Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank You,!

If you haven't already found the best and busiest true crime discussion board around, then you're in for a new treat. Check out right now! I joined this forum last January just before the trial. There has been an ongoing thread discussing our case since at least 2007 called The Preacher's Wife -- Suicide or Murder?

The owner of is a true sleuth and an all around amazing person! She has our case highlighted on the front page. Take a look.

Fellow WS member JusticeInWaco is an amazing advocate for justice in the murder case of Kari Baker. She has been given an exclusive interview with Erin Moriarty of 48 hours. The show airs tonight on CBS. You can read Erin's answers and comment on them on JusticeInWaco’s blog. Currently the case has rendered a conviction with a sentence of 65 yrs in prision for the murder of Kari. Kari's mother and father are seeking custody of Kari's two daughters.
Please read and comment on Kari’s case here.
Tricia Griffith

In the thread titled, The Preacher's Wife -- Suicide or Murder? I was asked this question earlier this week:
"So, Justice in Waco is Erin as cool in real life as she seems on TV?"

Thought I'd share my answer with you guys here, too:

Yes! My first "time spent" with Erin, her producers and her crew was in January of 2008. I was nervous as all get out to sit down on camera with Erin Moriarty! OMG is not a strong enough phrase. LOL But within minutes, I was completely at ease. Not ready for the interview to be over with actually. Like I said on the blog last night, she and her entire team are the epitome of complete professionalism and complete human-ness. The Producer told me later on the phone that when I was done, there wasn't a dry eye in the house...including cameramen. I don't say to make myself look like "wow" but to show how EVERYONE involved in this story, on all sorts of ends, can't help but be touched by Kari....and her "spirit" that surrounds every single person that fought for her justice.

I don't know if you all know this but someone from 48 Hours (almost always Producer Lisa Freed, sometimes AP Elena DiFiore, and sometimes Erin) was at most of the hearings the year before the actual trial. They would fly down from New York so as not to miss a thing.....get the info and the experience first hand! I honestly can say that they were the only news/investigative journalism team/network to do this. (Correcting this to say the only non-local group to do this. I also want to give a grateful "shout out" to Waco Tribune Herald reporter, Tommy Witherspoon on this. He was most certainly one of THE MOST dedicated reporters during the entire 4+ years....and continuing. Love ya, Tommy!) So I got to spend a little time with these guys at those times. And then they were here during the over-a-week-long trial. Again, very professional. Yet very human. VERY easy to talk to and be with. A fascinating group of very caring, top-notch journalists/reporters.

My experience (and I'll go so far as to speak for Kari's family on this as well) with 48 Hours was far more compassionate than I/we ever imagined it could be. I enjoyed 48 Hours before this. I enjoy AND respect it now ten-fold for having had the chance to personally get to know many of them.

Anyway, that's it for now. After the show airs, 48 Hours will be releasing three web extras. They will, of course, be on their website. I will also put them on the blog as soon as they release them. They will be GOOD ONES!


Sadie said...

Shannon, I think this is wonderful. Websleuths has about a zillion members.

Shannon said...

Why not make it a zillion and one? ;)

A_News_Junkie said...

I second that recommendation to Sadie!!!!!
Thank you for this blog it has truly been a wonderful source of information and tool for community with others who care! I am sure the family has found it a great comfort as well. One day when Kari's girls are ready they will see how many people who knew and who didn't know Kari LOVED her and they will see that LOVE TRUMPS EVIL! You gave Kari's story voice and I can think of no greater gift in such a time. Not to mention when MSM fell asleep you were there to wake them up!
Proud owner of a Justice for Kari bumper sticker!

Cookie said...

Justice In Waco thanks for joining us. We really learned so much from you! I hope you stay and keep us updated and to the poster above Sadie - pleas join us, we love new members!
Your blog is awesome and I hope in January you report to us at WS that the Dulin's get custody. This might sound blunt - but we know what his mother raised and I hope the Dulin's get custody.
I just read about your son who was in Kari's class. How is he doing today? I bet he is proud of his mom! This blog is so professional and your bumper stickers were a great idea. I have you bookmarked now - I will have to read back!