Thursday, March 13, 2008

Remember Me?

Just bringing these to the top.
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Anonymous said...

Shannon, this is a really nice presentation. Thank you for taking the time to put it in place. For those of us who never met Kari, seeing her in these pictures brings her into focus in a very unique way. It is neat!

Shannon said...

You know......what is so beautifully unique about this whole thing?

We share the same stomping grounds. We both wore Lady Warrior basketball uniforms...We both listened and sang with Mr. McNiel singing "Hail to thee, our alma mater, Waco Christian School." We both cheered and shot hoops in the "new" gymnasium. I was the very first official WCS Warrior mascot....she was the coolest, funniest WCS Warrior mascot. My class, the Class of 1987 donated the gym floor emblem.
I'll bet she had Mrs. Corbitt in the lab, first room on the left. Mr. Wyatt (math) and Mrs. Wyatt (history and Spanish)......2 of my most strictest, most favorite teachers of all time....Mr. Hahn, Bible class (for me it was second room on the left), Mrs. Pickens, last room on the left. Did she get to have Mr. Johnson? Mrs. Petty for English? Oh, Mrs. Talley? I lived, breathed and loved these people. Was Mrs. Wilson the librarian still? How many times did she sing, "Make Me a Servant" or "SkidderyDinkyDinkyDoo," "Blue Skies and Rainbows?" Were the Pep Rallies still on the "ledge" or moved to the new gymnasium?

"Once a Warrior, always a Warrior."
Ya think? ;)

Kari's mom said...

Kari was part of the first softball team at WCS....they had so much fun....they were SOOOOOO bad....laughing.

Thank you, Shannon. "Once a Warrior, always a Warrior."


Anonymous said...


Saw on that the Dulin's have filed a new suit against MB. Do you know anything about it? Looking forward to your post.

Shannon said...

Yes, I am aware of that. There's really no mystery behind the matter. They dropped the original civil suit so as to not impede or delay the criminal trial - which is the more important of the two. As you saw on the KWTX site, there is a 2 year time limit for the civil suit to be filed and that is in just over 2 weeks, April 8. So of course they needed to re-file to keep that option open if need be. I would expect any parent of a murdered son or daughter do the same thing.

Shannon said...

Nice try, "jf."