Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sharing an email I received last week from one of Kari's aunts.

Dear Shannon,

Justice for Kari is everywhere! We had a major media event at our church this weekend, the pilot of the plane that crashed in Buffalo, New York went to our church. A friend told me that while the media was covering this story my car with the "Justice for Kari bumper sticker" made national news. The reporter was standing right in front of my car and the bumper sticker was there for everyone to see.

You can't stop justice!
We are ready for it in 2009!



Linda said...

You rock, Jen!

Carole said...

I am reminded of months ago when I put the Justice for Kari bumper sticker on my car and posted on this site that I had done so--someone posted back ridiculing me and reminding me that my car was only one in millions in the DFW area. Jennifer’s email to Shannon illustrates the point that each of us can make a difference with our show of support. Never underestimate the power of ONE!

just curious said...

Just curious, is Mr. Baker still living off the good people of kerrville? Last I heard he has never had a real job since he was canned from sub teaching. Makes you wonder.