Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baker transported to East Texas Prison to serve life sentence
Channel 25 - KXXV.com

"WACO - The former Waco-area pastor convicted of murdering his wife in 2006 has been moved to his permanent cell unit of assignment in the state prison system. "

"He has been reportedly assigned to field duty, tending to crops at the 2,900 inmate facility." (read full article here)

I find it very interesting that after extensive and specific physical, mental, occupational and psychological testing that they deemed the fields to be the ideal spot for Baker. A job requiring no education or specific skills at all. It's going to be one, long, hot summer!


AnonyMoose in Ohio said...

Wow! A super-max facility? Tending the fields in the hot, hot, hot Texas sun? Sounds to me like MB's scheming and lying sure ticked off someone in authority.

Sixty-five years, Matt. Sixty-five years to remember every day of your life that you murdered Kari and robbed HER two daughters of a mother's love.

"News" said...

Thank goodness he has been placed and farther away from those he harmed the most: the girls and the family. He needs to sweat it out in the fields. I can only imagine Texas sun is as close on earth as you can get to his next stop. Everyday he sweats, I hope he remembers.......everything.
With this done, maybe Kari's beautiful children can now be free to move on toward healing and moving forward. I pray everyday that they will find strength from these painful lessons that NO CHILD deserves to face. I pray that God will help them become VICTORS not victims as the only one who should suffer for a lifetime was the criminal himself. They should not suffer for his crime, yet they do as they don't have a mother who loved them with all her heart. I know she will be an Angel in their pocket and protect them for the rest of their lives! I pray that this summer can be a time of healing and moving forward!
Shannon, thank you for always having the news here as I Google daily and check here each day - waiting not to hear of matt, but of news of the girls and their journey toward healing.

Geo said...

Wow. I saw the news on the other Justice for Kari site and came right over. Huntsville sure got rid of him fast. They knew exactly where he needed to be and put him in the express lane to his new home.

It's common knowledge for many of us here in Waco that Matt hated to work in the yard. Hated it. After hearing from the witnesses at the trial, it looks like he didn't like to do much work at all anywhere. But here he is now ready to log in for many long, hot hours of yard work. Time to reap what you sow, Matt. Literally.

Sadie said...

Agreeing with "News" here:

Thank you for keeping your wonderful blog going and up to date, Shannon.

This blog gave a voice to Kari when she had none. You have done a tremendous job in the service of justice and righteousness, and I'm happy to see that you are still at it.

With Matt's arrest and the trial and its aftermath, a lot of folks who had followed the developments in the case here at DEGMS (like me) gravitated to the news sites to keep up to date and voice our opinions among the throngs. I was certainly out there, every day, closely following the events. I know you were, too. I saw your comments on the different news commentary threads, and felt I was "in the trenches" with you.

Once the trial was over, you had to have realized how much you yourself had accomplished in the way of public information and crying out for justice for Kari.

He was convicted, finally. Justice for Kari, at last was underway in earnest.

Kari was a lovely,lovely person, and did not deserve to suffer from her husband's bad behavior, to be murdered, to be slandered, or to have her precious memory systematically replaced with propaganda in the minds of the public, but especially in the minds and hearts of her girls.

This made the victory, bittersweet though it was, a cause for rejoicing amidst the sorrow.

You could have easily closed up shop after that, and called it a "win." But here you are, still speaking out and informing those of us who are interested in what happens next. I for one am truly grateful for your updates and your compassion. It's not over yet...

There are two little girls whose future is in the balance, and I am praying, praying, praying for their healing and their right to live in truth.

I just wanted to say thank you. Your devotion and dedication are admirable, lady. Not exactly on topic, I know... but I hope you will publish this anyway.

THANK YOU, SHANNON. You are appreciated.


Justice for Kari means Justice for Kensi and Grace. Love Trumps Evil. Amen.

Sadie said...

As for the prisoner's transfer to the Polunsky Unit in Livingston -- I agree, the farther away from those he has hurt, the better. I vote for Siberia for his next transfer.

The evil in Matt Baker is the most dangerous kind of evil. It renders him a monster, not a real human. Regardless of how he SEEMS, the scary reality is that he is a an evil being that only cares about his own ends and cares NOTHING for anyone else or for the pain and destruction he inflicts.

His masquerade is powerful, and it is so deceptive. Because of an unfathomable (to the rest of us) lack of any real human feelings or goodness, and the uncanny and evil power to closely mimic human feelings and goodness, many, many GOOD people with GOOD hearts have been tricked, used, and hurt deeply by him.

The ones who have been hurt the most are those who are closest to him. This is how it always is with a malignant narcissist, and a sociopath.

I pray for those who were in his congregations, who had no idea of the evil they were living with. I pray for the good people of Kerrville, those who have good Christian intentions which he has been able to subvert for his own evil means. I pray for the Dulins, who have suffered mightily because they and their daughter once believed him to be what he seemed.

Kensi and Grace's mother was a truly good person. Thus, she was almost helpless against this kind of evil, because her goodness rendered her unable to comprehend the danger of Matt's true inhuman nature. Believe me, I don't use the term "monster" loosely.

As innocent and trusting children, the girls were even more vulnerable -- especially once their dear mother's life was snuffed out, and he was able to remove them from the love and care of their Waco grandparents. He then had free reign to manipulate their hearts and minds mercilessly.

As for Barbara Baker, I don't know to what extent she knows or understands the depths of her son's evil and his deceptions and trickery. Is she a part of it? Just blinded by a mother's love and covering for him? Is she in some kind of sick, deep denial? I don't know, nor do I have any way of learning that. However, I do know that Barbara Baker, whether intentionally or not, is keeping these girls in darkness and continuing to perpetrate their father's destruction against their young, impressionable spirits.

Oh, how I pray for this evil mystification and pernicious bondage to end soon. I've never met these girls, but I know how fiercely and deeply Kari loved them, and I hope they will someday be able to feel that love in their hearts again. They need it SO much! I weep for them and I pray for them, on Kari's behalf.

The father who killed their mother is out of the picture now. In their mystified state, these motherless girls only understand sadness that their father is gone; along with the hatred they've been taught, against the people who fought for justice for them and their mother. Their anger is sadly misplaced; he and his mother have seen to that. My heart goes out to them in this difficult time.

I pray that someday soon they will come to know the truth: That removing their father from their lives is the best thing that has ever happened to them. So glad to see he is where he belongs now -- far, far away.

Praying for Kensi and Grace, and for Kari's family. Praying for what Kari would have wanted for her girls.

Friend of a friend said...

Having a mutual acquaintance in common with the Dulins, we have quietly followed this case here and elsewhere since we first learned of it. It was a relief when Baker was convicted, and a relief again to read that he is now permanently locked up in Livingston. We prayed for justice all along.

Now we would like to add our voices and prayers to the hope that the right thing will happen for these dear girls of Kari's. They have been lied to since the day their mother was killed. They have never been allowed to know or acknowledge the truth about their mother or their father or their grandparents. We feel that has made this tragedy an even greater one. We pray for God to bring justice and healing into their lives and to Kari's parents by returning them where they belong.

Bill and Anne
in Texas

Anonymous said...

Shannon, I live only forty or so miles from the place where Matt is imprisoned, and I know what this evil man is going to endure as he lives out his sorry existence. For any who have not experienced an East Texas summer, allow me to describe what will be his daily ration...Temperatures that last year reached 109 degrees for several days. Three weeks of "highs" over 105. Periods of no rain at all, but extremely high humidity due to the proximity of Lake Livingston and Lake Sam Rayburn. Think sauna and steam-bath, without the leomonade. When it does rain, steam literally rises from the ground and you feel like you are being sauteed! Nights cool down to the low 90's--and there is no air conditioning for him to enjoy. If all that sounds pretty miserable, throw in hoardes of mosquitoes and all of the four types of poisonous snakes known to North America. He won't have to wait to go to hell; he is already a resident. I am not sure he is tough enough to live very long amongst all us pioneer types...

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that Justice is served for Matt Baker. I am sure that he was shocked that his Baylor degree landed him in the fields. Is it just me or does this seem like Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? A lifetime of mowing in the Texas heat could be foreshadowing for what life has to offer in the next world.