Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Kerrville - Topix

Kerrvillian 1, 2 and 3 have much to say. Check out 1 and 2 in the link above. Here's 3, dated July 28:

"I actually went to high school with this guy. He was ok until his Senior year in high school. He became grossly arrogant and very big headed. It actually got to the point that it was sickening. Which baffled me because he didn't have that much going for him. Perhaps, he got it from his mother. I knew her too and she was very arrogant and dominant with no sense of humility.

His Senior year, Matt enjoyed dating younger, impressionable girls and then dumping them once he knew that he had won their affections and got bored with them. I can remember two different instances of that his Senior year alone. I saw him years later at Baylor. He had not changed a bit. Still as arrogant as the last day I saw him.

I have read the police affidavit and many things don't add up, not even close. If it was one or two things that didn't add up, maybe, but there are numerous things in that report that don't add up at all! I have lived this life long enough to know that innocent people don't act that way and depressed/suicidal people don't act that way either. Innocent people don't have important evidence just "disappear". Too many things fall short of the mark. It wouldn't surprise me to find out he did it, so arrogant in himself to think that no one would question him because he is Matt Baker, a preacher.

Also, when you have numerous females come forward and tell similiar stories of how he tried to force himself on them is a testament to his character. If it was one or two that know each other, maybe, but when it's several different women, years apart, that might be a sign that it could be true. If I had good money to bet, I sure wouldn't bet it on Matt Baker's innocense and I sure would have my kids, especially my daughter, round this "preacher"!!"


Anonymous said...

Baker's misconduct with women isn't something from the past. He propositioned women at the Waco Center for Youth (he was working there until he moved to Kerrville). I know one of the women. These weren't subtle propositions that might have been misunderstandings. These were gross and vulgar. Man of God my a**
He is sick.

Lindsey said...

I never knew what Kari saw in Matt. Others outside of our family have also said this to me since her death. She was beautiful, funny, smart, and a total people person. Matt was….well, Matt was….hmmmm…I need to be careful…..Matt was not like Kari (how is that for tactful). I would like to stress one thing. Matt didn’t only proposition GIRLS (teens when he was an adult) over the years. According to what the law says, some of these were sexual assaults. No, this isn’t rumor. There are written reports on some of these. I also have friends he propositioned. One of these friends was mentioned on 48 Hours. On all of these cases, except for the Baylor incident, he was married. Now, this man is raising my cousins…Kari’s daughters. Those who support MB say he is a good father. Do they know how he is with his daughters behind closed doors? Would you want your daughters raised by a man who is known to prey on women, including teenagers? No, this isn’t rumor. There are documented cases of sexual misconduct. I won’t even go into the pornography…..I ask you again: IS THIS THE KIND OF MAN YOU WOULD WANT RAISING YOUR DAUGHTERS? This is one of the main reasons we will continue to fight so hard for justice.

Anonymous said...

Is the best you can come up with to keep your blog alive? I'll bet your site hit counter is barely above zero for the last few months.

This last poster seems to be upset because she wasn't a subject of Matt's affections. Or is it a he, who was such a loser he couldn't get any female to look his way?

Regardless of gender, this person is no judge of character. Anyone who would say Matt's mother is "very arrogant and dominant" is way beyond the pale and has no idea of what he/she is talking about.

suzie said...

hey, anon on August 12, 2008 7:40 PM---
Just a bit defensive aren't you!...lol

You wrote:
I'll bet your site hit counter is barely above zero for the last few months.

Well, darlin', you obviously found your way to the blog and even posted a comment...lol. Come on back now, you hear. Even crabby ol' defensive visitors are welcome.


Shannon said...

Dear 7:40pm -
You wish the site counter was barely above zero.

But living in FantasyLand, I suppose you can pretend lots of things. Pretend that all women that don't have a sexual assualt allegation against Matt already are just jealous because they don't. Pretend that all guys that don't support Matt are just secretly just jealous of his "awesome good looks" and "romantic connnections" with women.

You wish people would stop fighting for Kari.

You wish people would stop fighting for truth and justice.

You wish Kari didn't have so much support.

You wish people would forget that Kari was full of life, a wonderful Mother, a strong Christian and a loyal, loving and hysterical friend.

You wish she didn't have a huge, big world of people that loved her and miss her and know she didn't kill herself.

You wish this would all go away. It's not. It's so not.

Get used to it or feel free to not keep up with the "I support Kari" blog.

Anonymous said...

You are such a pathetic loser whose idea of a "big world" is a dozen people or so who knew Kari. Thanks for the dis-invite, but I enjoy dropping by occasionally to see what has developed in the loony bin. Usually nothing as your site counter proves...

suzie said...


to anon on August 13, 2008 1:26 PM----

speaking of pathetic....are you in junior high or just have the emotional mentality of a 13 year-old? why don't you just add, "nanny nanny boo boo...stick your head in doo doo."

I see the record of hits at close to 45,000 ... Not bad for a site whose original intention was just to show support for Kari among a few friends.

You know, you don't help matt much with your little immature ranting.If you are the typical supporter, it doesn't look good for the EX preacher (does the dude even have job or does he live off others).


Shannon said...

Well, something I said hit a nerve.

You seriously think only a dozen or so people KNEW Kari? More of that special math of FantasyLand, I guess.

Kinda like believing one can be perfectly fine one minute and then... Well, one report from Matt states she was awake when he left and another report from Matt states she was already asleep when he left to get her a movie. Anyway, in less than 45 minutes' time:

1) She either sleeps some more and then wakes up from her sleep OR decides not to go to sleep and gets up....depending on which of Matt's "angles" you want to work with.
2) gets completely undressed
3) types and prints out an un-signed suicide note and neatly stages it, I mean places it, next to a few pens and slightly underneath the empty bottle of pills and a half-empty glass, laying 2 pills just to the side.
4) ingests an entire bottle of sleeping pills (-the 2)
5) becomes unconscious
6) dies in about a 1/3 of the time it takes to die from overdose of sleep meds
7) have lividity appear in record time
8) lips and fingers turn blue, again, in record time
9) the body gets cold enough to have been dead either 2-3 hours longer than Matt was away OR she took the pills and died "in the Artic or in an icebox" and her body magically and mystically teleported back to her bedroom.....all before Matt pulled back in the driveway around midnight.

It truly, truly takes a special or magical math to believe any part of Matt's story. And there's no emotion involved in that. Just science and math.

P.S. I've received a ton of supportive and loving comments and emails for Kari's cause from a dozen times a dozen plus a dozen different people. And you'll notice on the poll results on the right that at least 250 different people have checked off that they are family or friend of Kari. And I'm humble enough to know that probably 90% of the people that knew and loved Kari haven't even found their way here.

Constant efforts to disgustingly disparage Kari and act like only a dozen people gave a flip about her only serves one purpose....to insanely attempt to make Matt magically innocent and/or to draw attention away from the true evil in this case. The closer we get to exposing what really happened that night, the more desperate and drastic the defense scrambles to cast the light of negative attention on something or someone else besides the ugly truth itself. Kinda like calling someone a pathetic loser in a loony bin. Everyone sees right through it.

P.S.S. You have no idea of my site counters' numbers. But that's probably a good thing for you. You wouldn't like what you saw.

Anonymous said...

I have read other comments like the one from Kerrvillian3 when I have googled this case.

Carole said...


I noticed that the person who called you a loser signs his/her posts "anonymous." What a coward! You, Anonymous, are the loser! Start your own blog if you don’t like this one.

I am a good example of someone who visits this blog regularly who did not know Kari and do not know her family. However, I was blessed with a functioning brain and have read everything I can get my hands on about this case and came to the conclusion early on that there is something very, very wrong with Matt's story--or rather stories. I cannot imagine how people can blindly support him when there are so many contradictions.

Shannon—keep up the good work!

Ben said...

Here is another comment posted on a blog by someone who knew Matt. This was written after Matt was arrested. Notice how this person also describes preacher man as “arrogant.” Not a good descriptive word for a “man of God.” OOOps…I think I just swallowed my own vomit using “man of God” in reference to MB; he is not.

I am in agreement with what this guy says. I hope Kari’s parents get custody of the daughters, too. His history of sexual misconduct should be enough to get them away from him, IMO. I bet the good people of Kerrville don’t want their daughters around the "preacher."

This comment came from the following blog:

Anonymous said...
I knew Matt in college. He was always arrogant, but the murder is shocking (and terrifying). Sick.

Kari lost a child, and now her remaining daughters have lost both parents. I pray the Lord blesses those girls. I hope her parents gain custody of them.
7:40 PM


Anonymous said...

fourtruth says:

whoa!!! Kari's daughters have NOT lost two parents. Only one. And, they have two sets of grandparents, not one. What makes anyone think that Kari's parents would be the best answer for these girls? Based on what? Careful how you answer this one. All of the facts are not public.

Shannon said...

Dearest Fourtruth -- I am posting this because I want to say to YOU: And you should be more careful about your comments….for exactly the same reason. All of the facts are not public.

I'm just sayin'.

You should be more original with your name. Does Matt have only "four" different truths now? Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hey, fourtruth--
You said: whoa!!! Kari's daughters have NOT lost two parents

If indeed MB took Kari's life, as the evidence shows, then Kari's daughters only had one real parent. The other masquerades as one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:39am - if that is what you choose to be called at this time. fourtruth was correct, the girls did have two biological parents. then for whatever reason, and different people want to believe differently, there is now one. so be it. but the fact remains, there is still one biological parent, and from what i have read and heard, i would not call him a masquerader, but a parent. how is it a masquerade while someone is combing hair, carpooling, buying groceries, cooking, doing dishes, bedtime rituals, meeting teachers of new school year, and will stop, because as a parent i do not consider myself masquerading when i do any of these things. what makes a parent? one moment of passion or the day-to-day that continues forever? i think most of us know the answer to that question.

anonymous sounds like a very angry person that wishes the remaining parent would just go away. then what? the girls would truly be without parents and it would then be grandparents battling it out with grandparents. so sounds like the real loosers are the girls however this situation is viewed. sad.

Suzie said...

Anon at 1:14 (Aug. 17).

While I didn’t write the comment to which you are referring, you asked a reasonable question that I would like to address.

You asked: “how is it a masquerade while someone is combing hair, carpooling, buying groceries, cooking, doing dishes, bedtime rituals, meeting teachers of new school year….”

The answer is simply this: It is a masquerade because this is not the real person. He is able to “act” the part of the caring parent because he is understands what society expects of him. He plays his role well. Read the book Shannon discussed on her blog for more information on the psychopath (“Erased: Missing Women, Murdered Wives).

This is an ordained minister who was (is?) also into online pornography and preyed on women (both documented).

This is a man who had SOME type of relationship with another woman while he was still married and intended to marry this other woman shortly after his wife’s death (according to information obtained by 48 Hours and the police affidavit).

This is a “loving” husband who has assaulted the character of his wife time and time again since her death. Yes, the mother of his daughters. He began doing this soon after his wife died. Wouldn’t a truly loving father want to preserve all the good memories for his daughters? Not this guy. Ask people who talked to him before he moved back to Kerrville where they didn’t really know him.

This is a man whose story doesn’t add up regarding the death of his wife. HIS STORY. I won’t go into specifics because they have been clearly and methodically detailed already. And, of course, we don’t even have all of the evidence that the police, experts, and other investigators have.

So, yes, I agree with the earlier anon who called MB a masquerader. He masquerades as a man of God (minister), a loving father….and he once pretended to be a loving husband. I believe there was nothing honest about his ministry or his love for his wife. I put my money that his role as a father is just as fake as the other hats he wore.

You know the saying…if it walks like a duck…and talks like a duck….

Yes, the daughters lose in all of this. I am so sad for them. But they could be in danger if MB is the man I believe he is.

Anonymous said...

Suzie, you sound like you know / knew MB very well, yet for some reason you did not see his "acting". Why was that?

If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, etc.... says if it acts like a parent, acts like a loving husband, acts like a caring minister, etc. then he must be one.


how long can someone be in the acting mode? years? probably not? so maybe we need to hear from people that have been around MB the last two years plus.

How long have you been suzie?

Suzie said...

Anon above:
Suzie has been my online name for several years. Is Anonymous your name?

You wrote:

"If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, etc.... says if it acts like a parent, acts like a loving husband, acts like a caring minister, etc. then he must be one."

Actually, the loving husband act and minister act have been uncovered, and he has been exposed as a fraud. EVIDENCE has been provided that SHOWS he was not who he said he was in either case. Therefore, the logical leap is to conclude that he may very well be a fraud in other areas of his life (fatherhood).


Shannon said...

Anonymous 7:17 -
You write:
"how long can someone be in the acting mode? years? probably not? so maybe we need to hear from people that have been around MB the last two years plus."

I write: I certainly have. I have heard from people that have known Matt since childhood. Heard from people along the way at various churches/towns. And I have heard from people that know him now. Most of them don't want to publically express their vivid opinions of Matt because they either don't want to hurt his parents or they are concerned with repercussions at this time. But once Matt is convicted, they will be completely free to speak their minds.

Be patient.

Peggy said...

Good Lord, who's got the miles-long list handy of men who killed their wives and people were simply stunned because "He seemed like such a nice guy"?

And isn't there a mile of that list dedicated to pastors/preachers....even youth pastors/preachers?

It's not so hard to admit that some people hide their true selves quite well, is it? I mean, really.

Blackjack Davy said...

I was given (by a friend) a "Justice for Kari" bumper sticker to show my support for Kari. I work in Kerrville. One week after I put the bumper sticker on my car, it was torn off by an unknown person/s either when I was attending a doctor's appointment or when I was parked "downtown" (by Francisco's restaurant).

If MB's supporter's want to have any credibility in the eyes of the public, they need to counsel their peers not to resort to childish vandalism. It's a sad and desperate thing to resort to.

Anonymous said...

You assume that it was a MB supporter. Maybe, maybe not. You were careful to say you work in Kerrville, so apparently do not live there. Anyone, from anywhere could post what you have posted and it does not have to be true. All you have to do is go online and get the name of a restaurant, map, location, etc. and the rest is history. Just facts. Not saying it is not true. Just facts. You call the MB supporters "peers", is there a reason you used that particular word?

Peggy said...

Is there a reason you question that particular word?

Anonymous said...

I think there has to be another murder related to this case to get the DA to do their job and bring this one to a speedy conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe anon on August 19, 2008 1:59 PM doesn't know the definition of "peers."

Washington State said...

To Anon 1:26
Just for the record...
The support for Kari goes far beyond the "12 or so people" you refer to in your post. I live in Washington State and I did not know Matt or Kari. However, after studying and researching this case I am proud to get my JUSTICE FOR KARI bumper sticker!!

Anonymous said...

I think in time we will know of two murders committed by this horrible excuse of a man. RIP sweet Kassidy.

sadie said...


Does anyone know:

Is the DA, or at least law enforcement, looking into Kassidy's suspicious death, too?

Many people, especially those close to the families, or those who have studied this story in depth, have come to the unmistakable conclusion that Matt needs to be investigated in Kassidy's tragic death, as well as Kari's.

There are so many details that point to him as a possible murderer of his baby daughter. His stories are really lame and irrational, and full of holes, just like his stories about Kari and her death. He should definitely be investigated.

Does anyone know if that is happening behind the scenes as we speak?

I have no proof of course, and it was so long ago. But there is much to be suspicious about where Matt's involvement is concerned.