Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet Memory Comment....

I received this sweet memory a few days ago. Wanted to make sure it wasn't missed. Thanks, Jill!

With school starting, I wanted to share a few memories in honor of Kari. I taught in the room right next to Kari's. I could often hear Kari and her class through the walls. You could tell when she had done something funny, her whole class would erupt with laughter.

I can still see her flip-flopping into my room (with her Reefs on)and talking with her hands, her bracelet just a jingling! She was often excited about something.

We got together with a few coworkers to exchange Christmas gifts. She had picked out a gag gift for me. At school the children have to walk quietly in the halls. We call this "Panther Pride." She gave me a pair of GIGANTIC red underwear that said, "Panther Pride" on the bottom. I found them in a closet a few months ago and laughed out loud.



Anonymous said...

Kari was soooooooooo funny. She always made me laugh. Kensi and Grace have her great sense of humor.

Suzie said...

When I read these and other comments about Kari and this wonderful personality of hers, I am shocked to have read the horrible things Matt and his crazy supporters have said about her. Yes, Matt and his supporters who have never met Kari are the ones who say terrible things about this beautiful and loving woman. The people who knew her remember her zest for life and her love for her daughters.

I predict that it won't be much longer before Matt is brought up on not only civil charges but criminal. HIs weak story, as well as his life, are crumbling.

Linda said...

I remember when Kari made this gag gift for Jill. She had so much fun planning this gift. Kari even called me from the store to tell me about the biggest pair of "drawers" she had ever seen and how she had something "special" planned for Jill.

I treasure these memories you share of Kari. Please know this: All of you who write your memories here and send them to me personally, I keep them all. I don't want to go into specifics because it wouldn't be inappropriate...but someday these memories will be for my granddaughters....They need to be able to remember the incredible woman their mother was and how she loved her daughters more than anything....


Linda said...

OOOPS---On the above post I wrote:
"wouldn't be inappropriate"
I need to edit what I write before sending!

That should have been:
"wouldn't be appropriate"
I apologize for the miscommunication.

Shannon said...

I remember that bracelet!!! I wonder what happened to it.

Was it tossed in one of those MANY boxes of Kari's stuff tossed to the curb for the trashman to pick up DAYS after she "died"?

Was it tossed along with the things my son and his grieving classmates thoughtfully and tearfully chose from their/her classroom and gathered up for Matt and the girls to help comfort them?

Was it tossed along with the photos and memories and clothes of Kari Dulin Baker?

Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what was in them. But there were a lot of boxes on the curb. I always wondered.

washington state said...

Did this 'preacher man' just toss out Kari's stuff for the trash to pick up? If so, that in itself is disturbing to me. I know that earthly possessions have no value in our heavenly home, but they could make a big difference to those in need on this earth. Was anything given to charitable organizations?
Also, were Kari's parents invited to go through her home and belongings after her death?

Linda said...

To Washington State--
Thank you for reading Shannon's blog and being such a strong supporter for justice.

No, Jim and I were never given an opportunity to go through Kari's belongings. We were never again invited over to my daughter's home after her death. And Matt wonders why we thought his actions were bizarre and suspicous?


washington state said...

Hearing this breaks my heart for you and Jim. You should have been given the opportunity to go through Kari's belongings. This alone reveals a lot about Matt to me. Why wouldn't a loving father, husband, and preacher extend honor and respect to his deceased wife's family?It just doesn't make sense.I am sorry you have had to endure so much.

in the neighborhood said...

I remember seeing boxes on the curb and I thought, "Those can't be Kari's things. He wouldn't."
But he did.
What I wouldn't give to be able to go back and get those boxes and take them to her parents! If we had only known then what we know now!