Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sharing an email I received last week from one of Kari's aunts.

Dear Shannon,

Justice for Kari is everywhere! We had a major media event at our church this weekend, the pilot of the plane that crashed in Buffalo, New York went to our church. A friend told me that while the media was covering this story my car with the "Justice for Kari bumper sticker" made national news. The reporter was standing right in front of my car and the bumper sticker was there for everyone to see.

You can't stop justice!
We are ready for it in 2009!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharing a memory....

I received this memory comment today from one of Kari's sweet friends:

I have so many memories of growing up with Kari. Sunday afternoons, riding horses, watching dirty dancing, fighting for the same boys, sleepovers and staying up all night giggling. I’ll never forget making up a silly dance with Kari to “Ghostbusters” and putting on a show for Linda.

We lost contact in adulthood, but the deep core of who a person is never changes. She was beautiful, smart, loyal, optimistic and vibrant! She was a good friend.

The day my mother told me the news about Kari, I knew instantly there was no way Kari would ever take herself away from her family and children. No matter what, no matter how hard or difficult things may have been, I know Kari always found the bright side of life.

She was a bright shining star. I am so proud of the Dulin's for persevering and not giving up. Anyone who knew Kari knows better than to believe Mr. Baker's lies and deceit. I will pray for the family and count the days until justice is served.

Bless you, Shannon, for this blog and a giving people who love Kari a place to share our precious memories. I'm so grateful to have shared my childhood with Kari.