Thursday, March 20, 2008

Civil Suit

Well, it's all over the news like it's some shocking story. But if you think about it, it's basic "MyDaughterWasMurdered 101" + Simple Math = 2 year deadline coming up.

You have two years from the time of death to file a wrongful death suit. It will be 2 years April 8. The DA's office is moving along, too. It looks like someone may get it from both ends. Justice is not blind. Thank God. Everyone get ready.
You can see the news blips here:

KCEN-TV (Channel 6) - Family of Central Texas teacher re-files wrongful death suit
KXXV (Channel 25) - More drama for ex-pastor accused of Killing Wife
KWTX (Channel 10) - New lawsuit filed against Matt Baker

Now, let's see how easily Matt's side answers for their actions coming up tomorrow. Desperation is an ugly thing to watch.


Anonymous said...

To Mrs. Dulin and all of Kari's family,

I want you to know that I am praying for your strength to keep this fight up to the end!

I could never imagine a grieving husband who "loved his wife and misses his wife" (20/20 interview) bringing up the things that he is now bringing up.

MB, if you are innocent, I pray that God will cast away all shadows of doubt from the minds of those who loved Kari most. And if you are guilty, please confess and repent and allow our loving God, whom you have preached about for so many years, to forgive you!!

CJW said...

Shannon--thanks for all the links to the latest information.

Did you know there is another blog out in cyberspace created by Matt Baker's "blind to the facts" friend? Apparently the blogger has pushed out of her consciousness all the accusations that women from different walks of life--separated by years--have made against Matt. It is amazing to me that these accusations do not make bells and whistles go off in Matt's supporters' heads. Does sexual impropriety make Matt a murderer? No, but at the VERY LEAST it calls his character into serious question. It is good to be loyal to friends but at some point people need to THINK. That blog claims to exist to support Matt, but that seems to be a "cover" for what it really is--a forum to overtly criticize Kari's mom--because she is a strong woman they characterize her as controlling and have made derogatory comments about her. I assume the blog is written by a woman because of the way it sounds--and so here we have yet another female BUYING IN to the double standard stereotype so often erroneously assigned to strong, assertive women. One of the comments by the other blogger says Kari’s mom controlled everything without it being obvious. Well, excuse me for asking the OBVIOUS--but how does the blogger know something that is not obvious? Sounds like Bobbie, the blogger, is a puppet and Matt Baker her puppeteer. (I tried to post at their blog what I am saying here and it showed up for a little while with strikeouts on the text and then poof--they deleted it!)

Anonymous said...

I would be curious how to get to this blog you are referring to!

cjw said...

The blog for Matt supporters is just an obscure little blog and I will not put out the address and give her any publicity. She says things like "I hope Matt isn't thinking of the Dulins" and other strange things. She hardly has any posts and I think has even taken some off. I want to know more than anything if the majority of the people in Kerrville believe in his innocence. I just have trouble believing they do!!!

Shannon said...

No, they don't. I've received numerous emails from Kerrville folks and/or people from Matt's past. One felt real sure he believed in Matt's innocence. The other one really didn't WANT to believe his old "friend" could be responsible for Kari's death but admitted he was leaning towards him being guilty. I will say that both these people were very respectful and kind men that want justice served and pray for both families.

And then there are the people from his past that aren't the least bit surprised he's in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Wow Shannon I am impressed! You now know what the Majority of Kerrville believe's about Matt Baker! Have you really gotten that many emails that you can honestly answer CJW's question with "No they do not?" Come on Shannon, I dont think so!

Shannon said...

You caught me. You caught the Tater. I didn't answer that correctly. I can't say that I know about the majority. I will give you that. I just know it's not all. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I can take it.