Sunday, July 3, 2011

The time is near.....

Alright, everyone. The next two weeks will bring the culmination of what we all have been praying for this last year and a half........giant steps towards healing for Kensi and Grace. For the Dulins, this has never been about winning or "getting the girls." It has always been about having their granddaughters live in a healthy environment where they are safe to love all of their family, including their father. It is about truth, love and healing.

Tuesday, July 5th will start off with jury selection. I'm guessing that will take most of that day, maybe even run into Wednesday morning some. Not sure. So the actual trial should start July 6th, Wednesday, sometime and run through the beginning to middle of next week. I will be there the entire time but I will not be able to put anything on the blog during the trial. I will share what I can after the trial is over and I am back home. However, I do believe that the will have some coverage. If any of you see/read/hear news reports and want to share them here, just leave a link in the comments on this post for others to check out.

Most of all.........please continue (and increase) your prayers for the Dulin family and Kensi and Grace. Pray for the Judge and jury. Pray for the attorneys and witnesses. Pray God's will be done. Amen.


Sadie said...

Thank you for the heads-up, Shannon. Praying hard for God's hand to be felt every minute. Many good people are praying as we speak and will continue to do so.

May TRUTH and LOVE lead to JUSTICE at last in this case. Waiting to celebrate the news that Love has once again Trumped Evil.

God Bless the Dulins for their love and determination, and God Bless you, Shannon, for all you do.

Praying for God's will, for the right outcome for all involved.

Sadie said...

Been watching for news of the custody trial in Kerrville and this just popped up:

Shocking Claims of Sexual Abuse
(Warning, there are graphic and disturbing details in this news story!)


I can think of no words and am shaken to the core to read about this!

Wow. This is the home that spawned Matt Baker. The truth is exposed.

Praying fervently now for the Dulins and the fate of Kari's daughters.

Praying for these poor wounded grown-up foster children who had the courage to testify. May they find healing.

Praise God for bringing to light the evil deeds kept in the dark for so long.

Please, God, please rescue those girls immediately. Amen.

Anonymous said...

In one conversation with Barbara, Matt, mocking Linda says coldly, "Oh boo hoo, I lost my daughter."

I read this on a news site and words fail me. And make no mistake, I am a woman of many words.

Actually, words aren't failing me; I am searching for Gods' words and not my own as mine are not so nice at this very moment.

How does one go from preaching on Sunday morning to this??

I thought that Matt Baker could not shock me any further....I stand corrected.

May God bless the Dulins, their granddaughters and those people that God will place in their lives to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Love, indeed, trumps evil.

Anonymous said...

God is great! I just read the verdict and I know Kari must be so relieved. Kensi and Grace will be blessed with memories of their Mom and a wonderful life with the Dulins. Let the healing begin.

Sadie said...


Anonymoose in Ohio said...

Since I don't live in Waco, I signed up for a 24-hr. account with the Waco Tribune in order to read about the custody trial. What can I say other than...PRAISE GOD!!! Now Grace and Kensi can finally begin to heal from all the emotional scars caused at the hands of Matt Baker and his parents.

To read about the sexual abuse the foster children/daughters suffered from Oscar Baker, makes my blood boil. And the cruelty and vicious behavior toward the foster children from Barbara Baker is just too much to comprehend. Is it any wonder that Matt turned out the way he did?

Needless to say, I am so very happy the jury gave custody to the Dulins. God bless them and may He continue to work His truth, love and healing power into the lives of Grace and Kensi.