Wednesday, July 7, 2010

20/20 Teaser

Why Would Preacher's Wife Commit Suicide?
"When devoted mother Kari Baker is found dead, suspicions surround her husband."

There is video footage in this that I haven't seen before. There are some great pictures/videos of Kari and the girls. And then there are a couple of the "closed-eye" (non-flattering) pictures of Kari that were probably submitted by Matt's mother as she has done in the past to continue to try to disparage Kari's image/memory.

But as in life, the good way outshadows the bad.


A_News_Junkie said...

It is as obvious as matt's guilt what video and pics came from him and his mother. Well, I never knew or met Kari but she had more beauty in every strand of her hair than the killer or his enablers. Shows the level of sickness the children need to be removed from to hand over video trying to continue the victimization and *TRYING* to make yourself look good - haha, epic fail once again.

JMM said...

Babs, Despite both your and Matt's ever so desperate attempts over the four years since Kari's murder, you two have never been able to dim Kari's light. Never. And all your efforts to do so make you look darker and darker and desperate and dark and desperate get the drift. Give it up. Trying to make Kari look bad doesn't make you look better or Matt look innocent. Just the opposite. It proves your evil hatred of the mother of Kensi and Grace! WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU TO DESERVE WHAT YOU BOTH CONTINUE TO DISH OUT TO HER?

You can cut down every tree in the forest but one but it doesn't make that tree any taller. Just lonely. Very, very lonely.

Sadie said...

Shame on those whose evil hearts drive them to deny what they know to be the truth, and to keep on trashing the innocent victim. And sadly, the victim in this case is the mother of the granddaughters tragically still in their clutches. It is sickening.

Ah well, they will see. As Shannon pointed out, Kari's spirit shines through, as always. I will cling to God's promises and to the related truth:

Love trumps evil.

I'll be watching. Watching 20/20 and watching for the outcome of the custody case.

Praying every day for Justice for Kari and Justice for Kari's girls.