Monday, February 4, 2008

Upcoming press....

Wanted to highlight a recent comment left yesterday. As we know there is some press coming down the turnpike. I pray that the article and show will be full of truth and facts. Although with the 20/20 deal being one-sided, I think we know what that will sound like. But I can't blame the Dulins for not sharing thier hearts with any press that doesn't feel right.

February 3, 2008 5:55 PM
curious said...

Does anyone know when the "Texas Monthly" article is coming out? I hope that reporter did his or her homework!

I know someone who knows the Dulins. I heard they (Dulins) and those connected to them didn't talk to the 20/20 people. They just weren't confident in the people they spoke to initially. I didn't hear anything bad. I just heard they didn't want to be interviewed. I was told that 20/20 may be running the piece soon....that ought to be an "honest" report with nothing but MB's side interviewed (not). Oh well, the viewing public will get it.

Drop a comment if you know when the article and 20/20 will run.


Anonymous said...

Surely 20/20 will be very careful what they air. They wouldn't want to look foolish when the trial comes around and so much of what Matt has told them will be proven wrong. But we'll see. Their reputation is on the line when they do shows like this.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a regular 20/20 viewer...I admit, however, that I haven't watched it much in the last couple of years.

I don't understand how they can air an honest segment if both parties don't participate. I am no journalist but you don't have to be Anderson Cooper (love him!!!) to know that journalistic integrity lies in telling a balanced and complete story.

I hope this doesn't turn into a tabloid show, belonging more in one those grocery store mags. What will 20/20 have besides MB's crazy lies ....other than the affidavit, everything else has been MB getting his 15 minutes of fame.

I have my doubts...we will see.

God Bless Kari's matter what 20/20 does, the truth will come out in court. We keep you all in our prayers.

Somebody Remembering Kari said...

Kari did not kill herself. There is evidence to prove it. 20/20 should look for it. It's not all that hidden.

Investigative reporting?

Anonymous said...

i am certain that 20/20 is not a tabloid so they will tell the truth. If the Dulins did not talk to them, then they really have no story. Anything MB would say to them would have to be accepted as lies, so anything the Dulins said to them was the only truth they had. Thus, I do not see how 20/20 could ever do a story on this as Kari's side is the only true side. Obviously MB and his "high profile" attorney have rehershed their answers and there would only be more lies from them. We can only trust 20/20 is smart enough to know truth when they hear truth.

Anonymous said...

I have not heard many questions regarding how Texas Monthly will print their story. Does that mean the Dulins did share with them? Can anyone tell us when it will hit the stands? Wonder if it will be a cover story? And wonder if they asked for pictures from the Dulins and the Bakers?

Anonymous said...

We will be Texas Monthly's cover story for the March issue! The Dulin's and Kari's entire family and some friends shared their story with Texas Monthly! And yes, there will be pictures as well. I'm not quite sure which one's they will use. And I'm also not sure who in Matt's family talked to Texas Monthly but I know that Matt and his attorney did.

Hope this clears up any questions anyone might have regarding the Texas Monthly issue.

Lindsey (Ryann)
Just so there's no confusion...Matt

Anonymous said...

Texas Monthly will carry the story in their March issue, which hits the stands in just a few weeks.