Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From the TM comments today:

Anonymous said...
I think it's funny that ever since texas monthly called the blog dontevengetstarted.com" a gossip site that has lots of angry postings shannon gamble has now put up several "MEMORY" headlines to deceive what new bloggers to the site think about it. If you look at the angry postings and how there was only one "MEMORY" headline until the TM article came out and now lo and behold there are 3 in less than a week???The site was NOT a site for memories before and is not now, no matter what that so called "internet sleuth" says. She needs to get herself either a job or a hobby, raising her kids would be a good place to start.
February 26, 2008 5:46 PM

GoodLordaMercy. Now, I'm the "deceiver." That's almost humorous. Here's my response:
Shannon said...
1) There was more than one memory on the blog before TM hit the stands. Read.
2) Think about it. TM hits the stands. Hundreds of new visitors to the blog. Some new visitors left a memory. I decide to post the memories so they aren't missed by being lost in a comment area somewhere. I don't think that's hard to understand. Does it bother you to read about Kari's friendships?
3) I've explained myself on the blog...why I started it and why I continued it. You can say, think and feel whatever you want about it. It doesn't change the truth at all.
4) I do have hobbies. One of them is fighting for justice for a murdered friend.

God bless!

Yet another wonderful friend....

The "Defense" keeps claiming Kari was depressed, sullen and didn't form deep friendships. Nice try, guys. It sure doesn't sound that way from emails I've gotten and from comments left here......oh, and knowing her personally. Another friend says:

I would just like to say that Kari was a really good friend of mine. Matt was the pastor of our church, and Kari and I got to know each other very well. We hung out all the time, and we were always with the girls. I loved Kari and Matt both dearly. Matt even married my husband and I. I have had a very very hard time with this over the last two years. I just can't get her out of my head, as hard as I try. I am torn. Matt married us, and did premaritial counseling with us. The more I read and hear, the more I wonder if he really did kill her. I don't know for a fact whether or not he did it. All I do know is that I love Kari still to this day. She was a wonderful woman with such a vibrant spirit. As much as I miss her voice and her face, I am so glad that she is now back home with her daughter whom she missed. I know that her other two girls are very strong, and even though they probably miss their mother very much, I know they will be ok. Thank you for this blog and the oppurtunity to talk to others who miss Kari as much as I do. I have thought for a long time that I am the only one who feels like this. Thank You!! I love you Kari, and you are greatly missed!!

Posted by Anonymous to Don't Even Get Me Started at February 26, 2008 2:19 PM

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another memory shared....

I am an old friend of Kari's! She was sweet enough to hang out with us '94's even though she was already a cool '93 grad. I will never forget riding around in her maroon car listening to music (I still hear those songs to this day), her life guarding days, house sitting The Silver's house, Blake's crush on her & Kari & Todd's relationship. We were inseperable. Who could ever forget that laugh?

I will tell you that I am sad that as we grew older that we lost touch. But, with the grace of God I ran into her just before she died. I am so greatful that I had that last moment with her. I will also say that Kari was a STRONG individual. No matter how much sorrow you saw her showing, that was only natural. We are not put on this earth to bury our children. Anyone who thinks it odd for her to show any sorrow on the anniversary of her daughter's death has no heart of their own. Take it from some one who knows. I take care of 2 little girls who no longer have their mother to do so. The affect it has had on us all is amazing. I could not even imagine what it was like to have been in Kari's shoes! I loved this girl & miss our old days.

Kari, I know that you are watching all of this from above. I know that your name will have justice & glory after this is all said & done. Believe me, all that condemn you, will pay. Your daughters will know the truth in time. Those who condemn you today, will pay later. I know you are in good hands today, and with that thought, I have peace. I pray for your family's strength to carry on this fight for you. Love & hugs to you!

Posted by tap to Don't Even Get Me Started at February 23, 2008 10:45 PM

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Come Share a Memory"

Another sweet memory shared. Thanks, Jill & Joe.

Kari was one of my best friends growing up. In fact, there is hardly a memory of my growing up years that does not include her. Kari was full of life, even as a child. My memories of her include countless sleepovers and slumber parties, church camp, church plays, and lots and lots of laughs. My most favorite memory is of a time we rode our bicycles across town to visit a friend, I believe we were in Jr. High. She gave me her dad's bike (on which I could not reach the pedals) to ride. For some strange reason, the neighbor's dog followed us. By the time we reached our friend's house, every single dog in town was running behind us. We were laughing so hard we fell off of our bikes! I think of her often and pray that justice will be served.

Posted by Joe & Jill to Don't Even Get Me Started at February 22, 2008 11:56 PM

Got a memory to share? Tell us about it here.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Just got an email that this site is posting an update on their front page.

Upon looking closer, I noticed that StopBaptistPredators.com has a blog and the Baker case is a feature post:

Why didn't Baptists bust him?

"Texas Monthly's cover story is about a Baptist preacher accused of killing his wife. I don’t know whether he did it or not. But the investigation certainly uncovered some ugly stuff about how easily a Baptist minister can rise in the ranks despite allegations of sexual abuse and sexual ssault. Investigators now say that Matt Baker “spent years in Waco leading… a secret life as a sexual predator.”

Let me condense some of the history and allegations set forth in the article. " (read more...)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My "Why?"

This was my response when asked last December, "Why did you start the blog?"

I started this blog strictly for Kari. My son was in her 3rd grade class at Spring Valley when she was killed. Of course at first we (the parents) were simply told she died in her sleep. Then within a couple days the suicide rumor started its course. I grieved thinking that this woman that I saw 5 days a week when I picked the kids up at school...and that spent more waking hours on those days with my son than I did...was hurting THAT bad and I didn't know it...didn't feel it. But it was just another few days when I "knew" in my heart that she did not, in fact, take her own life. Nothing added up right. And I felt it. For some reason, ever since then I felt Kari's hand on me. That's just the best way I can describe it. It's as if she wants me to "Hang on. Wait with me. The time will come when you can do something." And that's kinda weird. We weren't terribly close in an intimate friendly way. I didn't really "know her" outside of school. Our relationship was built around my boy and our joint venture in his education and well being. She was a phenomenal teacher. And she loved my boy. And for that, I loved her.

When the inquest was going on and then with the judge changing the finding of death from suicide to undetermined, I started getting phone calls and stopped by friends and family about whether I "had heard" or knew anything. People knew/know that I was very personally interested in this case and that I'm an information junkie. If there's information to be had, I'll find it. I got busy. I wanted to know everything. To satisfy my organizing of the information and to share that information with others, I started up a plain-looking little blog. I had tinkered with blogs in the past and it was a quick and easy thing for me to start up. So when my family and friends asked me what I had found out recently, or had I seen the latest TV news interview, or what was going on....I simply had to "link" 'em up. Even though I knew it was a public blog, I thought it'd be lost in the huge world wide web and basically only those that I linked to it would even notice it.

I remembered writing my thoughts and memories down in notes and/or emails to a friend around the time of Kari's death and then again here and there when a tough moment would arise or a new event in the case happened. So I looked on my old computer and there they were. For cathartic reasons, I put some of those on the blog. I also added some memories that my son previously shared with me about his teacher. Within a couple of days of sharing personal things, some of Kari's family and friends found the blog and left a few comments and wanted to know who was behind this blog...that they found it such a blessing. I had never had occasion to meet Mrs. Dulin or anyone else in Kari's family (other than Matt and the girls). I had never had any correspondence with anyone involved until after I started this blog and then we connected in that way. I've emailed a few times with Mrs. Dulin since then and she has told me that my memories and stories on the blog give her joy, laughter and tears....good tears. She has told me that she re-reads and re-reads the following memory:

Quoted from the blog entry:"Remind me to tell you about the time........We were both worried about Bro's TAKS test stuff. We both knew he could do it....but were worried about his motivation to get through it as he should. Did I mention that she loved my boy? We worked together and worked together getting him ready. Literally. Worked. Together.

One day after the reading TAKS results had just gotten in and letters had been written to the parents but not mailed yet.....she was sooooooo excited to share with me that she knew Bro had not only passed, but passed WELL.......I was in the lunchroom with other parents that went in to pick up their kidlets and make eye contact with their teachers and try to keep up with the pulse of things. I saw Bro's class come out of the hallway. THEN.....I saw Mrs. Baker see me. She had a piece of paper in her hand. We made eye contact and she "lit up." Then............she skipped across the lunchroom to me. She didn't walk. She didn't glide. She didn't stand there with other teachers and just wave to me. She. Skipped. With that giant "Kari Baker" smile. She loved my boy and she loved and taught him so well he rocked that freakin' TAKS test. She was beaming. I was beaming watching her beam over my son. Now....right now...I'm a cross between beaming at the memory, crying that she's not here, and anger.....and now a bit of relief."

When Kari's Mom tells me that she can actually visualize this moment and can totally see Kari doing this and how she loves that others can also now "see Kari" in this way through my words....and that that makes her smile....well, I felt the beginning of........"the time will come when you can do something."

A few of the memories I've shared here:
Some old emails from the week after...
Reliving a memory...
My Sweet Boy

***I will update in a little later on how the blog has grown and morphed and become so much more than I intended.

Note: This is not the Q&A for Texas Monthly. That was very similar, same basic info, but in Q&A form.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Texas Monthly is on the stands....

I haven't seen it myself but someone just emailed me to tell me they saw it on the stands. I actually read the article Sunday. If you have a subscription to TM, you can read the entire article online when updates to the March edition. (I'm not sure when they change months.) If you don't have a subscription yet, you can subscribe online. There is a lot of good information in the article but I have very mixed feelings about it. I think the author had lots to say but couldn't. Who knows. It's still an interesting read. I will say that I don't care for the way author categorized this blog in the article. It wasn't the impression I got from him in our emails. But that's not even close to an important point in the story/case. The fact is that much about Matt was revealed and that has been a long time coming. More to come in future stories, I'm sure. There were important things left out........and that will come in future stories/shows/press as well.

On the TexasMonthly.com website they have two web-extra features. One is a video of Skip talking about the case and then a Q&A with me. My answers are severely edited...for space sake, I suppose. Some of them don't make as much sense without the rest of the answer but I understand they have to edit. Later on I'll elaborate on those answers so you can see more of why I started this blog, how it's grown and what it's become and why I continue on with it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Word of the Day - Integrity

If you have integrity, nothing else matters.
If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.
~Alan Simpson

Friday, February 15, 2008

Coming soon to a newstand (mailbox, grocery store, bookstore, waiting room) near you...

The March issue of the Texas Monthly magazine will hit the stands next week or so. Looking forward to a good story reported by executive editor Skip Hollandsworth. You can get TM's "A Sneak Peek at Our March Issue" from TexasMonthly.com. There's also a little blip about it in a WacoTrib.com blog by Ken Sury.

Soon there will be more insight and commentary on the TexasMonthly.com website regarding the investigative reporting involved.....and a few other things.

March should be an interesting month. Followed by an interesting April.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Upcoming press....

Wanted to highlight a recent comment left yesterday. As we know there is some press coming down the turnpike. I pray that the article and show will be full of truth and facts. Although with the 20/20 deal being one-sided, I think we know what that will sound like. But I can't blame the Dulins for not sharing thier hearts with any press that doesn't feel right.

February 3, 2008 5:55 PM
curious said...

Does anyone know when the "Texas Monthly" article is coming out? I hope that reporter did his or her homework!

I know someone who knows the Dulins. I heard they (Dulins) and those connected to them didn't talk to the 20/20 people. They just weren't confident in the people they spoke to initially. I didn't hear anything bad. I just heard they didn't want to be interviewed. I was told that 20/20 may be running the piece soon....that ought to be an "honest" report with nothing but MB's side interviewed (not). Oh well, the viewing public will get it.

Drop a comment if you know when the article and 20/20 will run.