Sunday, October 31, 2010

48 Hours Web Extra - Prison Interview with Matt

Matt Baker Talks to "48 Hours"
"In January 2010, Matt Baker was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to 65 years in prison. Nearly nine months later, Erin Moriarty interviewed him at the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas - his fourth interview with '48 Hours.' Baker continues to maintain his innocence."

It is truly amazing that even after 9 months of not much else to do but think of what he did wrong, he STILL cannot keep his stories straight. The looks on Erin's face as he continues to morph his story are priceless.

Hang up that phone. Walk back into your little white jumpsuit world, Matt Baker. We're done with you. And Kari lives on......despite your greatest efforts.


Sadie said...

Did you hear, in the video of the police questioning which was featured in the 48 Hours show, Matt's response when asked whether Kari was clothed or not when he "found" her on the bed?

He stammered. He stuttered. Umm... she was completely naked, yeah, that's right. Er, well, no, maybe she had panties on... Wait, she was naked. Gee, I know I said I dressed her afterwards and everything, but ya know, I really don't recall whether my wife, the light of my life, was naked or wearing panties when I walked in and found her dead.

It is the paradox of the sociopath. His lies can be totally convincing; the perfect wolf in sheep's clothing who masterfully and completely fools those around him, especially those who want to believe in him; those who are the closest or who have the most to lose if he is false.

And yet he lies so very badly when challenged. His lies are stupid and easy to detect. Classic hallmark of the lying pattern of the sociopath.

Kari lost her life because of this. I feel SO terribly bad for her precious daughters. They are the ones in all of this who have borne the worst damage from his deception, from that night in 2006 when he murdered their mother while they slept down the hall, to this present day. They will continue to be his victims, until they can be removed from that deception and begin to live in truth and real love.

I am praying every day for their rescue.

(And forgive me, but I will pray for justice for sweet little Kassidy, too... for I believe she too lost her life at the hand of Kari's murderer.)

uh said...

So Kari woke up and turned the tv on to ESPN while she killed herself? matt is so stupid.

News said...

To "uh" (lol - funny name, btw!) but yeah - ESPN - sure would be my pick of stations to write - whoops, type my note and fall asleep permanently to - NOT! Seriously, did not one cop there think that was odd????? So many things wrong - but part of this is right now, the killer is behind bars.
To Sadie - I didn't know if to laugh or barf watching his pitiful attempt at remembering if Kari was wearing anything. He really is not the brightest star in the galaxy! First to talk at all, then to keep talking and changing his story, then to go to jail and trying to appeal and still talking! His arrogance helped seal his fate!

Anonymous said...

Will anything ever be done in regards to Kassidy's ending? The eerie similarities between what happened to Kassidy and Kari... Matt's concern that Kassidy's grave would also be exhumed... ???