Saturday, March 28, 2009

Words from Linda....

Linda left this heartfelt comment on a post earlier today. I can't even imagine being in her place and having to have these feelings. Worrying about her precious granddaughters this way. And even though I'm sure she doesn't feel incredibly strong, I have found her to be an incredible inspiration of strength and fortitude. Hang on, Linda. Justice for Kari is coming. The girls don't have an easy road ahead of them, but with the strength, loyalty, compassion and love of the Dulin family and their families and friends, they will grow up to be phenomenal women. How could they not? Look at their incredible maternal lineage!

"Thank you for your honest sentiments, Kerrvillian, and for your feedback, Shannon.

Right now, I am so overwhelmed. I knew this day would come. I always knew. I know the evidence. Still, I am also so very sad. My precious granddaughters are the most tragic victims. I can’t begin to imagine the terror in their little hearts.

I am not going to say much more because I am searching for wisdom and forgiveness here. I regret any comments I made in the media after Matt’s arrest. I didn’t say much but I wish I hadn’t said anything. I don’t want to bring more pain for my granddaughters. I don’t want to bring additional pain to anyone. I do believe that when a person takes another life, that person should be held accountable. The system is working. As Shannon has posted, “justice delayed is still justice.”

I am praying for Matt and his family…for Vanessa and her family. I don’t write this with any pious generosity. This isn’t easy for me. In fact, it is an incredible struggle. I am such a flawed work in progress. I want so badly for my thoughts and actions to show that I seek the Lord in all I do. Mainly I fail. Thank goodness for His grace. I know it will shine on all who seek Him. For those who believe in the power of prayers, please lift up my granddaughters. Let them emerge from this to become whole and healthy adults. To justice. To healing.


Please keep those prayers flowing over the coming months! If you would like to leave any words of strength, wisdom, peace, scripture or encouragement for Kari's family, feel free to leave your comments on this post. I'm sure they will be very uplifting and appreciated. Thank you all! ~ Shannon


Wendy said...

My heart goes out to Linda and the girls. The truth may be difficult for those precious children but with the love of family and community, they will thrive. God Bless.

Judy said...

My prayers for Linda, the girls and their entire family is for them to find peace and for healing to begin for each of them. my prayers will continue.

SG said...

I sometimes get caught up in wanting to makes things right and just, and in wanting justice for Kari. Here is the truth though... There is no true justice here. There is no way to make this situation just or right.

The minute after Kari was killed there was no possible way to make this situation right or just this side of heaven. So we do the best we can. We seek the closest thing we can find to justice. We make those who choose to become murderers pay the only way we can without becoming monsters ourselves. This justice we seek is not perfect. It will not make everything right, but we hope it will keep murderers from hurting more people. Our history has taught us that murderers will hurt again. Why anyone would choose to become a murderer, a monster, is beyond me. It's very tragic for everyone, even the monster/murderer themselves.

While I can't imagine Linda's pain at loosing Kari, I think even she would agree that it is as hard to think of the pain that her grand daughters have been through and will go through. While I believe with all my heart that Matt is guilty, I know that his little girls do not, or just can not yet believe that. Who of us could believe that our father killed our mother? They are still so young. Their memories of their Mom have been tainted by all the inevitable ugliness that has occured since her death. There is no way to shelter them from this.

As much as it hurts the girls to see their Dad be tried and (I pray) convicted of their Mom's murder, it would be far worse for them to be raised by a murderer, a liar and perhaps even a molester. Even if he did not physically hurt them, their life and relationship with their Dad would be based on lies. Lives based on lies are never healthy and rarely happy.

Linda, you and Jim are doing and have been doing the right thing even though the right thing hurts almost worse than doing nothing. You have been through so much and still show so much grace. I know your heavenly Father is so proud of you! I thank God that this is not just the your fight any longer. This is now between Matt Baker and the State of Texas, PRAISE GOD!

I pray for our heavenly father to wrap K & G in love and build them up for whatever lies ahead. I believe that their little hearts will never truly forget the love their mama planted in them and that the Bible's promise about the truth setting us free will ring true in their lives as well. I pray Matt will let the truth set his soul free even it it means he spends his life in jail. I believe justice will served on this side of heaven, as God assures us it will be on the other side!

Tina said...

I hope that Linda and Jim feel comforted by the thoughts and prayers sent their way. It extends further than anyone will ever know.

Shannon, this website is such a powerful way for people to express their support. What a wonderful way to show your love for Kari. God bless you!

Leslie said...

I know this has been a long time coming and so often as Shannon has shared her thoughts with us over time, I've prayed for all of you to have the strength you will need for the journey you are on. I thought of you while at mass today.

Christy F said...

My prayers go out for Linda, the girls and the entire family for them to find peace. I hope now that the truth will be known to all and that Matt will pay for what he has done.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Dulin,

Thank you for setting an example for all of us in praying for the very ones that have hurt you. I will continue to lift your family up in prayer.



Thanks for sharing your thoughts. How hard this must be for you guys. To have to relive this over and over has got to be overwhelming. In reality this is just the beginning and no where near the end. I pray for those girls daily, eventhough I have never met them...This whole situation makes me hug my 2 girls even more tightly..

~Kelly said...

Oh goodness. It's been awhile , but with the recent news I felt drawn here again. I admit, I had feelings of relief, and a tinge of something resembling joy, that Matt has been indicted. Although it was good news to me, I realize it means refreshed pain for so many. I'm not a religious person, but I do pray sometimes. I just did, for all the families involved. Although Matt may be held accountable for his actions, the reality is that the sadness will linger.

You're in my prayers, and on my mind.


sadie said...

Linda and Jim,

Your strength, compassion, humility, and faith are inspiring beyond words. Your sacrifices have been great, and your comfort small. But God will see that it all evens out in the end.

I know Kari is so proud of you.

Your granddaughters will flourish and forgive in time, with the constant love and truth that your family so relentlessly pursues on their behalf.

My heart goes out to all of you. Justice will bring a sad kind of victory. But it will help everyone to heal. God bless you all.

Prayers are with you,

Mommia said...

I had the privilege of having Linda as a teacher. I saw her as a role model then, but seeing how she has handled this has made me admire her even more. Kari must be so proud. I know that I'm proud just having known and been inspired by her.

Mrs. Dulin - I thought of you often over the years and more so now than ever. You and your family, especially your grand daughters are in my prayers. Projecting all the good vibes I can your way. Thank you for living by the code that you always tried to teach your students... always looking for the truth and persuing it to resolution.

Jennifer Schultz Ward

Joanna H. Greenshields said...

Dear Jim, Linda and friends and family,
I am so very humbled to have watched the 48 Hours documentary regarding the calculated murder of you precious daughter Kari.
How a premeditatded murder such as this, was classified as a suicide is mindboggling! Your faith, commitment and consistent hard work is awe inspiring. You are a beacon of hope, an example to all who seek JUSTICE for a loved one when the legal system, that we all depend on in this world, has failed!
I applaud your efforts in the fight for justice for your daughter Kari. I truly believe victory will be yours!
Although we have never met, you have a friend and admirer from "across the pond" who will pray and support you all from afar!
With respect and admiration,
Joanna H. Greenshields.

Anonymous said...

To Kari's family,
I watched the original airing of 48Hrs. and then again last nite the update. I was just sick at the way the story ended last year and so glad to hear of the arrest and that this is moving forward. I am praying and will continue. May God's peace and blessings reign in you and on you! I pray for your precious granddaughters that He will do great and mighty things in and through them. Hugs to each of you!
LaVonne Tollison, Modesto, CA

Anonymous said...

To Kari's family,

I am so very sorry for the lose of your daughter. May justice be served for the death of your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Matt is so guilty, his eyes close every time he tells a lie. The fact that he hides under the pretense of Godliness makes me sick to my stomach. I believe God has a special brand of punishment for people like him. I'm very sorry for your loss. I think Kari would be very proud of her Mom for her fearlessness.

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken to discover the news of my dear college friend. I live in Colorado and nobody told me what happened until yesterday. Kari and I were practically inseparable for several years. When I stopped hearing from her, I began trying to find her. Needless to say, I didn't know what happened. As I struggle with this news, I am constantly in prayer for Kari's family, especially her girls. With the unconditional love Kari's family can provide, the girls will have a chance for a healthy life.--Janelle

Michelle Serna said...

Linda and Jim - we are thinking of you and praying for you during this incredibly stressful and difficult time. I am so thankful for this blog for helping me keep up with this case. We are completely heartbroken over what has gone on and think of you and the girls often. Blessings to you all for fighting the good fight, finishing the race and keeping the faith. (2 Tim 4:7)

Shannon C Sowder-Gonzales said...

Linda, you probably will not remember me, but I worked with you at the records office. I also go to the same hairdresser as your beautiful daughter, Kari. I live less than a minute's drive from where she lived (on Crested Butte). All of that to say, that I guess that's why I have really stayed up to date on this case. It hits close to home...literally. I just want you to know that my heart goes out to you and Kari's father, as well as her girls and extended family. I hope I never have to know the pain of losing a child. My heart breaks for you, truly. Every time I see that man, it just makes my skin crawl. I just know in my spirit that he is guilty. I heard one of his supporters say that she can't believe that someone with the spirit of God in them could do such a thing. I wonder what Bible she studies? Was it not David that had Bathsheba's husband sent to battle in the front lines because he knew he would be killed? All of this done so he could continue his affair with her? What about Moses? Did he not kill? Those are just 2 examples of men that may have not had the spirit of God in them (only because God sent His Holy Spirit after Jesus died and rose himself from the grave), but they were mighty men of God! One in the same lineage as our Lord and one that God says He talked with face-to-face, as one does a friend. I guess what I am getting at (and I know I'm preaching to the choir here), is that we may have received the Lord and His Holy Spirit...but we still have free will and can choose to do the right or wrong thing in any situation. Matt Baker clearly made a conscious decision to do a terribly evil thing. I believe he not only did it because of his relationship with Vanessa Bulls, but out of selfishness with regards to the girls. Those poor girls. I am a daughter and I have a daughter...I cannot imagine not having my mom...and I cannot imagine my daughter being without me as a young child. I am sure that I am rambling now, so I will wrap this up. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your granddaughters and I'm listening to the trial via the web while at work. I know that justice will prevail for Kari. God is a just and faithful God...He won't let you down. I'd like to leave you with this scripture:

Ephesians 6:13

That is why you need to put on God's full armor. Then on the day of evil you will be able to stand strong. And when you have finished the whole fight, you will still be standing.

God bless you

Jenna Wright Rogers said...

Linda and family...
I, as most of Gatesville, have been following your journey and holding you as tightly as possible in my heart. As an educator you were a Godsend, as a mother you are way beyond that. I am constantly praying for the truth to reveal itself and allow you and yours the opportunity to start making sense of this...whatever that could possibly be. Kari is such a prescence...the physical part of her was so precious, but her spirit is heartwarming and endearing...never to be really gone. Keep it up, knowing you are so loved, not just the loving.

Anonymous said...

My prayer is that God may pour his generous blessings of comfort and peace and healing on Linda, Jim, Adam, and the girls. I know Linda to be loving and deeply caring of not only her family, but also of all who cross her path. I am glad to have been one on her path. Thank you for your strength and godly example.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts from California:
Oh how Kari would feel so loved by all that everyone is doing to make things right. I know her most powerful feelings of love are for her children. Please dont ever let them forget that they were the most important people to her on earth and forever!!

Anonymous said...

This is all just so sad for Kari's children and her parents....and friends.

Linda, I admire your strength and perseverance. You brought your sweet daughter justice.

May God be with you.


Anonymous said...

Read my local paper today and see that Matt was convicted. At least that has taken place. Peace to the family, I pray.

Anonymous said...

I have kept up with story for as long as I have known of it. I live in Virginia now, but I am from Texas, and I remember this case so well, and I kept up with it. All I can say is: Praise God! God is so just. Thank you, Lord!!

Missy Elam

Anonymous said...

mr and mrs dulin, I am so very sorry for the loss of your sweet precious daughter. I pray that you will gain custody of your grandchildren. And have the chance to raise them as your daughter wuld want them raised. And that is in a lovinG aND truly christian home. When they are finally with you all. I am sure kari will be looking down on you all in heaven. and smiling that million watt smile! god bless you!!!

Sadie said...

Jim and Linda Dulin and Family,

Since I began following the news and researching this case a couple of years ago, I have come to care very much about your journey. My heart has wept for all that you have been through since that awful night that Kari's life was taken. And it has leapt with joy for each and every one of your hard-won and long prayed-for victories and triumphs.

The 48 Hours Mystery program which aired on October 30 received very high ratings and was viewed by people all over the nation -- some who knew your story, and many who had never heard of Kari. What a blessing.

You are a wonderful example of love, faith, and endurance to many, many people everywhere. And you are all heroes to me. Now and always, I wish you peace and comfort, many blessings, and much joy.

I pray (joining my prayers with multitudes of others) that the girls will come home to you for good in January, and that Love will ultimately truly "trump" every last speck of the evil that has touched them so relentlessly in their young lives up to now. With God all things are possible!

The world needs more people like you (and Kari). God bless you all.

From my heart,

Britt and Jocelyn our babies said...

I really hope you get custody of those precious girls, please know that they will learn the truth about their father. They will than need you to protect them and love them. My heart goes out to you

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Kathryn Casey's new book about this tragedy. With all the evidence presented in it, how can anyone NOT think Matt Baker did this?? The Dulin family and Kari's daughters are in my heart today.