Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kari Humor =)

Received this email yesterday from a dear, close friend of Kari's. With permission, I share it with you here. Put a big smile on my face.....and chillbumps while I was laughing out loud.

"Like I said, Kari and I were very close friends. We both moved and lost contact with each other. I only learned a year ago what happened to her. So I recently took a trip to Waco. I hadn't been there in 10 years. I wanted some closure to our friendship, or maybe just something that proved to me that she was really gone, so I decided to visit the cemetery. It took me an hour (even with directions) to find the spot. I walked around in the Texas summer heat! I could practically feel Kari laughing at me. When I did find "her", I stood peacefully for about 45 seconds trying to feel close to my dear friend. Out of the blue, the sprinklers turned on and literally drenched me from head to toe! An all-out forceful spray of water right at me! Of course I screamed and ran away. And then laughed. If Kari was there watching me, and I believe she was, I know she was laughing at me. I also think she was telling me that I don't need to go to a cemetery to feel close to her.

She is right in my heart, forever. Just a reminder that Kari is still with us."

I have to add something that just tops it off perfectly. This close friend had plans to meet Linda for lunch. And she did. Soaking wet. If Kari was laughing before, she was certainly ROFL at this. ;)


Linda said...

And it was so wonderful to see Janelle, even if only for a short time....and to meet your incredibly beautiful children. Thank you, Janelle, for loving Kari enough to drive to Waco and visit her grave. As we both know, she is always with you wherever you go. When kari loves someone SHE LOVES THAT PERSON... through eternity! :)
Love you--Linda

A_News_Junkie said...

Wow - what a cool story. I wish I had known Kari, but in following her case I feel as if I have gotten to know her and the family. If I ever make it to Texas, I want to have lunch with Linda too and tell her what an inspiration she is and so much more! Of course, she doesn't know me, but if I ever end up in Texas I am going to try to look her and you Shannon up!