Friday, February 11, 2011

Custody Trial Update

I've had quite a few emails from concerned people about the custody trial so I thought I'd take a second and update.

The custody trial has been moved back to April 5.

Matt now has a court appointed attorney (taxpayers everywhere are delighted @@) and "he needs time to prepare."

But all that said, it's alright! God is leading this journey to save the girls. This rescue mission is right on track. Just as God triumphed in the murder trial, so shall He triumph in this one.

Keep up the prayers, everyone! They are soooooo working!!


A_News_Junkie said...

Thank you soooooooo much for letting us know this. While I hate to see the delay to this next step in Justice for Kari-- I can be patient if it leads to these girls getting into a home of unconditional love and where they will have the best opportunity for healing.
Prayers continue everyday for the girls and the Dulin family and that Linda's words will be the words that describe the custody case as well, that.... LOVE TRUMPS EVIL!

Sadie said...

Thanks for the update, Shannon!

April seems like a long way off.

In April, it will have been five years since that terrible spring night when Kari's life was cruelly ended by her murdering husband.

My heart will always be with Kari's family and her poor daughters. Every one of these victims of Matt have each been through their own brand of hell.

So much has happened in five years, from unutterable pain, to the triumph of justice. And now, we who have come to care so much about this family wait in solidarity and faith with them for this final righting of a terrible wrong...

I can't wait to rejoice over the wonderful news -- when we learn that the girls will finally be rescued from the dark, and brought home where they have always belonged.

Shannon, you wrote:

"Just as God triumphed in the murder trial, so shall He triumph in this one."

Amen, sister!

Love to Linda and family, and take comfort in the knowledge that the thoughts and prayers of MANY good people, all over the country, are with you and the girls.


~Shelly~ said...

Still praying for those girls. I hope they end up in Kari's parents arms-where they belong.