Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 - Memorable Quotes from the Associated Baptist Press

Worth repeating: 2010 -- the year in quotes
Bob Allen
Associated Baptist Press
December 22, 2010

"(ABP) -- Here are some of the more memorable quotes that appeared in Associated Baptist Press stories and commentaries during 2010. " (Read More)

The second most memorable quote of 2010 for the Associated Baptist Press?

"'Love trumps evil.' (Linda Dulin, telling her son-in-law Matt Baker, a former Baptist pastor convicted of killing her daughter in 2006, why she must forgive him.)"

Yes, Linda. Yes, it does. And it will continue to.


A_News_Junkie said...

Number one should have been: "GUILTY!" but those three little words taught so many people what a real Christian looks like and made a huge impact on the world as we watched Kari get phase one of justice. Phase two will let her RIP knowing her girls are where they belong.
3 word sentences that make a huge impact: Love trumps evil and I love you. Something tells me the girls hear and will hear that second sentence from their grandma Linda and grandpa Jim for the rest of their lives.

Sadie said...

Thank you for reporting on this, Shannon. The Dulins' faith and determination continues to inspire many people.

Love is so powerful, and yes, it truly does trump evil. Thanks again, Shannon for continuing to be a voice for justice. May God continue to bless and sustain the Dulins and may He soon bring the girls and their hearts home where they belong.

Justice for Kari.