Saturday, March 22, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Saw this in the Letters to the Editor portion of the today.

Take Baker case to trial
A former local minister, Matt Baker, has been charged in the 2006 murder of his wife. Why hasn’t our district attorney pursued the case? The March issue of Texas Monthly states that Baker, who has been a teacher, youth minister, camp counselor and pastor, left several of those jobs with disturbing allegations about his sexual conduct toward those in subordinate positions. We next learn of his wife’s death while he was seemingly involved with a younger woman.

Many unanswered questions surround Kari Baker’s death: What happened to Matt Baker’s computer? Why was he calling the younger woman around the time of his wife’s death?Why was he in a jewelry store with the same woman shortly after his wife’s death? Why would his wife suddenly decide to take too many pills when she was excited about a new job? Why would she leave a typed suicide note? Why doesn’t the forensic evidence from the crime scene support Matt Baker’s claims about what happened — and when it happened — on the night of his wife’s death?

Many of the responses Baker gives to these questions are contradictory. To ensure justice to all — Kari’s family, the two young daughters left behind, Baker and our community — it is necessary for the McLennan County district attorney to take this case to trial.
Dr. Cheryl D. Bohde


Anonymous said...

Go, Dr. Bohde!

Anonymous said...

His time is coming. I can't believe he thought there would be no reckoning. Or maybe he realizes accountability time is close, and that is why his lies are growing bolder and more despicable.
Great letter!