Saturday, April 3, 2010

Email - The Ripple Effect of Kari's Death

I want to share a couple of emails (with permission) that I received yesterday from a teacher at Midway High School. She has a very unique perspective and her email also shows how Kari's death has sent ripples out farther than we even knew.

I just felt the need to write to you about your work on this blog for Kari. I am new to the Waco area so knew nothing of the murder until the trial started. I teach at Midway High School and wanted to tell you about some of my students. One had a little brother in Kari's class at the time of the murder (who is probably friends with your son), one of my kids knew the girls, the mother of one of my girls worked with Kari............and so it goes.

Since I am new to the community, I could really feel the pain and the wounds inflicted. Matt took Kari away from all of these people and inflicted untold damage. I know you know this......just wanted to tell you that the ripples are in my workplace, affecting my students and co-workers. Thank you for the blog..........."


I just want to share a few thoughts with you concerning my experience with this murder. Like I said, I have only lived in Waco for less than two years, so the first thing I knew about it was when I caught it on "48 Hours" and saw one of my co-workers, Todd Monsey, being interviewed. Then when the trial started, I saw footage of his testimony on the news. It hit me that it was a complete travesty that ANYONE should have to testify in a murder trial like this, and it just upset me that someone I knew had to do that. One of my students who knows Todd very well said that she knew Kari didn't commit suicide because "If Coach Monsey is one of your friends you would never want to die. He is just too fun."

I do have a unique perspective I guess because I can see how deep the wounds are in the community and how Kari's loss has hit kids in ways that people might not see. I too pray that the girls are removed from that environment very soon. A co-worker and I were hoping that they would get to start the new school year in August at Midway schools. I know they would be welcomed with open arms and nurtured by teachers and kids.

I admire your blog and what you have done. I also admire Linda quite a bit. Thanks for providing a forum for information and to demand justice for an innocent mother and her children. It is truly inspiring."

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