Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flight risk?

What are your thoughts? Do you feel Matt Baker is a flight risk?


Peggy said...

Not just yes, but hell yes! And if someone that still has the wool pulled down over their eyes comes up with enough bond money to get him out while waiting for trial, they are partially responsible for the measures he takes to keep avoiding that courtroom. The safest thing for everyone involved is to keep him detained during this time.

Anonymous said...

Keep him in jail until the trial!

Washington State said...

My concern is that he would be MORE than a flight risk! No legal system should trust a sociopath! Keep him in jail where he belongs! WELCOME HOME MATT!

Anonymous said...

Matt Baker has stopped at nothing to avoid justice so far. Desperate people do desperate things.

Yes, he is a flight risk. The bond needs to remain at $500K. He has tapped out the generosity of the poor bamboozled Kerrville folks. May they finally see him for what he really is.


Shannon said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Sadie. Just remember, it's a small and dwindling group that is still holding tight (despite evidence) to the belief that Matt is innocent. I believe the majority of the Kerrville folks are not bamboozled at all. I've heard from many who are adamant that he's guilty, guilty, guilty!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Shannon! I'm sad that people continue to think that all Kerrville residents are mindless and brainwashed. Many of us are smart, informed and can think for ourselves. Give us some credit, Sadie!

Kerrville mom

Shannon said...

Thanks, Kerrville mom, for your comment. I know there are a lot of "you" out there in Kerrville and it's good to hear from ya'll.

I'm pretty sure Sadie didn't mean the whole of Kerrville...but the ones that have contributed to his defense fund. She hopes those Kerrville folks finally see Matt for what he really is.

And I'll bet after Vanessa's testimony bringing about a swift indictment, they'll realize there is some seriously heavy evidence in there that could not be ignored at all.

Anyway, thanks again.

sadie said...


Yes, Shannon and Kerrville Mom, I definitely should have specified that I was referring to the small, deluded and ever-shrinking group of hold-outs that still leave bizarre posts here and there, and still think of reaching in their pockets for more spare change to donate to MB's laughable defense.

Not the majority of smart Kerrvillians with sense who know the score!

Kerrville was a nice place before MB tucked his tail between his legs and scurried home to take refuge... and it is still a nice place, especially now that he's locked up!

My apologies for the misstatement. No offense whatsoever meant to Kerrville.