Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Email

Just wanted to share another sweet and insightful email received through the blog.
TEAM.....Dulin!!!!! God bless you indeed....keep on keepin on Linda and all the other "angels"! Signs of the times show it's not too far off that "every tear be wiped away".....
I thanked her for her email and asked if she knew the Dulins.

No, I don't know them personally, but feel almost as though I do...... I can just see they are very good and dear people. I watched the double 48 hrs. broadcast a couple times, and have been reading everything I can about it ever since. Kari was so beautiful, and I am just so sure she was just that way on the inside too! I have cried for Kari and for all those that love and miss her. My thoughts are often on this senseless and cruel tragedy. I give my continued prayers for the Dulins and those around them, and that the girls come to live with the Dulins, where the truth be instilled in them and they can heal.

Warmest regards,
J.L. from Pennsylvania

Kari, Linda and the girls have touched so many hearts. Prayers pouring in from everywhere for truth, love and healing for everyone. Well, the love is already here. Truth and healing are on their way.

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Anonymous said...

This touches me so. Thank you J. L.

More grateful than words can express--