Friday, March 21, 2008

"Classless, desperate act"

2 articles in the Waco Tribune Herald today:
Lawsuit re-filed against former Central Texas pastor in his wife's death
Ex-minister wants bond back in arrest on murder charges in wife's death

The Dulins’ attorney, Bill Johnston, of Waco, called the allegations in Gray’s motion a “classless, desperate act.” “To me, it just sounds very desperate on their part, and it seems like it is irrelevant speculation,” Johnston said. “It strikes me as a tactic to scare Linda off from pursuing this case. But that lawyer doesn’t know us and her very well if he thinks that is going to scare her off.”

Yup, Mr. Johnston, you got that right.

Kari Baker’s parents, Linda and James Dulin, who refiled a wrongful death lawsuit against Baker on Thursday, reacted angrily to Gray’s assertions. “I don’t believe Kari ever had an abortion,” Linda Dulin said. “Nothing in the papers that were filed even suggested one. Mr. Gray has made an unethical claim that can’t be backed up.” Dulin added, “However, Jim and I loved our daughter. We were so proud to be her parents. Our love for her wasn’t conditional, no matter what happened in her life. Lies and mudslinging like Mr. Gray and Matt Baker are resorting to will backfire.”

Dulin questioned why Baker is the only one close to Kari who has said she was distraught, depressed and suicidal. Others have said she was positive, happy and looking forward to a new job. “Matt can’t have it both ways,” Dulin said. “He can’t say he loved Kari in one breath and then disparage her time after time. Not once since her death has he said anything kind or loving about her. What does this show his daughters, Kari’s daughters?”

Anyone else find it interesting that this bogus mud is slung at Kari on Good Friday? This is so unethical and desperate that it's almost humorous. Almost.

Another article on the website has this story:
Family of Central Texas teacher re-files wrongful death suit

A former local pastor accused of killing his wife filed a motion to have those charges dropped.
Matt Baker and his attorney released new accusations against Kari Lynn Baker they said will prove his innocence.

That’s as her family filed a wrongful death suit against him before the statute of limitations runs out. It’s a murder mystery that's gained national attention: a former Baptist preacher, now accused of murdering his wife two years ago. His attorney wonders how all the publicity will impact the case. "It's a two edged sword and I really don't know which way it will fall.

Re-reading the articles and the motion GJG filed. Okay. Re-reading it again. Hmmmm.....I guess I'm really missing something here. New accusations that prove his innocence? Nope. Can't find anything remotely close. Really, really weak try....not to mention rather unethical and low and desperate. And we'll see very soon which way things fall.


Anonymous said...

Inconsistencies. Innuendos. Now, outright character assassination, with no regard to the hurtful consequences to two little innocents--Kensi and Grace.

Truth is a powerful force that wants to be told, and that truth will eventually place Matt Baker behind bars. I now believe Matt's attorney is beginning to falter in his belief that his client is innocent. The first clues were in some of his statements to 20/20. Read the Trib articles for others.

Carole said...

The abortion accusation is a reckless claim that someone could easily check out. So we are now supposed to believe that this little Southern Baptist girl had not one, but maybe several abortions without ANYONE knowing except conveniently, Matt. What complete hogwash!

Kari's mom said...

I am so proud to be Kari’s mother. She was this incredible woman…daughter…mother…friend…and, yes, wife. No amount of mudslinging by Matt Baker and his attorney will diminish who she was.

These allegations by M B and his attorney are cheap shots, and absolutely no proof is offered to back-up any claims. These claims are unethical and libelous. This is a sad attempt by a desperate man and an attorney with no defense to disparage a woman who can no longer defend herself. Mr. Gray is trying to divert attention from the real issue: the facts of this case. M B’s own timeline…the crime scene…the toxicology report from the autopsy…the computer searches…the stolen computer…the motive… They can’t fight the evidence. So what are they going to do? They will attack the dead woman.

M B and Mr. Gray argue that Kari was distraught and took her life. Why is it that no one else saw Kari in this light, except the man accused of killing her? Not a single person! In reality, the person who was able to deceive and hide his dark side is M B himself. And there is documentation/evidence to support this statement! M B’s story of Kari’s death has so many holes in it, and it changes quite often. And this latest story? Interesting how he recalls it two years after her death. How will his story change next week?

If this action is meant to wear us down, it has done just the opposite. Our mission is to bring the truth to the light…see justice served…and do everything in our power to see that our granddaughters grow into healthy and whole young women. See you in court, Matt Baker.

Kari’s mom

Anonymous said...

Mr. Baker and his attorney are very, very desperate. There is no doubt about that! Shame on them. Don't give up the fight, Dulin family.

SG said...

(Up in the middle of the night with a baby with an ear infection...)

I was in a local donut shop this morning with my kids. The regular coffee drinkers were "discussing" the letter to the editor calling for the DA to go to trial. They did not seem to know any Dulins or Bakers, but their opinion of MB after this latest allegation against Kari was clear. They want to see this guy (I think they used the word SCUMBAG) pay for what he did to Kari. Every time MB opens his mouth I am more convinced (even though I didn't know that was possible) that he did this. Give him enough rope and eventually he will hang himself.
Mrs. Dulin~ My family is keeping your family in our prayers. I don't know you and I only barely knew Kari, but I have never believed that she chose to leave her girls or you. I can not imagine how hard this is for you. Please know so many people are with you. We believe. We pray for justice for Kari, and Kensi and Gracie AND for you and all of your family! God bless you!

Linda said...

Thank you, SG. Your words are a blessing. I believe such reckless lies will end up haunting MB and his attorney.


Anonymous said...

To Mrs. Dulin, Shannon, Lindsay and all others in question...
You stated that there is no evidence to back up such claims that they are now making about Kari. Well, just like yourself and your family claim, they do have evidence and have released it to the appropriate personnel. As I would hope you know all that is not released to just anyone! So I am sorry to say irregardless of why they have it but there is evidence to support the allegations made!!

Shannon said...

But it doesn't make sense. They are balls to the walls about this abortion thing. The time to prove that (because they erroneously think it proves Matt didn't kill her) would be to the Judge with that motion/writ hoping he'll buy into it and grant their writ of habeas corpus seeking release for lack of probably cause. (Which, by the way, he didn't.) But all they included was partial medical records that are ambiguous. Gray himself even admitted that things in there could be construed different ways and if he was wrong, he was completely willing to hear other explanations. I can see where they had subpeoned PP's records. Yet all they are showing to the public is ambiguous partial records that don't prove a thing.

Anonymous said...

to: March 28, 2008 5:14 PM

"irregardless" is not a word. The word is "regardless." English lesson for the day.

Now, I am not saying Kari did or did not have any of the procedures she is accused of by Gray and his client. I am saying SO WHAT IF SHE DID. It was her body and her choice. Again, I am not saying she did anything of which she is accused. In fact, Shannon says she got the documents under open records and there is no evidence. My point is this is a nonissue.

Anonymous said...

First of all you cannot get all her medical documents under open records! Any one in thier right mind knows that would be illegal! And Shannon you are right, all they are showing to the public is ambiguous partial records. Why would they show the public anything more than that. Well, for the same reason the Dulins claim they have evidence that WE the public are not aware of!

Shannon said...

I admit that I don't know all the Texas rules of procedure and whatnot...but I'm learning. The defense ADAMANTLY declares that the records that they FILED with their motion and writ PROVE Matt didn't kill Kari because they PROVE that Kari had multiple abortions. They simply don't. They shouldn't say that those records prove something if they don't. Isn't that misleading? What they filed was meant for the Court to see to aid him in his decision to grant their "Application for Writ of Habeas Corpus Seeking Release for Lack of Probable Cause." That's where you'd pull out your big guns, I'd think, and get this whole thing knocked out. It's just a by-product that such records are open to the public afterwards. It's not like a file prepared simply for public consumption. And my admittedly amatuer understanding is that Judge Matt Johnson of the 54th District Court dismissed the defense's application and denied their requested hearing on the merits of his case that they hoped would put this case out of the ballpark. That's my understanding of what that means. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will clarify.

And by the way, I can't recall the Dulins filing something and saying to the world, "What's in this file will PROVE A, B and C" and then it not. They HAVE said that what they will bring to trial will prove A, B, C, D.......X, Y and Z. That hasn't happened yet. These two "Oh, yeah, I can prove it"s aren't comparable.

Jane said... his attorney on a political platform now? Abortion? Sounds to me like an unkind throwback to get attention and maybe some support from the right to life people for his client. Smoke screen...and it stinks!

Mercia said...

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