Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another memory shared....

I am an old friend of Kari's! She was sweet enough to hang out with us '94's even though she was already a cool '93 grad. I will never forget riding around in her maroon car listening to music (I still hear those songs to this day), her life guarding days, house sitting The Silver's house, Blake's crush on her & Kari & Todd's relationship. We were inseperable. Who could ever forget that laugh?

I will tell you that I am sad that as we grew older that we lost touch. But, with the grace of God I ran into her just before she died. I am so greatful that I had that last moment with her. I will also say that Kari was a STRONG individual. No matter how much sorrow you saw her showing, that was only natural. We are not put on this earth to bury our children. Anyone who thinks it odd for her to show any sorrow on the anniversary of her daughter's death has no heart of their own. Take it from some one who knows. I take care of 2 little girls who no longer have their mother to do so. The affect it has had on us all is amazing. I could not even imagine what it was like to have been in Kari's shoes! I loved this girl & miss our old days.

Kari, I know that you are watching all of this from above. I know that your name will have justice & glory after this is all said & done. Believe me, all that condemn you, will pay. Your daughters will know the truth in time. Those who condemn you today, will pay later. I know you are in good hands today, and with that thought, I have peace. I pray for your family's strength to carry on this fight for you. Love & hugs to you!

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Anonymous said...

I remember Kari telling me about seeing you. She was so excited. She loved you, too. These sweet memories mean so much to me.

Thank you for your prayers.
Kari's mom