Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Update on the case:

Ok, I’ve found out the following. Now, I am sure there is much more information that I am unaware of. If you have knowledge of anything, give me a holler.

* MB’s attorney quit. Williams, who originally represented MB in the civil case,
was elected judge and will take over those duties in January. Now, a little
chit-chat…. The trial was scheduled for Oct. 6…. January is still up the
road. Why would Williams resign if the trial was going to be in October? Why
isn’t he staying with his Kerrville boy?

* Guy James Gray has officially said he will not represent MB in the civil case……will he do so in the criminal case? As I have said, my heart goes out to both Mr. Gray and his wife over the loss of their son. However, Gray also said in media reports that the first time he hears MB lie to him, he is quitting. Well, we KNOW MB lies PLENTY. Do you think Gray finally figured it out? Don’t know. Just wondering. MB told everyone who would listen, including Gray, that he and ol’ Vanessa were never more than friends. Well, that lie got busted big time on national television. And there is so much more….beginning with the cause of Kari’s death.

* Now, my source tells me that the judge gave MB 30 days to find a new attorney. 30 days. Find a good one MB. We all want you to have a top-notch attorney. Really. The truth can’t be hidden. We want you to have your day in court with a good attorney to tell your “story.” It will be that much sweeter when the truth is revealed for the world to see.

Feels like you are stalling, MB. You say you got the truth….You say your story has never changed (I am laughing hard on this one)…..Well, don’t you want to go to court??? Aren’t you anxious to show the world that you are innocent? Come on. Get an attorney and let’s go. All we want is the truth. All we want is for the truth to be told and for justice to be served. All we want is for the truth to be told, justice to be served, and two little girls to be saved. Is that asking for too much? I am going to be here fighting for t his cause as long as it remains unresolved. When this happens to any of us, it happens to all of us. That’s all.


Ben said...

Do you know where the DA is on its investigation?

This guy needs to go to prison.

KLD said...

You should go into the PI business, Shannon. :)

Washington State said...


I'm not sure of Williams decision to quit. However, if I were a newly-elected judge, I definitely would not want my name associated with Matt Baker!
Hopefully, these events are just a part of justice being served for Kari. I do not believe any attorney who stands for integrity and truth would willingly take Matt Baker as a client. I bet he ends up getting a court appointed attorney.(Poor Matt. He just can't get a break!) So now, another 30 day delay. But that's OK. We have all said that the wheels of justice turn slowly, but they still turn. They do not stall like those of the guilty!!
So get with it MB supporters, your boy needs a new attorney.

Shannon said...

I may be mistaken but it's my understanding if someone is being sued civilly and they can't find an attorney to take the case or they can't afford one, they will just have to defend themselves. I think the court appointed stuff is limited to criminal. Matt might just end up broadening his resume on this one.

Washington State said...

Hey Shannon,

Sorry, my mistake. You are correct about the court appointed attorney. Well, that should work out for Matt. Now he can be Matt Baker--Public defender. HA!

former church member said...

I'm a former church member. I would rather not say from what church. I knew them both. Everyone loved Kari. She was warm, funny and loved her children so much. This was after she had lost her baby. She would speak lovingly of that lost child but she never dwelled on her loss in a way that made you worry about her.

Matt left on bad terms with the church. He was allowed to resign if you know what I mean. Kari was a fighter for him. She was loyal and defended him at every turn. That is what made me decide to write this morning.

I have heard since her death that she was defending him at every church he pastored. He had problems and she jumped in to defend her husband. How tragic is that. This loving wife and mother was not shown this same love and loyalty. Yes, I saw this up close. I know the person she was.

I have read the papers and seen the shows on television. I have heard the terrible things Matt and his former attorney said about this woman who loved her husband and her children so much. I don't believe she took her life. I haven't talked to anyone who knew them both who believes she did. That only leaves one possible person who could have done this terrible thing.

While I don't know the Dulins very well, I have met them. I know they are good people. I saw how they loved their granddaughters and how those girls loved them.

I pray for everyone. I believe there should be justice. Matt should go to prison for a very long time. I don't say this in anger or hate.

I have read your blog for several months, Shannon. You are doing a good thing here.

Former church member

Suzie said...

Former church member is saying what others have said in the past. I think it is very interesting that SO MANY people have similar stories about Matt.
1.He had inappropriate contact with women throughout his adult life.
2. He had problems in his churches (all of them?).
3. He was saying terrible things about Kari as soon as she died.
4. He was seen with another woman soon after Kari died.

And I think it is interesting that people who KNEW Kari say similar things about her.
1. She loved her girls and she loved her husband.
2. She was emotionally healthy.
3. She was future-oriented.
4. People really liked her.
5. She was an oustanding teacher.

This is all very, very telling.


Peggy said...

He was seen with another woman BEFORE Kari was dead.

He spent a lot of time with that woman on the phone BEFORE Kari was dead. For months, in fact.

If they think they were being sly, they weren't. What's done in the dark will be brought to the light. Isn't there a song like that? Or a few Bible verses?

Washington State said...

Is this other woman doing anything in regards to this case or is she just remaining silent? I am not trying to judge her, I am just curious.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the other woman (perhaps women) have the courage and moral integrity to come forward. Doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing to do.

Vanessa has a daughter. She must do the right thing so that she can show her daughter that it is the way she lives her own life.

She is going to have to tell the police, DA, investigators, etc. what she knows. She can either do it willingly or by subpeona. She can either be a hero in her own right and do this willingly or she can do it under a court order.

Coming forth willingly and without a court order shows she is another victim who wants to help uncover the truth surrounding Kari's death. If she has to be forced to talk, she would appear to have something to hide...perhaps even something more.

Anonymous said...

The other woman isn't a victim. I know her. This isn't her first time to get involved with the wrong man, although it may be her first time to get involved with a murderer.

sadie said...

Shannon, this is a great post. And the comments here on this one really do hit home.

This guy is finally going down.

Regardless of the delay in the civil case, can't the criminal case move forward at any time? It's like an ax hanging over the head of MB. He never knows when it is going to fall.

IMO, the "other woman" even if she has made some bad choices, should not be disparaged. Unless you have ever walked in those shoes, it's hard to understand. But just look at Kari herself, innocently and loyally defending the man she thought was a good person and her dear husband ... a man she would never dream to be what he was in reality: a serial sexual predator whose crimes were being swept under the rug every time... She had no idea. And at the end, when she finally did begin to see a hint of the monster he really is, look what happened to her...

The "other woman" probably didn't see the monster, either. I really do believe she is another of his victims, regardless of how much she eventually saw, or how "naughty" people think she may have been for being involved with him. Please believe me, a sociopath that is capable of continuing to hide behind the mask of a "man of God" and a preacher, while violating girls and women over and over again ... a man who can lie and lie with a straight face, even to the national media, even when his lies make no sense ... a man who can coldly plan the murder of his wife, the mother of his children, and then tell the world she killed herself and badmouth her to anyone who will listen, all while eliciting support and money from unsuspecting community members ... this is a man that the average, normal woman will be totally blindsided by. A con man of the highest degree.

I believe in my heart that V. (the "other woman") has been very much damaged by her encounter with MB. I think she has what it takes to speak for the truth. Let's wait and see. I think she is going to choose to do the right thing, regardless of whether we bloggers and the public understand her or not. She will have her day. She will have her say.

Waiting for justice ... it's coming.