicide by sleeping pill overdose, but later was changed to undetermined cause after her body was exhumed and an autopsy performed.

McLennan County District Attorney John Segrest has said that the criminal case as presented initially to his office was “not suitable” to seek an indictment.

“There is a criminal investigation that has been ongoing since we received the case and it continues at this time,” prosecutor Crawford Long said Friday." ::::What is this? Yep, the DA is still investigating. Why? Because a crime was committed. Two little girls don’t have their mother. The Dulin’s don’t have their daughter. My son lost his teacher. Too many people lost a wonderful friend. Because you don’t get away with murder….not here, buddy.::::

Justice delayed is still justice.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Why? Seriously....why??

Why? Why am I here? Why do we fight? Why is Kari worth fighting for? Why do her girls matter?

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.
~Edmund Burke

He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.
~Leonardo da Vinci

When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail.
~Pearl S. Buck

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.
~Albert Einstein

Be honest in your judgment and do not decide at a glance (superficially and by appearances); but judge fairly and righteously.

I'm a bit partial to GOD and Einstein. But the rest speak volumes as well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Email I received....

I received this email this week. I have heard this from at least 4 people. It is fact that this interview went very well.

I want to tell you that on that Friday when Kari 'supposedly' over-dosed, she had an interview at Midway Middle School. Kari had an EXCELLENT interview and was the top choice for that position. I know the principal did not want to publicize that since that would be telling the other teacher that was hired that she was second choice from the beginning. Now, both the teacher who was hired for the position and the principal who would have offered Kari the job had she not died, are no longer working at the middle school. So I believe it is okay to let people know that Kari gave an excellent interview, and all of the people on that interview committee felt a great connection with her during the interview process, and Kari sent the principal a very positive e-mail after she left the interview, and Kari would have been hired had she not died...I am sending for a bumper sticker. I hope you are still printing them.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Justice For Kari Sticker =)

I received this sweet email today. Thanks, Jill.

The other day on Northwest Highway I saw a Justice For Kari bumper sticker. I was so excited that I nearly rear ended the car in front of me. It makes me feel blessed to see so many others passionately proclaiming the cause. I was also humbled because after her death, I was consumed with regret and anger. I felt that God cheated me out of a friend I could have had for a lifetime. I didn't see that he gave me a friend to forever change my life. The true spirit of Kari lives strong in the hearts of all of us who loved her. Every time we celebrate the success of our children, hug the ones we love, seek God's guidance in all that we do....we are remembering Kari and the passionate legacy that she has left behind. I am so blessed that Kari Baker is my best friend. My life will never be the same. -----Jill Hotz

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For the record.....

It's common, public knowledge in Waco that Kari's interview that afternoon went well. No, not well. Exceedingly well. A Kerrville friend of the Baker family commented on the Eyes for Lies blog that no one has talked to the people involved with the interview....just had Kari's words about it. First of all, Kari's words about it are important and speak to the truth. And secondly, for the Kerrville person to say that is just more proof that she (and I'd venture to say many others who believe that) are not fully informed by their informants. The actual interviewer, the committee members, the people in the office, the people in the building and people that saw her afterwards (including ME) have spoken. The interview went exceedingly well.