Friday, October 29, 2010

Angels and Devils: Texas Monthly - Skip Hollandsworth

Angels and Devils
CBS’s 48 Hours fills in the final chapters of the notorious Matt Baker.

by Skip Hollandsworth
November 2010

EXCELLENT piece by Skip! You must go and read the complete piece. But I will tease you with both the first paragraph and the last. ;)

"Reporters hate to get beat, but I have to tip my hat to Erin Moriarty of CBS’s 48 Hours. Tomorrow evening, on Saturday, October 30, CBS is broadcasting back-to-back 48 Hours Mystery programs that examine the case of Matt Baker, the Baptist preacher in Waco who went from talented, up-and-coming pastor to grieving husband whose wife committed suicide to murder suspect maintaining his innocence to convicted killer."


"In the end, of course, the most riveting character is Matt Baker. He gave plenty of interviews from the beginning of this saga and, incredibly, agreed to sit down with Moriarty for one last post-trial interview. She decimates him with her questions, especially when she asks why Vanessa would come forward with a story that ultimately won over the jury at trial. She also asks him, point-blank, 'Are you ready to finally admit you killed your wife?' Matt’s answer, and the way he looks at Moriarty as he says it, is worth the price of admission alone."

I totally agree. 48 Hours was more dedicated than I could have ever imagined they would be. And I cannot wait to see tomorrow night's shows.

I'll try to find a working link to Skip's original TM story and post it here.

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Cookie said...

Ooooh -I am going to go back and watch this part again to see what he was talking about. Can you screen capture it and post it?