Friday, July 31, 2009

A couple more pictures.......

.......from a dear friend who loved Kari dearly. Thanks Jill for the memories of you, Kari, Carrie and friends. (circa 1990-91)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friends, Family & Sorority Sisters

48 Hours really reached a lot of people in their recent re-airing of "The Preacher's Wife." I hear that this episode was watched by so many that it was in the Top 10 for the week.

So many people contacted me to show support and encouragement for Kari's family and all those fighting for Justice for Kari and her girls. Kari's Mom has also been found and contacted by many of Kari's friends from the past, including several Pi Phi sorority sisters from Tech. A couple of them recently sent pictures to Linda and she sent them to me with permission to share here. Kari was always so involved and in the thick of the action. She is missed by so many.

Not hard to find her, but just in case: front row, first on left