Sunday, July 3, 2011

The time is near.....

Alright, everyone. The next two weeks will bring the culmination of what we all have been praying for this last year and a half........giant steps towards healing for Kensi and Grace. For the Dulins, this has never been about winning or "getting the girls." It has always been about having their granddaughters live in a healthy environment where they are safe to love all of their family, including their father. It is about truth, love and healing.

Tuesday, July 5th will start off with jury selection. I'm guessing that will take most of that day, maybe even run into Wednesday morning some. Not sure. So the actual trial should start July 6th, Wednesday, sometime and run through the beginning to middle of next week. I will be there the entire time but I will not be able to put anything on the blog during the trial. I will share what I can after the trial is over and I am back home. However, I do believe that the will have some coverage. If any of you see/read/hear news reports and want to share them here, just leave a link in the comments on this post for others to check out.

Most of all.........please continue (and increase) your prayers for the Dulin family and Kensi and Grace. Pray for the Judge and jury. Pray for the attorneys and witnesses. Pray God's will be done. Amen.