Thursday, January 22, 2009

And in other news.....

Matt Baker pops up again. I just came across part of a video interview with blogger, Eyes for Lies, being interviewed by the Chicago Sun Times.

Nothing gets past real-life human lie detector

Click here to read the Eyes for Lies Blog post on her blog about this case. There were a few, but this is the only one I quickly found a link for. She is so dead-on.

Eyes recent comment here, left under the post below this one:

I can tell you that I personally don't trust Matt. His emotions don't seem to match his words, and he wants everyone to believe he is the honest one while the rest of the world is lying, which is absolutely ridiculous. He wants everyone to believe the "world" is out to get him, the preacher. How ironic is that?

More than that, when someone wants you to believe they had strange things happen to them that are one-in-a-million odds, and these unrealistic odds continue to keep happening over and over again, it's a huge red flag that something isn't right. It likely means there is more to the story than what is evident, and Matt's situation is definitely one of these!

I worry about the children in his care right now. May the truth prevail and justice come swiftly!

Yes, Eyes.....there are so many red flags. Soon the Judge and jury will hear all about them.

God bless.