Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20/20 - Friday, July 9

Just got word that 20/20 will be airing their update show on Friday, July 9th. This will include material from the trial and also their prison interview with Matt.

I'm sure after this Friday's show on another topic, this link to their main page will start showing material related to this case.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

She speaks for many.....

I found this wonderful post on an online message board that talks about this case quite a bit. Great forum! I PM'd the author and told her who I was (she sounded like she already a reader of this blog) and asked if I could share what she wrote here. So with permission:

I still try to find information on this case and it never ceases to amaze me the degree of dysfunction that still appears to be going on in it. I came across this article when trying to see what was decided with the precious children.

A few quotes:
Barbara added Matt’s 14-year-old daughter is expected to testify in Wednesday’s hearing after researching the amicus attorney aspect. “She’s ready to say I do not want an amicus, we have what we need,” Barbara said of her granddaughter. “She understands what she says is legal and will be written down, and is OK with it. She’s very mature for her age. “The Dulins have a feeling they cannot control Beverly Crowdin, and they like to control everybody in the case,” Barbara added. “If they can’t, they try to get rid of them."

What child would know or speak of this? Why are these children prepared to testify? Why are they not being shielded from adult matters? Why are they not being told that the judge will decide where you can best heal, grow, learn and flourish in spite of what has happened and either way-- you are blessed little girls with two sets of grandparents whom love you and want the best for you?

What bothers me is the way that matt and his mother have always attacked the Dulin family and continue to do so even in light of the trial. If they say these things publicly about the maternal grandparents and the victim - my God, I can only imagine what is said privately. Is this not alienation? I sure hope a court will see that these girls are in continuing danger and what appears to be brainwashing. Makes me want to ask barbara baker, is matt more important than these girls? Why try to take even more from them that what they have already lost? Why not allow them to love the grandparents whom they loved dearly (by all accounts) prior to all of this? I can only fear that one day these girls will grow up and resent the bakers for what they did to them, for their own gain.

What do you guys think? Anyone local who can give us insight? Is it just me or does anyone think that it is horrible for these children to be taken to a prison? Especially if they have not had counseling and come to their own decision of what happened? Is that not trying to make them believe their father is innocent and how can that be good for them right now?

I will never forget the words of Linda Dulin - thus, why it remains in my siggy line!
"However in order to heal, in order to point the way for our own granddaughters, in order to show God how grateful we are then we have to step out and forgive. So we do. We forgive, because that’s the only way Matt. The only way that love that makes the way, so that eventually, eventually just as in this case.. LOVE TRUMPS EVIL. That’s all."

I have spent a lifetime advocating for children and for the life of me I don't understand how these children are still in this home.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kari Humor =)

Received this email yesterday from a dear, close friend of Kari's. With permission, I share it with you here. Put a big smile on my face.....and chillbumps while I was laughing out loud.

"Like I said, Kari and I were very close friends. We both moved and lost contact with each other. I only learned a year ago what happened to her. So I recently took a trip to Waco. I hadn't been there in 10 years. I wanted some closure to our friendship, or maybe just something that proved to me that she was really gone, so I decided to visit the cemetery. It took me an hour (even with directions) to find the spot. I walked around in the Texas summer heat! I could practically feel Kari laughing at me. When I did find "her", I stood peacefully for about 45 seconds trying to feel close to my dear friend. Out of the blue, the sprinklers turned on and literally drenched me from head to toe! An all-out forceful spray of water right at me! Of course I screamed and ran away. And then laughed. If Kari was there watching me, and I believe she was, I know she was laughing at me. I also think she was telling me that I don't need to go to a cemetery to feel close to her.

She is right in my heart, forever. Just a reminder that Kari is still with us."

I have to add something that just tops it off perfectly. This close friend had plans to meet Linda for lunch. And she did. Soaking wet. If Kari was laughing before, she was certainly ROFL at this. ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Kari's Law" in the news again!

JAN AND TOM PURDY: Couple pushes for autopsy law
San Angelo Standard Times

"An illuminating article in the Feb. 7 Waco Tribune-Herald revealed that in the first year a justice of the peace receives only six hours of training in determining deaths. With all the other duties of a justice of the peace — performing marriages, issuing warrants, setting bail, conducting criminal and civil trials — it seems that determining death is one duty that should be void of discretion and ultimately up to a medical professional.

Since causes of death are not always obvious, especially when criminals go to great lengths to deceive law enforcement officers, 'Kari’s Law' would require either a full or partial autopsy in cases where a person dies as a result of suicide.

Texas does not need to experience another State v. Baker, and Texas families should not have to request a formal inquest hearing to find the truth." (read more)
I'm sorry. It seems my links to the letters you can write for Kari's Law up on the top right column are broken. I think I need to re-load the letters to GoogleDocs. Will do so and let you know when they are ready again. Passing "Kari's Law" would save sooooooo many families the years of angst and injustice that Kari's family had to endure. This is something worth printing and signing a letter for. Justice for Kari can equal justice for so many others!

Eyes for Lies

Eyes for Lies has had some very insightful things to say about this case over the years. Her latest blog post: Matt Baker Gives Jailhouse Interview

"In the second interview, Matt confirms for us, he does want an appeal. Then he says something chilling. He says, 'I honestly know, and I know it is hard get it across, but I loved my wife, even though I made a mistake.'

That's the understatement of the century, Matt. Your mistake was that you got too cocky and confident and your behavior, words and history caught up with you and gave your lies away." (read more)
You can read past thoughts of Eyes for Lies:
Matt & Kari Baker
Matt Baker

Saturday, June 5, 2010

3 Minutes of more claiming of innocence

Matt Baker claims innocence to News Channel 25 from prison
KXXV - Channel 25

Click on the link above and then click on the 3:00 video. Remember the warning given when watching Matt talk about Kari.

There are so many known "when I'm doing this, I am lying" signs that Matt Baker just can't seem to work through. I won't outline them here for his mom to document and work on with him. Even if they did work on it, it wouldn't help. He's just that blatant.

Over and over and over again, Matt claims that the ENTIRE WORLD is lying and conspiring against him and he's is telling the absolute truth. Only thing he ever lied about was the affair and he's kinda/sorta coming clean about that now. So why don't we just set him free? (Someone, somewhere made an exhaustive list of all the people that must be lying and conspiring if Matt were actually telling the truth. If anyone remembers where it was posted, email me. It was a great visual of this "vast conspiracy.")
Thank you, Anonymous Commenter for pointing out where the list was. I'll C&P here:
"So let me get this straight. Baker is asking us to believe that all of Kari's friends, co-workers, and her therapist, the Dulins and all their family, a majority of people who worked with Matt, his last four employers, the Hewitt Police department, JP Billy Martin, State experts who have never met Baker, Pharmecutical web site owners, the DAs office, a few former girlfriends and one mistress, his neighbors and co-workers, the news media from 4 different networks and all their independent experts, Lawyers Gray, Danforth, Schwieger and now Judge Strother.... All conspired to to get Matt convicted of a crime he says didn't happen."

There's a lot of commentary I could go on with about the lies and ridiculousness of everything he says, but I don't have that much time. But one point Matt makes in this video is beyond the normal self-righteous ridiculousness. He says, of course, Kari did this to herself. Maybe intentionally. Maybe on accident. Seriously, Matt? On accident? She accidently overdoses.........BUT........WAIT FOR IT...........she somehow finds a way in her overdose stupor to drag her dying body to the computer and compose and print a note saying that she is INTENTIONALLY COMMITTING SUICIDE??? Was she thinking, "Hey, I accidently did this to myself but why not go out with a bang and totally obliterate my childrens', husband's, parents' and families lives and make them think I killed myself. I just had to get away from them somehow. Won't this be a fun, quirky way to go?" Come on, Matt.

I would also like to highlight a comment left on the Channel 25 website by a "Questions." Seriously? This person is very close to Matt. It's obvious. Only 2-4 people still think this way....and one doesn't have access to the internet, most likely.

"Questions:There will be a day when the evidence (lack there of) will be viewed and it will show that there was nothing but opinions in this case. If everyone that had affairs handled it by murdering their spouses, we would certainly lower the population. I guess it still isn't clean whether Kari meant for the death to happen, or whether it really was an accident. We may not ever know that. However, it is very obivious that she was not murdered. How was she murdered? Police showed there was "nothing" except wine cooler in bottles, Tox screen could not have been accurate or it would have shown the Xanex in her system that her mom gave her a week before. (as Xanex is a slow half-life) and ME from Dallas saw no marks on face, it was only after pictures got to Lubbock ME that the "marks" showed up??"

After reading this, Sadie emailed me a response to Questions that she sent but was too long for admission. It's an excellent response and I think it should be out there. With her permission, I am posting it here:

Sadie:Oooops! Somebody's caught the nasty little Fabrication Bug from the killer preacher. ~ "Nothing but opinions in this case?" FALSE. People don't get convicted on "opinions." Re-watch the trial. Loads of evidence. ~ Matt was convicted on an assumption that any cheating husband whose wife dies, killed her? FALSE. Infidelity IS a common motive for spousal murder, though, and appears to have been one motive in this case. He was a PREACHER. One who said, "Divorce was never an option." ~ It isn't clear whether the murder victim meant for the death to happen?! FALSE. And cruelly absurd. ~ "We may never know" whether it was an accident? FALSE. Ridiculous! A person who accidentally overdoses could not type up a fake, unsigned "suicide" note! And you can't "accidentally" show signs of having been dead for four hours, only 40 minutes after being alert and speaking. ~ Police showed there was nothing in the bottles? FALSE. ONE empty, clean bottle was found in Matt's trash long after Kari died. Why only one? Why clean? There were TWO bottles on the nightstand in the photos from that night. ~ Toxicology data from the autopsy was relied upon at trial as accurate? FALSE. As the expert witnesses testified, toxicology can't be accurate on an embalmed, exhumed body. ~ Marks on Kari's face only "showed up" after the Lubbock ME examined the photos? FALSE. Marks are plainly visible on Kari's nose/lip in police photos taken that night. The Dallas ME who conducted the exhumation autopsy examined a discolored, partially decomposed, exhumed body for gunshots, knife wounds, or blunt trauma. The Lubbock ME simply examined the Dallas ME's autopsy photos and saw the corresponding mark which matched the wound visible in the death scene photos. The jury saw it, too. ~ There really are not too many remaining unanswered "questions." A big one for me is, why would someone come here with lame and misleading attempts to defend a lying, cheating, scamming, sociopathic murderer at this point? What's in it for them?
That's it for now. Really cool day coming up. Peace out.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tommy's visit with Baker

Baker maintains innocence from behind bars; blames attorney, mistress and judge
Tommy Witherspoon

"Matt Baker’s mistress lied. At least three other women who said he is a sexual predator lied. His lawyer sold him down the river and his trial judge committed judicial misconduct.

Baker’s appellate attorney won’t do what he says. His in-laws and their attorneys manipulated the legal system. The jury got it wrong.

All these factors aligned in a perfect conspiratorial storm to send an innocent man to prison. At least that’s what Baker, a former Baptist minister, said Wednesday." (read more)

Matt Baker finally tells the truth. About one thing. He says there is "not one piece of evidence" against him. You're right, Matt. There's not one. There's a thousand and one. So ready for the cows to come home on this. It won't be long until no one will be cooperative with Matt's pleas for "10 more minutes."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Longing for 10 more minutes, I guess...

"News Channel 25's Bruce Gietzen interviewed Baker for an hour Wednesday at his new prison home in Livingston, Texas where he is serving his 65 year sentence.

Baker discussed Vanessa Bulls testimony and their affair, problems with his attorney Guy James Gray, and some things he feels he should have done differently in that trial." (read more)

WARNING: Get your barf bag ready. Seriously. He is trying to convince you that he loved his wife....loves his wife. He wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

I don't see a link for the bits of interview that were aired at 5:00 and 6:00 but I'm sure they'll be up soon on the Channel 25 website. But in the midst of all the serious malarky Matt tosses out there, I had one serious "Laugh Out Loud" moment. If you watched, I'm sure you did, too. More on that in a little bit.

Basically what it looks like Matt is doing is using his past media "connections" to get back in the spotlight. Maybe, he hopes, 10 more minutes and he can catch the eye of some attorney that will look deep into his baby blues and feeeeeeeeel his innocence and looooooong to help him with his travesty of justice.........for FREE, of course. Surely there's an attorney out there that's......well, surely not. They would be an idiot to stand next in line after all the experiences with his 10ish other attorneys begging and clawing to get away from him.

Anyway, more news sources on this coming up soon. 20/20 and 48 Hours have also told me that they will let me know as soon as they have air dates and I will post that on here for you all.