Thursday, July 10, 2008

Email I received....

I received this email this week. I have heard this from at least 4 people. It is fact that this interview went very well.

I want to tell you that on that Friday when Kari 'supposedly' over-dosed, she had an interview at Midway Middle School. Kari had an EXCELLENT interview and was the top choice for that position. I know the principal did not want to publicize that since that would be telling the other teacher that was hired that she was second choice from the beginning. Now, both the teacher who was hired for the position and the principal who would have offered Kari the job had she not died, are no longer working at the middle school. So I believe it is okay to let people know that Kari gave an excellent interview, and all of the people on that interview committee felt a great connection with her during the interview process, and Kari sent the principal a very positive e-mail after she left the interview, and Kari would have been hired had she not died...I am sending for a bumper sticker. I hope you are still printing them.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why are Matt and some of his supporters trying to take everything away from Kari, especially her character.
Kari did nothing to any of them. Guys, she is the victim here (FYI to Matt and his supporters).

Now, they are even trying to say her interview on the day of her death didn't go well. What?????

The issue here is simple: How did Kari die? From all accounts, Kari was a pretty remarkable young woman. She was a warm and loving human being. However, none of that matters when it comes to her death. What matters is uncovering the truth regarding her death. That means people who want to discuss this issue should stick to the facts of the case:
crime scene and forensics....
Matt's motives and actions prior to and soon after kari's death....
other circumstantial evidence noted in various news reports.....
I am sure there is more that we all don't know about.

When people attack the victim,
they do not serve their cause. If you have soemthing to say about the case, focus on the evidence that will prove how kari Baker died.

IMO, it was murder. I hope the DA is working hard on this.

Anonymous said...

I live in Kerrville and not everyone there thinks Matt is innocent. I don't. I wanted to believe he was but too much points to his guilt.

I am so sorry for Kari's family. If he did murder his wife, the daughters are not safe. I am praying for them.

Better stay anon.