Saturday, October 30, 2010

Matt Baker: Texas Preacher's Interview Used as Evidence in Murder Trial

In Erin's Crimesider report, she shares with us the dilemmas she faced over the years with various interviews she did with Matt. Some even in the presence of his attorney. Matt's stories constantly change before her eyes.....and on camera. Yet he's unabashedly bold in his if he doesn't remember he's been interviewed before and gave completely contradictory statements at those previous interviews. I mean, seriously, is HE that stupid or does he think the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD is that stupid? I know. I know. This is how a classic sociopath relates to the world. I am still just stymied by the behavior.

I know Vanessa Bull's testimony probably tied the final knot in Matt's noose. But Matt Baker himself provided the rope. Time and time again.

Matt Baker: Texas Preacher's Interview Used as Evidence in Murder Trial
Posted by Erin Moriarty

"So weeks after our first interview, we knew we had to go back to Baker and ask him about the incriminating evidence against him. This time, I thought, 'He'll never talk.' I was wrong. Again, he sat down for an interview. This time, attorney Gray was at his side. We were very honest with both of them about the dilemma we faced as reporters. Baker lived in Texas, a state without a strong reporter's shield law. I might be forced to hand over my interviews to an aggressive prosecutor.

Did he still want to talk? I asked. Yes, he said. Was he concerned that something he said could be used against him at trial? No problem, I was told. Baker assured me that he was telling the truth and had nothing to worry about. And again, he went into great detail about his wife's death. This time, however, some of the facts had changed. And he denied in this interview as he did in the first that he had been involved in an affair at the time of his wife's death." (Read More)


Sadie said...

His lies were what he relied on. His lies had always served him well in sustaining his dark hidden life. His lies fooled whole congregations of people. His lies fooled employers, in-laws, students, parents, his unsuspecting wife, his mistresses, EMT's and investigators on the night he killed Kari, and his own children in the years after her murder.

He counted on his lies to cover up the murder of his wife. He had confidence that his lies would enable him to get away with murder. How wrong he was!

How fitting, that in the end his lies were his undoing.

~ Justice for Kari. ~

Tivy said...

So the tv shows were used at his trial? Did the reporters have to testify?
That is the thing about lies when you tell them the second time they almost always change. Kind of like that phone game - where you sit in a circle and tell a story and by the time the last person hears the story wispered to them it is different than what the first person heard.
I cant believe he was free riding around town in his new truck all that time. eww