Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 years

It's been 5 years since the Dulin's lost their one and only daughter and sister. 5 years since her family lost their precious, vivacious granddaughter, cousin, aunt and niece. 5 years since Spring Valley lost one of their stellar, loving teachers and 5 years since many lost their dear, if not best, friend. The most heartbreaking loss is that 5 years ago tonight, Kensi and Grace had their mother ripped from their lives, hearts and memories. Well, very soon they will be in the safe and loving environment they need in order to heal and love and remember their amazing Mother.

I'm cut and pasting something from last year's post on this anniversary of Kari's death. I think this is forefront in everyone's minds today:

This is my prayer for the girls:

That you will be free to remember and love your Mother.

That you will be free to love your Mom’s family, especially your grandparents.....and know that it is only by loving that you can heal.

When the time and circumstances are right, you will learn the truth about how your Mom will be able to accept the truth.....and heal.

That you will be able to love your dad after recognizing and accepting the truth.....again, it is only through love that we can heal.

That you will grow into healthy and whole young women.....fully of joy and life, just like your mother.

That you will know now and always just how special you are and how incredibly loved you are.


Linda said...

Thank you, Shannon. How blessed I am to be Kari's mom.....What a gift...

A_News_Junkie said...

I posted this over on WS -- I hope you don't mind me adding it here too. THANK you for all you have done and for being just about the only source of information on Kari.

Rip dear kari

Today is 5 years two girls have been without their mother.
5 years a mother and father without their daughter.
5 years a brother without his sister.
5 years children have been deprived a wonderful teacher.
5 years collegues and friends without her joy and no-expectations friendship. 5 years aunts and uncles and fellow parishioners have been denied her love and influence.
5 years many of us have only known her by the horror done to her, but for me in advocating for her and for what seems unquestionably best for her girls, I have grown to know more about her than the circumstances that ended her life. That is as it should be. Much of that has been gained by the posts and posters at Shannon's blog. I have learned so much about this amazing woman I actually feel as if she is/was my friend. The best reflection I ever saw of Kari was at her trial when her mother told matt baker she forgives him, because she had to....because she had to for the girls. Because, Love trumps evil. Linda showed us Kari that day and the stock she was build from. I know that I am humbled by my learned friendship with Kari. I hope I never know the pain of those whose lives she graced; but I hope to feel often the rare gift of having such a wonderful person in my life. I am sure with all my heart, she was a gift to those who were touched by her life, in real life. I know I am and Kari will always be my friend I never met but whom I have grown to care about and adore just by having learned her through the stories of her life.

RIP Kari, we will take it from here. There are several who know and whom work to help in anyway they can to get the things that matter to you most done. The Purdy's and Kari's law and your mom and dad and all the people helping them with custody. I hope one day soon, I wake up to a google alert or check out DEGMS and see that your babies are home with your mom.

Sadie said...

Wow, Shannon. This post got me all choked up. So sad!

Then I read the comment by "A_News_Junkie," and found myself reduced to tears.

It's just so wrong! What happened to Kari and to her loving and beloved family and friends was unbearably UNFAIR, and it never ceases to be heartbreaking.

The saddest part is that the heartbreak and injustice continue as long as Kari's daughters are still living with her killer's family. That needs to change, and change FAST. I pray that it will.

A_News_Junkie put it so well:

"I hope one day soon, I wake up to a google alert or check out DEGMS and see that your babies are home with your mom."

I agree 100% and will continue to pray without ceasing until this becomes a reality.

True Justice For Kari means justice for her girls, too.

Hang in there, Dulins. God is with you.


Vicki said...

Kari was a lovely woman who did not deserve to die. Thank God that her murderer is locked away, yet why were the children sent to live with his parents? The lies the girls are told about their mother are shameful. Murderer and family are allowed to keep them from Kari's family and teach them to fear and hate, why? Wasn't it bad enough that their mother was killed? The poor girls now have no defense against this brain washing. I beseech our Heavenly Father right now that he may protect them from further harm. Bring them home, Lord! AMEN