Monday, November 12, 2007

Come on....Share a memory

I would love it if you guys that come and read and visit Kari's blog would share some of your memories of Kari...not only with me, but with any family and/or friends that might be reading along as well. Feel free to comment anonymously if you wish. Just share those memories. If you want to add your name, wonderful. Or even if you want to let us know a general "title" of who you are...for example, family, co-worker, church family, friend, parent of a child she taught, went to school/college with her....that would be nice. You don't have to keep it to one memory. Come back and share more as you think of them. Or comment off someone else's comment if it reminds you of something. Funny. Serious. Spiritual. Educational. Crazy. Let's make this post and comment section a sweet and voluminous tribute to our memories of Kari.

Who's first? ;)


Anonymous said...

I would love to be the first to post a memory. Kari and I were cousins and very close growing up. She was about 4 years older than me and very protective, which will explain this first memory.

When I was about 10 years old, Kari and I had an argument. I lived right by the Midway Jr. High at the time. We started yelling at each other and I got so mad that I took off running to the Jr. High Football field. She came running after me. When she caught up with me, she lifted me up, set me on the concession stand and slapped me across the face. I had been crying so hard and right after she did this, we both just started laughing! That is one of my favorite memories!


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Lindsey.
Kari had such the way of "bringing it home" and then made you either laugh about it or thank God that he sent her to bring it home to you. She always, always held me accountable. And I loved her for it. Did I mention she loved my boy? ;)


Adam said...

There are so many memories to choose from... I mst say though, one that I always remember, especially around the holiday season, is the tradition she had of letting me sleep in her room when we still lived in Gatesville. She would pull out her trundle bed for me. We would stay up late and wake up at 5am to see what was in our stockings.

Anonymous said...

One of my greatest memories of Kari and I growing up, i am her aunt, but we were more like sisters and she considered herself a "sister" - anyway, my favorite memory is of us in elementary school playing in her playhouse and singing to the 45 record of "rockin robin" not once, or twice, but over and over. I miss her! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

One of my greatest memories of Kari was watching her as a mascot at Waco Christian. Watchng her from the sidelines was the best part of the football game. She was full of energy and everyone absolutely loved her! She was crazy and so funny! She is missed by so many!

Your Friend!

Anonymous said...

I had not planned to post on this blog. However, I was so touched that Shannon, someone I don't know..have never met, loved my girl enough to become a "she warrior" for her...there are so many stories I could share.

Kari was passionate about life and she inspired that in others. She loved her girls more than anything on this earth; she would have never left them. I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT.

I want to share one story that exemplifies the love she had--

Kari had a dream of teaching at the college level. She had a graduate degree in organizational leadership, as well as her elementary certification. The year Gracie started kindergarten, Kari had an offer to teach at the elementary school where Grace would be going to kindergarten. Before the school year began Kari also had an opportunity to take a full-time university job at a local satellite campus.

Oh, how she wanted it. However, she said it was more important to be with Grace her kindergarten year. She just wasn't sure how Grace would adjust her first year, and she wanted to watch over her. She loved her girls!!!!

Kari never looked regrets...she knew where she needed to be...with her youngest daughter as she started her first year of school. Grace loved problems. Kari loved Spring Valley Elementary and all of the people she worked with.

How I love her. How I miss her.

Kari's mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kari's Mom, for Kari. Spring Valley loved her. She loved my boy. Did I mention that? ;)
She certainly was a step above. We were blessed to have her.


Kim said...

Aside from her love of her family and love of life. Kari had a strong long of the Lord. Kari was a special lady. She used to pray with me in the mornings at Spring Valley and call me on Sundays for Church. I miss you Kari.

Anonymous said...

It's me again! I have so many great memories. Here's another great one!

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child 7 years ago. Kari went to every Dr.'s appointment with me. She wouldn't miss one for the world. Then towrards the end of my pregnany, I signed up for Kari and I to go to Birthing classes together. She insisted on being there with me. Needless to say, we never went. But a few weeks later, I received a certificate in the mail that said "Congratulations Lindsey Lanham and Kari Baker on Completeing Your Child Birth Classes Together!" We thought it was hilarious because the hospital thought we were a couple. We always laughed about that one!

Love You Kari!

Anonymous said...

I was a student of Kari's mom at Gatesville High School in the mid to late 1980's. One of my best friends often was a babysitter for the Dulin children, Adam more often than Kari.

I will always remember Kari as a happy young girl who adored her mother.

I suppose the last time I saw her, around September-October 2005, just after school started, will be the most lasting memory. She came to the store where I worked as a manager and seemed happy and excited about the new school year. We hadn't seen each other in a number of years before that meeting, but it was as if we were in the same place we were years ago. We talked like old friends would.

Kari was my friend, her mom will always be one of my favorite people. I feel so much pain for all of them having to endure all of this.

Anyone who believes the aspersions that Matt Baker is casting regarding Linda Dulin in his recent interview with Tommy Witherspoon needs to actually get to know her. She's a wonderful lady, and I was literally sick after reading the q&a.

I'm sure Linda will figure out who this is writing this. I love all of you. You were perhaps the greatest influence on my life as a teenager, and I know Kari was just following in your footsteps. I know that the children she taught loved her as much as I love you. I pray for all of you every single day.

ka said...

Kari, I miss you soooooo much. There are so many people out there who truly love you and know that you would never take your own live. It's a shame that there is a mean spiteful person out there that took your life. I promise that we we will fight for you and tell people and your children especially just how much you loved them. You would think their dad would do it but we all know who he really is and what he is capable of. We love and miss you so much.

Joe & Jill said...

Kari was one of my best friends growing up. In fact, there is hardly a memory of my growing up years that does not include her. Kari was full of life, even as a child. My memories of her include countless sleepovers and slumber parties, church camp, church plays, and lots and lots of laughs. My most favorite memory is of a time we rode our bicycles across town to visit a friend, I believe we were in Jr. High. She gave me her dad's bike (on which I could not reach the pedals) to ride. For some strange reason, the neighbor's dog followed us. By the time we reached our friend's house, every single dog in town was running behind us. We were laughing so hard we fell off of our bikes! I think of her often and pray that justice will be served.

tap said...

I am an old friend of Kari's! She was sweet enough to hang out with us '94's even though she was already a cool '93 grad. I will never forget riding around in her maroon car listening to music (I still hear those songs to this day), her life guarding days, house sitting The Silver's house, Blake's crush on her & Kari & Todd's relationship. We were inseperable. Who could ever forget that laugh? I will tell you that I am sad that as we grew older that we lost touch. But, with the grace of God I ran into her just before she died. I am so greatful that I had that last moment with her. I will also say that Kari was a STRONG individual. No matter how much sorrow you saw her showing, that was only natural. We are not put on this earth to bury our children. Anyone who thinks it odd for her to show any sorrow on the anniversary of her daughter's death has no heart of their own. Take it from some one who knows. I take care of 2 little girls who no longer have their mother to do so. The affect it has had on us all is amazing. I could not even imagine what it was like to have been in Kari's shoes! I loved this girl & miss our old days. Kari, I know that you are watching all of this from above. I know that your name will have justice & glory after this is all said & done. Belive me, all that condemn you, will pay. Your daughters will know the truth in time. Those who condemn you today, will pay later. I know you are in good hands today, and with that thought, I have peace. I pray for your family's strength to carry on this fight for you. Love & hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that Kari was a really good friend of mine. Matt was the pastor of our church, and Kari and I got to know each other very well. We hung out all the time, and we were always with the girls. I loved Kari and Matt both dearly. Matt even married my husband and I. I have had a very very hard time with this over the last two years. I just can't get her out of my head, as hard as I try. I am torn. Matt married us, and did premaritial counseling with us. The more I read and hear, the more I wonder if he really did kill her. I don't know for a fact whether or not he did it. All I do know is that I love Kari still to this day. She was a wonderful woman with such a vibrant spirit. As much as I miss her voice and her face. I am so glad that she is now back home with her daughter whom she missed. I know that her other two girls are very strong, and even though they probably miss their mother very much, I know they will be ok. Thank you for this blog and the oppurtunity to talk to others who miss Kari as much as I do. I have thought for a long time that I am the only one who feels like this. Thank You!! I love you Kari, and you are greatly missed!!

Kristi said...

I went to Waco Christian with Kari and want the family to know how sorry I am for their loss. Kari had amazing energy, such a wonderful attitude and personality, and was so full of life!

Kristi Norton - 1991 graduate

Tina said...

My name is Tina Turk Billiet and I went to High School with Kari her freshman and sophomore years in Gatesville. Kari and I went to church together as well. My father was her pastor. I have many memories of Kari and all of them are of how enegetic and fun she was. I, as well as everyone who has written their memory, also feel very strongly that her death was not by her own hand. It's just a feeling but a very strong one at that. The memory i have to share is one that involved a youth trip that we took with our church. There were only a couple of us that went on this trip, and that's what made it so fun. We ended up staying in the fellowship hall of a church in Ft. Worth, Tx. It was just for the weekend. Our youth pastor's father was a pastorof this church. The fellowship hall led into the huge sanctuary and we had access to it. One night we were soooo bored that we decided to go exploring. The sunday school rooms were in a basement underneath the sanctuary. The building was built pretty interesting. Well, as you can imagine the entire place was completely dark. We couldn't even see our own hands in front of our faces. After we explored the basement, we ended up in the sanctuary. And that was dark as well. However, we did have the advantage of the red glowing exit's signs on either side of the platform. We decided that it would be a great idea if we all played hide and seek. No we were not babies but I know I felt like one after a couple of minutes of playing the game. Yes, I was a complete wimp. There were only 2 guys with us and the rest were girls, Kari included. Now, if you have ever played this kind of game in a dark sanctuary then you know how scary it could be, especially with 2 guys determined to scare the complete devil out of you. I destincly remember hiding under the sound board for the sound system of the church. This was in the balcony. Yes, this church was that big. Like I said it was in Ft. Worth. With me under the sound board was Kari and another girl that was with us. We were all squashed in there like sardine's and we were all completely soaked with sweat. You really get to know someone real well in that kind situation. Alll 3 of us did not care because we all had the mind set of not getting caught by one of the guys. That was there mission of course and we were determined not to let them get the best of us. We all know that it's always girls against boys, especially during that time of our lives. I can't remember exactly who won the game but i do remember the 3 of us trying to communicate to one another through sign language. We were trying so hard not to talk and that was very hard for us. Kari kept laughing and it seemed very hard for her to keep quiet. I kept trying to keep her quiet because I did not want to get the you know what scared out of me and I did not want to let the guys win. They had a way of gloating about it when they did get us. this memory was not neccessarily spectacular but it is a memory. And now, more than ever I am very glad I have it. I have read most of the memories on this web site and I am so thrilled that Kari has touched so many lives. She was a very special and beautiful person. When I last saw her, it was my 10 year high school reunion in Gatesville, at a football game. There were tons of people around and I didn't even see her. The next thing I know my name was being yelled and when I turned around I saw her. I went over to hug her and be introduced to Matt and her oldest daughter. Her daughter was about 2 at the time. I remember this very well because she was literally crawling all over Kari. We started a conversation up and it involved Kari telling me that I was wasting my time on a guy I was dating that we both knew. Looking back, I never dreamed that my last conversation with her would be of her counseling me about some guy. I wish I could go back and replay that conversation and learn more about her life as it was. But in life, we don't get those opportunities. And in hindsight, we wish we could go back. Kari was your basic enthusiastic, beautiful, encouraging, life loving, devoted and inspiring friend. I feel very blessed to have kinown her, as well as I look forward to seeing her again some day. It breaks my heart to know the kind of pain that she suffered. She never deserved any of it. However, I take comfort in knowing that she is not suffering now. She is now with the one and only man who always loved her so completely and so purely. She is now with Jesus Christ and I know without a doubt that He is holding her close. There is no pain for her now. There is only peace and love, something we all need in this life. And something we, who are left behind, can hold onto. I do hope justice is served, mainly for Kari's girls sake and for Kari's family.
Take care and God Bless. Tina

mmatus said...

mmatus said...
I babystitted Kari and Adam for many years. She was a wonderful young woman who to me was the epitome of what a strong, good hearted woman should be, even at a young age. We stayed the summer in Lubbock and we three bonded in that little apartment while Mrs. Dulin was working on her master's. Kari and Adam were why I always wanted to have children. It is very hearbreaking to hear about this and to see the family go through this. Kari, you will always be in my heart. Mrs. Dulin, Jim, Adam, and Kari's children, you all are in my deepest prayers. God bless you and give you strength. Know that you will meet again in a better place. For now, you guys stick together and know you are so deeply loved.

April 13, 2008 4:02 PM
(C&P'd from another comment to this area by Shannon)

Yvette said...

Matt Baker was a pastor at my church several years ago - North Lake Baptist church - and I got to know both Matt, Kari, and their wonderful little girls. I taught during sunday school on several occassions and had their oldest in the class.

Kari was always smiling and had some much wonderful things to say. She also taught a series by Beth Moore and had us ladies learn so much during her lessons. She also spoke about Cassie and how God had given her Gracie, not as a replacement, but as a wonderful gift. She said that initially she did not think that God would take her little girl because she was different, she was a Christian, but it happened and sometimes bad things happen to Christians. It was hard getting through this and she still misses her, but she had grown through this experience and I think by her going through that - it made her appreciate life and her family.

I could NEVER imagine that Kari would have done something like this. Actually, I did not even know about this new information until this past weekend when my mom said she saw matt on tv giving an interview and how guilty he looked.

Kari was the type that would give you her shirt off her back. I remember when I told her that I was going back to school to be an elementary school teacher, she said that she wished she could give me her degree so I wouldn't have to take all the classes.

Kari was a beautiful person inside and out!!! We will miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello....I watch 48 hour mystery every chance I get and I can't get Kari's story out of my mind. There was several times I was brought to tears.My heat aches for her family and friends......what a horrible loss! I just wanted to say that Kari's story touched my heart and please don't give up on justice for her.

Sincerely, Nicole 35yrs old
Van Buren, Arkansas

Valerie and Jeremy Adell said...

Hi, my name is Valerie and I knew Kari from when they were at Northlake Baptist church in Dallas, tx. I always thought she was the sweetest lady. Always willing to lend a helping hand and I could tell she just adored her two little girls. When I heard about what happened I was shocked beyond belief. Kari would never do that I thought! I hope justice is served to Matt...

Jill said...

With school starting, I wanted to share a few memories in honor of Kari. I taught in the room right next to Kari's. I could often hear Kari and her class through the walls. You could tell when she had done something funny, her whole class would erupt with laughter.

I can still see her flip-flopping into my room (with her Reefs on)and talking with her hands, her bracelet just a jingling! She was often excited about something.

We got together with a few coworkers to exchange Christmas gifts. She had picked out a gag gift for me. At school the children have to walk quietly in the halls. We call this "Panther Pride." She gave me a pair of GIGANTIC red underwear that said, "Panther Pride" on the bottom. I found them in a closet a few months ago and laughed out loud.

Julie Robken Kopp said...

Kari and I were close friends for a couple of years in high school and we lost touch after school.

I remember when I first started hanging out with her in her little red car - driving back and forth from Waco to Gatesville. We were driving one day and it started to rain, she flipped on the windshield wipers and nothing happened. She remembered that they were malfunctioning and her dad disconnected them the day before. We rolled down the windows and tried to "wipe" the windshield ourselves, just laughing the whole time...thankfully the rain stopped quickly and we could see again, but we were drenched. She was just the funniest, sweetest, craziest girl I knew - full of life and energy. She is missed tremendously!

Anonymous said...

I have so many memories of growing up with Kari. Sunday afternoons, riding horses, watching dirty dancing, fighting for the same boys, sleepovers and staying up all night giggling. I’ll never forget making up a silly dance with Kari to “Ghostbusters” and putting on a show for Linda.

We lost contact in adulthood, but the deep core of who a person is never changes. She was beautiful, smart, loyal, optimistic and vibrant! She was a good friend.

The day my mother told me the news about Kari, I knew instantly there was no way Kari would ever take herself away from her family and children. No matter what, no matter how hard or difficult things may have been, I know Kari always found the bright side of life.

She was a bright shining star. I am so proud of the Dulin's for persevering and not giving up. Anyone who knew Kari knows better than to believe Mr. Baker's lies and deceit. I will pray for the family and count the days until justice is served.

Bless you, Shannon, for this blog and a giving people who love Kari a place to share our precious memories. I'm so grateful to have shared my childhood with Kari.


Janelle said...

My memories of Kari: We met in a sign language class at Baylor. We became friends very quickly. I visited her church and shortly afterward, I became the music minister while she served as the youth minister. We did many projects together. She also sang in the choir that I directed. She and I sang duets as well as performed songs in sign language.
Kari always had her daughters decked out in the cutest clothes. She handled them with such a calmness and a bit of sarcasm thrown in for sanity's sake.
Anytime there was a gathering at her house she served hot dogs. Always hot dogs. She claimed that everyone liked them and they were easy to serve.

Kari introduced me to up and coming praise music. We listened to the same 2 CD's for 2 years learning every song by heart.

I was with Kari the first night Kassidy was in the hospital. I remember that she left Kassidy for about an hour while the two of us went to the grocery store to buy groceries for a needy family that the church knew of. After leaving the groceries at the family's house, I remember eating taco bell together at the hospital! I was so amazed at her strength and faith. She was out helping others in need with the constant faith that Kassidy would be cared for. I believe I was one of the first people she called the night Kassidy passed away. I will never forget that phone call. There was nothing I could do to ease my friend's pain. I loved the way she helped explain it all to Kensi.

Kari became pregnant with Grace a month after I got pregnant. We even had the same doctor. We shared all of our aches, pains and complaints as well as our TUMS that we ate like candy for the heartburn. We even shared maternity clothes. She was excited to have Grace.

We were student teaching at the same school during our pregnancies. Neither of us enjoyed our student teaching and took turns crying to each other. We got each other through the semester, no doubt. We also took one night class that semester and carpooled together. We had to do a skit in front of the whole class (Kari was an amazing actress. She wasn't afraid to do anything!) Needless to say, we played the parts of pregnant women in that skit.

I was a first time mother and my daughter was born exactly 1 month and 1 day before Grace. Kari was so calm and relaxed. She knew exactly what she was doing with baby Grace. I panicked. She always let me know that stuff was "no big deal" and offered advice.

Kari would talk with her hands and her bracelets would jingle. Her hair was always so cute. I was envious because I could never wear my hair that way. She laughed a lot. She was very friendly. She was a hard worker and a good student. She always accomplished whatever she put her mind to. She was a good singer. She was good at sign language. Motherhood was her passion. She knew the Bible and I admired the knowledge that she had. She was compassionate. She'd cry with people over their burdens. She was one of those rare people who would ask about YOU, not just talk about herself. No doubt, Kari had a heart for Jesus.

She is in Heaven with Kassidy and constantly watching over Kensi and Grace. Nothing would be more important to her. I bet she sings with the Angels and cracks them up with something funny now and then.

I miss her very much. I always had hope that we'd be back in touch and keep our friendship going. I guess I have to wait to see her in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was in her class the year that she passed away. This was a very hard time, trying to finish the school year without Mrs. Baker. She will always be in our thoughts and memories as will her family and daughters.