Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Sweet Boy

At the end of most years at SV Elementary, the kids are "secretly" handed a piece of paper to fill out with sweet memories and precious drawings of their teacher and send back sealed up to the room mom for her to put a little booklette together as a class gift to the teacher. Really sweet and I'm sure it's treasured by the teachers.

Well, at the end of 2006 Brody brought home that piece of paper to fill out and send back. Mrs. Cox ended up saving the day and spending that last few weeks with Mrs. Baker's 3rd grade class. She was/is precious. But at the time, it was confusing for Bro to know what to say in an "end of year gift for my teacher" to anyone but Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Cox was their student teacher earlier in the year and had just finished college and ready to take teaching full on. Brody thought and thought. And this is what he did and showed me (for some reason I scanned it before I sent it in):

My first thought was, "Oh, no....." but then I thought, "It's precious. He misses Mrs. Baker but he wants to congratulate Mrs. Cox on her latest wonderful achievement."

Mrs. Cox, if you're reading this......THANK YOU. You helped round up a very trying time for the kids. Brody did well thanks to you and your love for the class. Oh, and for the record....that was a very trying class. I volunteered a few times to watch that class during the year. God bless teachers like you and Kari.

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