Monday, August 23, 2010

Remove Baker's Photo...'s Letters to the Editor - Saturday, August 21, 2010

Remove Baker’s photo
How often do you update the Tribune-Herald ’s online home page?

We are tired of seeing Matt Baker’s picture looking out at us. Please remove his photo!

Seeing that picture every time one pulls up our local news is disgusting. He is getting what was coming to him!

Jo Ann Rowland, Waco

Amen, Jo Ann. Amen.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"A Saturday Adventure"

One of Kari's childhood BFF's, Jill Valentine Hill, sent this to Linda recently. It is a paper she wrote back in her Freshman composition class at MCC. Linda said, "You can just see them both in this and it describes Kari so well." So at her request and with Jill's permission, I give you:
A Saturday Adventure

I was in the sixth grade and had spent the night with my best friend, Kari Dulin. It was now Saturday and we had the whole day to play together. Kari had always been a free spirit with no concept of time or space. In contrast, I was always the careful planner, mother hen type.

Kari was the one who came up with the idea which sounded good at the time. We would ride her bikes to go visit my boyfriend, Whitt, who “just lived down the street,” Kari told me.

I should have known from the beginningthat this trip would be eventful, when I had to crawl up on her parent’s car to get up on her father’s ten speed bike. Bear in mind I was 4’4” and weighed 70 pounds. Kari hopped up on her proper sized bike and away we went. The first thing I noticed was that the neighbor’s two dogs were following us. I was terrified of big dogs, but had made friends with these. Pedaling was proving to be a problem for me, even on the level street. I could only reach the pedals on their upward rotation and anxiously awaited each time they would circle back within reach.

I was finally getting the hang of it when we decided to walk our bikes and catch our breath. We must have been gone for a least an hour by this time and I asked Kari, “How far is it to the end of the street?” To this she replied, “We’re almost there.”

Suddenly we looked back and saw a terrifying site. Legions of dogs were headed our way. Not only were they barking, they were running toward the bikes and chasing our two female dogs. There were dogs of every kind, from Butch, the Patterson’s three-legged mad dog, to Miss Molly’s teacup poodle, to Dr. West’s three large Dobermans. Added to these were wiener dogs and unidentified mutts of every description.

My heart was pounding as I knew I had to mount the tall bicycle to escape the dog
brigade. I had to think fast. There was no car to crawl on. After several unsuccessful attempts, with the adrenaline pumping and dogs now approaching, I finally reached the seat by stepping up on a curb.

After several minutes of make-do pedaling, I realized that the large crowd of dogs were interested in our female dogs, not in us bicyclers. We finally reached our destination after about a three hour trek. When we went inside to see my boyfriend and his sister, we were told we must leave. Their strict mother would soon be home from work.

We headed back home to Kari’s by the same route. Unfortunately we couldn’t coax our two dog friends to follow. No doubt they were exhausted from the chase. So Kari and I make the trip unaccompanied. About half way home, my bike got a very flat tire. We called my Mom from a friend’s house to come get us. She was furious, having wondered where we were all day. Riding “down the street” to see my boyfriend may not have been such a good idea after all.

Friday, August 13, 2010

They say it's your birthday..........

It just dawned on me that we both have birthdays on the 13th of the month. I used to think it was so spooky funny when my birthday landed on a Friday the 13th. Can't have bad luck on your birthday, right?

Well, it's another birthday in Heaven for you, Dear Friend. I imagine you and Kassidy and your Grandmother having one heck of a celebration together up there today. Know that your Mom and Dad, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and Kensi and Grace are thinking about you with love and missing you like crazy. One day we will all celebrate together again!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Define: Gag Order

After ordering home studies of both the grandparents' homes last June, Judge Emerson placed a gag order on both parties.

Kerrville Daily Times - June 18, 2010

Judge Rex Emerson denied the Dulin’s request Tuesday to have ad litem attorney Beverly Crowden removed and replaced with an amicus attorney. He also ordered a study on both of the grandparent’s homes and living environments be completed and placed a gag order on both parties.

San Antonio Express News - June 20, 2010

— A local judge has issued a gag order in the custody fight over Kensi and Grace Baker, whose father, Matt Baker, in January began serving a 65-year prison sentence for killing their mother, Kari Baker, in 2007.

Gag Order (noun)
In litigation, a court’s order to the parties and witnesses not to speak to the press or public about the case.

Seems perfectly clear. Right?

Moving on to this past Tuesday, August 3.

CNN Justice - In Session - August 3, 2010
Verdict Vault, Part 1 (Try to ignore the misspellings and punctuation here. Not my errors.)

TX v. Baker
Matt Baker remains in a Texas state prison, as he serves out his 65 year sentence. He maintains his innocence.

His appellate attorney, Stan Schwieger, is due to turn his first appellate brief later this month to Waco's 10th Court of Appeals.

Baker lost has motion for a new trial in April 2010. Baker had claimed that his trial lawyers of not providing effective assistance of counsel.

Shortly after losing the motion for new trial, Baker also sought to fire Schwieger because he felt that Schwieger was not properly representing him. Baker wanted to represent himself, pro se, in the appealate process, but his request was denied in April.

Barbara Baker, Baker's mother, says Baker spends "a lot of time" in the prison's law library. He works in the cafeteria and helps inmates in need and who ask for his help. For example, he writes letters for one inmate who can read but cannot write; for an inmate who is very ill, Baker asked his own mother to notify the family of the inmate.

Baker's parents and Kari Baker's parents continue to fight for custody of Matt and Kari's children, Kenzi, 14, and Grace,9. The girls have lived with the Bakers since 2006.

According to Barbara Baker, "the girls are doing great...they miss their dad. She said the girls have visited their father twice since he was sentenced. As part of the custody battle, the girls are undergoing psychlogical evaluations and the Bakers and the Dulins are undergoing court ordered home studies.

There is currently a gag order in the civil dispute.

There is? Really?