Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20/20 - Friday, July 9

Just got word that 20/20 will be airing their update show on Friday, July 9th. This will include material from the trial and also their prison interview with Matt.

I'm sure after this Friday's show on another topic, this link to their main page will start showing material related to this case.


Sadie said...

Won't miss it.

As always, thanks for the heads-up and the link, Shannon.

Justice for Kari and for her daughters and her family.

A_News_Junkie said...

DVR set and I won't miss it either! This story won't be complete, till Kari's girls get home to her mother. I can't help but think everyday how toxic it is for them to be with mb mother and her denial of the truth.
THANK you for always having the news and keeping us up to date on this case. It seems at times if it had not been for you, this story would have gone silent. You have been a champion and hero for this blog and little ole' me says - BRAVO TO SHANNON!!!!!!