Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Update on the case:

Ok, I’ve found out the following. Now, I am sure there is much more information that I am unaware of. If you have knowledge of anything, give me a holler.

* MB’s attorney quit. Williams, who originally represented MB in the civil case,
was elected judge and will take over those duties in January. Now, a little
chit-chat…. The trial was scheduled for Oct. 6…. January is still up the
road. Why would Williams resign if the trial was going to be in October? Why
isn’t he staying with his Kerrville boy?

* Guy James Gray has officially said he will not represent MB in the civil case……will he do so in the criminal case? As I have said, my heart goes out to both Mr. Gray and his wife over the loss of their son. However, Gray also said in media reports that the first time he hears MB lie to him, he is quitting. Well, we KNOW MB lies PLENTY. Do you think Gray finally figured it out? Don’t know. Just wondering. MB told everyone who would listen, including Gray, that he and ol’ Vanessa were never more than friends. Well, that lie got busted big time on national television. And there is so much more….beginning with the cause of Kari’s death.

* Now, my source tells me that the judge gave MB 30 days to find a new attorney. 30 days. Find a good one MB. We all want you to have a top-notch attorney. Really. The truth can’t be hidden. We want you to have your day in court with a good attorney to tell your “story.” It will be that much sweeter when the truth is revealed for the world to see.

Feels like you are stalling, MB. You say you got the truth….You say your story has never changed (I am laughing hard on this one)…..Well, don’t you want to go to court??? Aren’t you anxious to show the world that you are innocent? Come on. Get an attorney and let’s go. All we want is the truth. All we want is for the truth to be told and for justice to be served. All we want is for the truth to be told, justice to be served, and two little girls to be saved. Is that asking for too much? I am going to be here fighting for t his cause as long as it remains unresolved. When this happens to any of us, it happens to all of us. That’s all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kerrville Comment

A comment from a few days ago:

"Blackjack Davy said...
I was given (by a friend) a "Justice for Kari" bumper sticker to show my support for Kari. I work in Kerrville. One week after I put the bumper sticker on my car, it was torn off by an unknown person/s either when I was attending a doctor's appointment or when I was parked "downtown" (by Francisco's restaurant). If MB's supporter's want to have any credibility in the eyes of the public, they need to counsel their peers not to resort to childish vandalism. It's a sad and desperate thing to resort to."

I have had numerous emails from folks in Kerrville that wanted a sticker but knew this would happen. Their support is via prayers. And we appreciate that very much!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday Thoughts.....

Kari Lynn Dulin was born August 13, 1974

Today is Kari's birthday. She would have been 34 years old.

Let's see.....what might her birthday have been like.....
  • Her family would have shared it with her....parents, daughters, perhaps extended family and friends.

  • Kari's teacher friends at school would have surprised her with a little celebration.

  • Jill would have called and sent a card. She wouldn't forget her best bud's birthday.

  • Calls from other friends...."Happy Birthday, Old Woman." Lots of getting older jokes. Not funny. I know. ;)

  • A visit to her grandparents' house. Oh, how she loved them. She was the first grandchild, you know. I'm sure that made her pretty special in their eyes....and she knew it. LOL

  • I have been told that her favorite restaurant was the Samurai Steakhouse. Dinner there, for sure....Polaroid piture of the birthday girl and her family taken by the owner/master chef. Kensi and Grace would have huge grins as the picture was snapped. The Dulins would cherish every minute with their daughter and granddaughters.

  • Unwrapping gifts. Paper flying everywhere. Kari loved surprises. Kari loved presents!

  • Someone had to get her a candle for her birthday. Kari loved candles. Her favorite was Bird of Paradise....Circle E Candles. (I did a little homework.)

  • Kensi and Grace can't wait for their Mom to see what they bought her. Earrings. Cool earrings. Kari loved cool jewelry.

  • Candles. Cake. Soooo much laughter. So much love.


There is no such birthday celebration with Kari today.

Two little girls no longer have their Mommy. Worse. They are being fed lies about their Mommy.

The Dulins no longer have their daughter. The man they once loved like a son saw to that.
The man who took her life is still free....but that will change. That WILL change. JUSTICE FOR KARI!

Hear me today, Matt Baker. (I know you come to this blog. I see you.) You may have taken Kari from this life, but you can't take her memory from us.




A friend of Kari's who works at Spring Valley Elementary wrote the following poem after Kari's death. What better day to share friendship than one's birthday.


I look for you each day.
But you are not there.
Just a memory of what once was.
I listen to hear your voice.
But now there is silence.
I wish for your funny gestures to make my day.
But now, all are memories in my mind.
Now, I sit here trying to get through the day.
Some days are better than others.
I know you always said,
“To believe in yourself.”
Follow your heart and your dreams.
Go with your gut!
We were raised to be strong women.
But how strong must one be.
Being strong is so hard sometimes.
Each day seems to get tougher and tougher.
I know that God only gives us what we can handle.
But sometimes I question how much one can take.
I look to the sky each day and
Pray to God to show me the way.
I thank God for blessing me to have a friend like you.
A friend, who shared her laughter, her wisdom
And her understanding of life.
We certainly shared a lot in the time we had.
I treasure each and every moment we shared.
I will always hold you dear to my heart.
I will never forget you.
Your spirit will live within each
One of us who knew you.
And one day our paths will cross again.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Kerrville - Topix

Kerrvillian 1, 2 and 3 have much to say. Check out 1 and 2 in the link above. Here's 3, dated July 28:

"I actually went to high school with this guy. He was ok until his Senior year in high school. He became grossly arrogant and very big headed. It actually got to the point that it was sickening. Which baffled me because he didn't have that much going for him. Perhaps, he got it from his mother. I knew her too and she was very arrogant and dominant with no sense of humility.

His Senior year, Matt enjoyed dating younger, impressionable girls and then dumping them once he knew that he had won their affections and got bored with them. I can remember two different instances of that his Senior year alone. I saw him years later at Baylor. He had not changed a bit. Still as arrogant as the last day I saw him.

I have read the police affidavit and many things don't add up, not even close. If it was one or two things that didn't add up, maybe, but there are numerous things in that report that don't add up at all! I have lived this life long enough to know that innocent people don't act that way and depressed/suicidal people don't act that way either. Innocent people don't have important evidence just "disappear". Too many things fall short of the mark. It wouldn't surprise me to find out he did it, so arrogant in himself to think that no one would question him because he is Matt Baker, a preacher.

Also, when you have numerous females come forward and tell similiar stories of how he tried to force himself on them is a testament to his character. If it was one or two that know each other, maybe, but when it's several different women, years apart, that might be a sign that it could be true. If I had good money to bet, I sure wouldn't bet it on Matt Baker's innocense and I sure would have my kids, especially my daughter, round this "preacher"!!"