Thursday, June 3, 2010

Longing for 10 more minutes, I guess...

"News Channel 25's Bruce Gietzen interviewed Baker for an hour Wednesday at his new prison home in Livingston, Texas where he is serving his 65 year sentence.

Baker discussed Vanessa Bulls testimony and their affair, problems with his attorney Guy James Gray, and some things he feels he should have done differently in that trial." (read more)

WARNING: Get your barf bag ready. Seriously. He is trying to convince you that he loved his wife....loves his wife. He wouldn't do anything to hurt her.

I don't see a link for the bits of interview that were aired at 5:00 and 6:00 but I'm sure they'll be up soon on the Channel 25 website. But in the midst of all the serious malarky Matt tosses out there, I had one serious "Laugh Out Loud" moment. If you watched, I'm sure you did, too. More on that in a little bit.

Basically what it looks like Matt is doing is using his past media "connections" to get back in the spotlight. Maybe, he hopes, 10 more minutes and he can catch the eye of some attorney that will look deep into his baby blues and feeeeeeeeel his innocence and looooooong to help him with his travesty of justice.........for FREE, of course. Surely there's an attorney out there that's......well, surely not. They would be an idiot to stand next in line after all the experiences with his 10ish other attorneys begging and clawing to get away from him.

Anyway, more news sources on this coming up soon. 20/20 and 48 Hours have also told me that they will let me know as soon as they have air dates and I will post that on here for you all.

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Ohio AnonyMoose said...

Why, oh why, doesn't Matt just shut up and go away?

Man-Up, Baker. You're a convicted murderer. You, and you alone, took Keri's life in a brutal and selfish way. Lie to yourself (and to your mommy dearest) all you want. But God knows the truth, and the jury delivered the true verdict, and that's why you're sitting in Polunksy. You're just lucky you didn't get the death sentence, which IMHO, you deserve.

Do your 65 years like a big boy and let the rest of us enjoy our lives without your face popping up on T.V. every time we turn around.