Thursday, June 17, 2010

She speaks for many.....

I found this wonderful post on an online message board that talks about this case quite a bit. Great forum! I PM'd the author and told her who I was (she sounded like she already a reader of this blog) and asked if I could share what she wrote here. So with permission:

I still try to find information on this case and it never ceases to amaze me the degree of dysfunction that still appears to be going on in it. I came across this article when trying to see what was decided with the precious children.

A few quotes:
Barbara added Matt’s 14-year-old daughter is expected to testify in Wednesday’s hearing after researching the amicus attorney aspect. “She’s ready to say I do not want an amicus, we have what we need,” Barbara said of her granddaughter. “She understands what she says is legal and will be written down, and is OK with it. She’s very mature for her age. “The Dulins have a feeling they cannot control Beverly Crowdin, and they like to control everybody in the case,” Barbara added. “If they can’t, they try to get rid of them."

What child would know or speak of this? Why are these children prepared to testify? Why are they not being shielded from adult matters? Why are they not being told that the judge will decide where you can best heal, grow, learn and flourish in spite of what has happened and either way-- you are blessed little girls with two sets of grandparents whom love you and want the best for you?

What bothers me is the way that matt and his mother have always attacked the Dulin family and continue to do so even in light of the trial. If they say these things publicly about the maternal grandparents and the victim - my God, I can only imagine what is said privately. Is this not alienation? I sure hope a court will see that these girls are in continuing danger and what appears to be brainwashing. Makes me want to ask barbara baker, is matt more important than these girls? Why try to take even more from them that what they have already lost? Why not allow them to love the grandparents whom they loved dearly (by all accounts) prior to all of this? I can only fear that one day these girls will grow up and resent the bakers for what they did to them, for their own gain.

What do you guys think? Anyone local who can give us insight? Is it just me or does anyone think that it is horrible for these children to be taken to a prison? Especially if they have not had counseling and come to their own decision of what happened? Is that not trying to make them believe their father is innocent and how can that be good for them right now?

I will never forget the words of Linda Dulin - thus, why it remains in my siggy line!
"However in order to heal, in order to point the way for our own granddaughters, in order to show God how grateful we are then we have to step out and forgive. So we do. We forgive, because that’s the only way Matt. The only way that love that makes the way, so that eventually, eventually just as in this case.. LOVE TRUMPS EVIL. That’s all."

I have spent a lifetime advocating for children and for the life of me I don't understand how these children are still in this home.


Anonymoose in Ohio said...

IMHO, Barbara Baker (Mommy Dearest) is an evil, vicious, soul-less, heartless woman. I can not...for the life of me...comprehend her attitude toward the Dulins. They did nothing to harm Kari or to deprive her children of a mother's love. That was done all by Barbara's "little boy" Matt, and yet Barbara's comments and attitude are all evil toward Jim and Linda Dulin, just as her comments pre-trial about Kari were evil and filled with vicious lies.

There is no question in my mind that Barbara and Matt Baker continue to poison Kari's daughters against Kari herself and the Dulin family. What wickedness!! Have they no shame?
There is also no question in my mind that had not the court intervened, Barbara Baker would never allow the Dulins visitation with Kari's daughters.

Matt Baker is exactly where he belongs. He and his evil mother can lie to themselves and everyone else all they want; it doesn't change the truth. How I hope and pray that the court will see the truth about the Baker duo and grant the Dulins full custody of their grand-daughters.

This vile travesty has gone on long enough. The "evil Baker twins" must be put in their place once and for all.

I have a word of caution for Barbara and Matt: God knows your hearts and hears every lie you tell. You are treading on very dangerous ground with God in your attempts to defile Kari's memory with her daughters and in your attempts to turn them away from the Dulins. If you insist on traveling this path, God Himself will intervene to protect Kari's daughters in ways that will be very painful for you to bear.

Matt murdered Kari...period. And you, Barbara Baker, admitted publicly to participating in covering up his lies about his affair with Vanessa. The only logical reason you did so was in an attempt to gain an innocent verdict for Matt. Given your past lies, how can anything you now say or do be viewed as honest, truthful, and above board?

May the Lord bless the Dulins with their hearts' desire: Custody of their grand-daughters.

Anonymous said...

Anonymoose, you are right on the money! You truly "get it." I really enjoyed your comment. Thank you for taking the time to spell out the simple facts.

I so agree with you about your "word of caution" to Barbara Baker. Yes, the 'Baker duet' can lie and manipulate and try to cover up the evil deeds and plots till the cows come home, but that does NOT change the truth and they CANNOT fool God, the ultimate judge who knows all.

Indeed, Barbara Baker should be very afraid of God's reckoning. If I had done and said even half the awful things she has, since the day that her evil pervert of a son murdered Kari, I would be petrified to leave my house, for fear that God would strike me down with a lightening bolt.

And I would be ashamed to show my face, too, instead of making stupid comments to the press, continuing to ask for and collect handouts, and ramping up the lies and manipulation and exploitation of those poor girls. How dare she?! The woman apparently has no conscience. (There's that apple/tree thing again.)

Praying for Kensi's and Grace's innocent eyes, hearts, and minds to be opened and freed from the darkness that has imprisoned them since 2006. Praying for them to be rescued at last, into the truth, health, and love of their sweet mother's family.

Trusting that -- just as in the murder case -- in the end, love (and faith) will trump evil.

Anonymoose in Ohio said...

Time to pass the popcorn...

The judge in the custody hearing issued a gag order on June 16.

Barbara Baker has finally been publicly silenced. She no longer can slander Jim and Linda Dulin with her vicious lies, and she no longer can publicly trash the precious memory of Kari.

Despite what Barbara may think and believe, God is still on His throne and in charge.