Sunday, April 3, 2011


Suit alleges abuse by Matt Baker's parents

Tommy Witherspoon

In an article in the Waco Tribune Herald by Tommy Witherspoon last week, 2 bombs were dropped:

At least six former foster children who lived in the Baker home in Kerrville in the 1970s are listed as potential witnesses in the custody battle between Kari Baker’s parents, Jim and Linda Dulin, of Woodway, and Matt Baker’s parents, Oscar and Barbara Baker. Court documents filed by the Dulins in the custody case in Kerrville allege “the Bakers have abused children left in their care in the past.” (read more)
Well, this CERTAINLY puts more urgency to having this entire matter examined thoroughly and without delay, doesn't it? Of course, at this time, these are just allegations by the former Baker foster children. But it does make you wonder and worry while we wait for the trial. Prayers going up.


Court records show the judge approved the Bakers’ motion to postpone the trial, at least in part, to give a San Antonio psychologist more time to complete her evaluations of both sets of grandparents and their granddaughters, Kensi, 15, and Grace, 10. (read more)
Well, so much for urgency! Postpone. Put off. Duck. Hide. It can only go on for so long. This particular postponement by the Bakers was "at least in part" to give the San Antonio psychologist more time? Obviously since this was not the Dulin's request, but the Baker's request for a continuance with the Court, they are the ones with the hold up with the psychological evaluation. What is the problem?? It seems to me that all parties would WANT to get this heard in court for the benefit of Kensi and Grace. Why keep these children in limbo? This is the third continuance in this case. THE THIRD. I know Linda and Jim have been ready to go to trial for a long time. I’m just asking.....What’s up???

While my heart wants this whole thing over with as quickly as possible with the girls safe and secure in thier Mother's family's arms.....if the Baker's want another continuance (with all that comes with it), BRING IT ON!
New court date: July 5, 2011


Sadie said...

Wow, what next? I hardly know what to think.

(1) Abused foster kids?? At least SIX of them? Well, it figures, and how despicable that this has remained in the dark for so many years. I have followed this case closely since early 2008, and these new revelations certainly do seem to explain a few things. Those girls need out of there NOW.

(2) Why on earth would the Bakers want to drag this out even longer? Makes no sense. I wish we could find out what is really going on with that. Is the gag order still in effect? I repeat, those girls need out of there NOW.

Shannon, please post more as you are able, as we are waiting, watching, and praying fervently for the truth to prevail, and for God's will to be done. God bless the two girls, God bless the Dulins and their family, and God bless you for the heads-up on the news as it breaks.


News said...

I guess I am going to have to pay for a subscription to Waco Trib to read Tommy and keep up with the games these Bakers are playing. What a joke they are.
Shannon, does Tommy have copies of the documents linked at Waco Trib? Can you get them and post them?
I am just sick that this custody case is being delayed by the bakers again. Geez, I can see why they would avoid a psychological exam, they are bat$hitcrazy. Grrrrrrrr.
I will pray for Kari's girls even harder - this is crazy.