Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here we go again.....

Matt Baker again asking for new attorney, and for judge to recuse himself
Tommy Witherspoon

Once again.....and again.....and again.....it's everybody else's fault BUT Matt's that he is in the position he is in. I don't know if Matt really thinks he knows the law better than the Judge and all of the ever-growing mass of lawyers involved here or if he's just so used to throwing mud at the wall just to see what will stick. But here we go again....

"In a two-page letter to his appellate attorney, Stan Schwieger, which Baker copied to 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother, the 38-year-old explained he is unhappy with the court-appointed attorney’s representation thus far and told the judge he wants to “discharge him.”

Baker also asked that Strother, who presided over Baker’s murder trial in January, recuse himself from the case.

He didn’t make it clear if he wanted Strother to give him a new taxpayer-funded lawyer for his appeal before or after stepping down." (read more)

There's a hearing set for this Friday at 8:30am. I will also see if Matt's 2-page letter is filed yet.


Sadie said...

Words from a murdering, lying, unrepentant sociopath, who refuses to accept accountability for the crimes he has committed:

"“How can I trust an attorney that will boldly contradict my desires and go against the evidence/information gathered?” Baker wrote in his letter to Schwieger and Strother. “It is because I feel, yet again, violated, as you decided to not utilize the mass of viable information provided to you.”

Baker told Schwieger in the letter that he felt betrayed that Schwieger reportedly told the media that Baker was “fairly represented” at his trial.

“I have little choice but to believe that somehow you and Judge Strother, knowingly or unknowingly, through coersion [sic], conspired from the start and violated my civil rights to have an honest, fair and impartial hearing and to be represented by an attorney,” Baker wrote.

Baker also chided Schwieger for using court-imposed time restraints as an excuse to prepare the motion for new trial.

“Although you constantly complained about the issue of time, my serving a possible 65 years is a stronger issue of time!” Baker wrote."

(From the Waco Tribune story.)

"Desires contradicted?"
"I feel violated?"


Please. Just. Make. Him. Go. Away.


Anonymous said...

Cry. me. a. river.

Showing his true colors, isn't he?

Now he wants to add his two sets of lawyers and a judge to the list of co-conspirators who have worked to put this "innocent" man behind bars.

So let me get this straight. Baker is asking us to believe that all of Kari's friends, co-workers, and her therapist, the Dulins and all their family, a majority of people who worked with Matt, his last four employers, the Hewitt Police department, JP Billy Martin, State experts who have never met Baker, Pharmecutical web site owners, the DAs office, a few former girlfriends and one mistress, his neighbors and co-workers, the news media from 4 different networks and all their independent experts, Lawyers Gray, Danforth, Schwieger and now Judge Strother.... All conspired to to get Matt convicted of a crime he says didn't happen. She committed suicide. Never mind that the suicide was not only improbable given Kari's love of life, but IMPOSSIBLE based onwhat the physical eveidence showed and Bakers account of whathappened. IMPOSSIBLE!!!
And why does he say all these people are conspiring against him? Why? Because the Dulins are so powerful. A teacher and a contractor. GAG! How stupid does he think people are???

You're howling at the wind Matt Baker. No one with good sense believes your lies anymore. No one ever will. Accept your fate and let the rest of the world move on while trying to recover from your awful crimes.

Anonymous said...