Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It Ain't Over

I think this is one of the key phrases in an article found at

“It wasn’t a discretionary act,” Segrest said, speaking of his office’s agreement to an order issued Tuesday by Justice of the Peace Billy Martin to discharge Baker’s bail bond. “It was an act based solely on the passage of time. It does not dispose of the criminal charges in the least. Those matters are still under consideration by this office.”

The DA's office is delving into this investigation this week. What happened yesterday was simply the matter of the 180 days. Once they wrap up their investigations, Baker will will be subject to re-arrest, coming up with bond money again and then the Grand Jury.....and ultimately trial. If the DA felt there was nothing here, they wouldn't continue on with investigations. But. They. Are.

More news on the subject:
KCEN-TV (Channel 6) - Murder charges against former pastor are dropped (for now)
"Defense attorney Gray says the district attorney's office says it will keep this file open and continue working on the case."
KXXV-TV (Channel 25) - Ex-Pastor's Murder Charges Dismissed (for now)
"WACO - Matt Baker no longer faces murder charges, at least for the time being."
KWTX-TV (Channel 10) - Murder Charge Against Former Local Pastor Dropped (for now)
"Martin said if prosecutors think they have enough evidence to re-file the arrest warrant, Baker could be rearrested."


FG said...

I posted this on the Waco Trib site. Just thought I would add it here.

Thank goodness these parents choose to not give up in the face of a DA's office with a do nothing mentality. Keep up the fight Dulins! Do this for your daughter. Do this for your granddaughters; to be raised by the man who may very well have killed their mother is incomprehensable. Justice may have taken a detour but the destination is still in sight. Baker will get his jury trial. It may be in a civil court first, but there is no statute of limitations on murder.


kelly said...

I'm in Kerrville and just this morning, after reading the paper, I realized we are/were "hosting" two possible wife murderers in our town! I have read in passing about Matt Baker and Tim Dawson and never took notice that they were two different people and two different cases of possible murder.

I came to your site looking for details. It is very informative. Kari certainly was loved by many people and from what little I've read she seems like a wonderful lady. I'm very sorry for her family for their loss.

I found my best friend dead in his home two weeks ago. There is not a detail of it that I cannot recall or any sequence of events that I am confused about. I remember what I said to the 911 operator. I remember it all very vividly. That is why I have a hard time believing that anyone would be unclear on whether they found the note and that sort of thing. It seems to me that finding your wife dead would play out over and over in your mind and would be extremely difficult to forget.

I am so angry with men like Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, OJ Simpson, Matt Baker and Tim Dawson. It is terrifying how they have everyone fooled.

I would not go so far as to pronounce him guilty but he definitely deserved to be indicted and tried. There are too many questions to not go to trial.

Anonymous said...

Kelly, I did some research with the 911 dispatch in Kerrville and they had no suicide in that location within the past few weeks. So, either you were not really in kerrville, or it didn't happen in kerrville, or you are attempting to make some type of statement? yes, you may have some unanswered questions, but apparently the DA had none that were not answered. And it is up to him to call the case.

Shannon said...

Anonymous 9:05: You actually spent time looking for that?

1) This Kelly NEVER said she FOUND her friend dead IN Kerrville. She just said she was IN Kerrville the morning she read the paper and wrote that comment.
2) Here's another kicker. She also never said it was a suicide.

Anonymous said...

You are correct, she did not mention the word suicide, thus I might have been researching the wrong info. However, she did say she lived in Kerrville, when she talked about hosting the two bad guys. You can't host if you just 'happened' to be passing thru the lovely city of Kerrville. It also might make some difference if you found the friend already dead, thus no need to deal with CPR, no children in home, etc., just call 911 and wait. Would give more time to get things in memory.

Shannon said...

True - on the hosting word part. But that doesn't change the meaning of her post.

Wasn't Kari already dead when Matt says he found her?