Monday, March 30, 2009

"Judgment Day for the Preacher"

Erin Moriarty (who did a brilliant job with the 48 Hours piece on this case last year) writes her thoughts in an update on the case on In Cold Blog: Judgment Day for the Preacher

"So what happened that caused new charges to file against Baker almost three years after the death of his wife?

Apparently, a friend of Baker’s, a young woman he was 'seeing' at the time of his wife’s death, convinced the grand jurors that there was more than meets the eye to Kari’s death, a death originally listed as a suicide." (read full story here)

Here is a link to Erin's first blog post about this case, dated 5-21-08.
"The Preacher's Wife"


Suzie said...

Erin's good. Gave me chills.

Ellen Werry said...

Great follow up! God IS good!