Friday, February 22, 2008

Just got an email that this site is posting an update on their front page.

Upon looking closer, I noticed that has a blog and the Baker case is a feature post:

Why didn't Baptists bust him?

"Texas Monthly's cover story is about a Baptist preacher accused of killing his wife. I don’t know whether he did it or not. But the investigation certainly uncovered some ugly stuff about how easily a Baptist minister can rise in the ranks despite allegations of sexual abuse and sexual ssault. Investigators now say that Matt Baker “spent years in Waco leading… a secret life as a sexual predator.”

Let me condense some of the history and allegations set forth in the article. " (read more...)


ghn said...

According to the TM article, this guy should have been busted by an organization like this many years ago. Can you say sociopath? It is clear that he hates women.

Jeff said...

I urge people to go to this link/site. People like Matt Baker must be stopped. Perhaps if he had been stopped earlier Kari would still be alive.

Anonymous said...

Someone on the Stop Baptist Predators comments said there were ELEVEN women that had come forward. Is that right? ELEVEN? I wonder how many more there are that haven't yet?


Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought about the baby who died? I know that she had terrible cancer, but isn't it Matt who found her, like Keri, not breathing?

Anonymous said...

It is so interesting that once he is accused of something terrible that everyone comes out of the woodworks saying he did horrible things to them. Why did people just sit by as he apparently assaulted women.

Anonymous said...

Just because they are men of God does not make the nonhuman. It is a shame that we can no longer truly trust our preachers. I know a few preachers who cheated on their wives’. It is like no one sees it until it comes out. People just disregard the "friendliness" towards women as Christian when it is not.