Friday, June 4, 2010

Tommy's visit with Baker

Baker maintains innocence from behind bars; blames attorney, mistress and judge
Tommy Witherspoon

"Matt Baker’s mistress lied. At least three other women who said he is a sexual predator lied. His lawyer sold him down the river and his trial judge committed judicial misconduct.

Baker’s appellate attorney won’t do what he says. His in-laws and their attorneys manipulated the legal system. The jury got it wrong.

All these factors aligned in a perfect conspiratorial storm to send an innocent man to prison. At least that’s what Baker, a former Baptist minister, said Wednesday." (read more)

Matt Baker finally tells the truth. About one thing. He says there is "not one piece of evidence" against him. You're right, Matt. There's not one. There's a thousand and one. So ready for the cows to come home on this. It won't be long until no one will be cooperative with Matt's pleas for "10 more minutes."

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Sadie said...

Hey, Matt. Wrongly accused innocent people don't "know" they are innocent. LOL They either are or are not. They don't "know" there are no facts, they don't "know" they 'would not have' hurt the victim.

Innocent people don't tell a thousand lies and conflicting stories, Matt. They don't badmouth and slander the victim they've been "wrongly" accused of murdering, either.

Mean ol' attorney sent an innocent man to prison by not letting him tell his lies to the jury? And darn it, he really was "willing" to testify. Really, he was. Oh, hogwash.

An innocent man facing prison for a murder he did not commit would not allow ANYTHING to stop him from getting on the stand and telling his story, period. Not if that story is the TRUTH. An innocent man, fighting for his life, freedom, his children, would have too much to lose and would trust the TRUTH to exonerate him.

Attorneys cannot legally prevent a client from testifying if he insists. They can only advise against it.

"The evil Dulins used my children as pawns. I was railroaded by false evidence and "bought" witnesses. Everyone committed perjury on the stand. The Baylor girl lied. The girl in the hospital? Never saw her before. ALL those girls and women are lying about me. Vanessa is lying through her teeth, even though there was no murder for her to be implicated in, and even though testifying destroyed her career and her good name. Oh, and the crooked judge, too. His "misconduct" is what convicted me. The DA's prosecutors lied, falsified evidence, and forced Vanessa to perjure herself at trial. My attorneys tricked me and sold me down the river. They were in on the grand, complex, highly orchestrated conspiracy against me all along. The jury got it all wrong. No, they were in on it, too, all 12 of them. All the evidence was fabricated. There are no facts. There is no evidence. Kari was severely depressed and she chose to abandon her children and break her family's hearts... oh yeah, and mine too, right. I loved her and "know" I did not hurt her. It is all a huge conspiracy against poor little me. All I ever did wrong was to have an affair. And lie. And trust my attorney to get me acquitted. Waah, waah, poor me."


Also, in the TV interview, the reporter says Matt is now claiming Kari may have died from an accidental overdose. Really? Accidental overdose, and she had the presence of mind to TYPE a suicide note first, just in case she passed away, so that her daughters would be forever tormented by the belief that she PURPOSELY abandoned them?

He is 100% filthy guilty of murder and much, much more. The whining and lies are truly getting old. It is beyond disgusting, and an insult to the public's intelligence.

I feel so sad for Linda and all of Kari's family and friends. They don't deserve this. Those poor little girls don't deserve it, either. I pray every day that they may soon be rescued.