Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alright Dulin Fans.....

The same great heart that produced the Justice for Kari stickers has struck again with another wonderful, fruitful way to help the Dulins in their quest to soon raise Kensi and Grace to be the whole, healed, precious daughters of Kari. i received the following email yesterday and want to share it with everyone:

Dear Friends of Jim and Linda Dulin, I know I don’t have to remind you that Jim and Linda lost their precious daughter, Kari, in April 2006. Not only is this the most horrible nightmare a parent can experience, but they soon realized that the events surrounding her death were very suspicious. Because they could not enlist the help of the Hewitt Police, the Dulins and family members began their own investigation. Eventually, Jim and Linda hired private investigators, an attorney and filed a civil “wrongful death” lawsuit.

In March of 2009, the District Attorney’s office became officially involved and indicted Matt Baker, the Dulin’s former son-in-law, for murder. He was convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison in January of 2010. While there is long sigh of relief in seeing that a murderer has been held accountable for his crime, Jim and Linda are still in the middle of their fight for justice.

You see, for the Dulins this was about saving their granddaughters. In Texas, a parent does not lose parental rights for murdering his spouse----the mother of his children. Matt Baker gave guardianship of his children to his parents, people who claim their son’s innocence to this day and tell their granddaughters that their father is innocent and will be coming back to Kerrville. The Dulins want to bring their granddaughters home to Waco to heal. They want them to get the professional help they need---to grieve---to feel safe to love all of their family----to just be children. Instead, their contact with their granddaughters is limited to one weekend a month, visitation they had to fight for in court.

I’m sure you can imagine not only the emotional costs of this ordeal, but also the financial burdens. Linda and Jim will not state how much they have spent, but friends know that it is a great deal. However, the Dulins say they are blessed that they have been able to find what they need to move forward. Nonetheless, as the legal battle for custody continues, the financial burdens mount for Jim and Linda. And we ….their friends…..want to help. We would love it if you would, too.

We are going to have an online auction May 21-22. In order to have items to sell, we would appreciate YOUR DONATIONS. Let us help you take items off your hands that are still in good shape for others! You can also provide a service, like a dinner in your home, or a training in your field, an hour of your time. And, of course, we’ll accept money! SPREAD the word through email, tweets, and Facebook to encourage others to donate. Let’s help Linda and Jim provide the resources to fight for their granddaughters and bring them home!

To provide goods, services or moneys, or for more information, please contact Linda Reichenbach at [Email for Linda R.'s info] no later than May 15; the sooner the better so we can get them catalogued and ready to place online to prepare for bidding.

Then of course, we would love for you to go bid on other items on the day of the auction. The sale will begin at 8 am on the 21st of May and end at 5 pm the 22nd. We urge you to pass this message along. Let people know about this. We will mail items to people who don’t live in the Waco/McLennan county area.
You don’t have to leave your house; just bid right from your computer. How fun is this!!!

Everyone has expressed sympathy and questioned how they can help; this is how. Share this information with as many people as possible. Thank you for caring.

The Dulin Fan Club

There has already been a great start with some generous donations of services and goods for the auction already pledged. This is going to be such a wonderful success. Any amount of monies or goods/services donated is a step towards that success. Any local businesses that care to donate to the auction and would let me, I'd like to give back with a little free "THANK YOU" advertising on this blog. You can email me your link (text or graphic) to your website or if you don't have a website, just your graphic would be great. I'd like everyone to know and celebrate together with those who have gathered to help the Dulins in their quest to bring the girls home to the loving and healthy family they so deserve. Please email me with any questions and to get in touch with Linda R. on how/where/when to donate.

And don't forget the other end of this: May 21 & 22 - Join us and bid, bid, bid on the online auction! Don't have even get out of your jammies or leave the house. Come and bid on your favorite items and services! Tell everyone you know! I'll provide a link to the auction website as soon as it's ready.

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