Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trib article on picking a jury for preacher cases....

Picking Central Texas jurors for trials of pastors can be 2-edged sword
Tommy Witherspoon
"When the criminal defendant is a preacher, politician or police officer —
occupations that elicit strong emotions in a number of areas — attorneys
sometimes spend extra time during jury selection trying to find out prospective
jurors’ attitudes about that and related topics." (read more)
I can only imagine the intricacies involved. It is very much a double-edge sword. Don't you think? It's a very interesting topic for discussion. But regardless, the facts of this case will stand firm in the minds of those on all ends of the religious views spectrum. Justice is justice....even when it's a long time coming.

Jury selection is scheduled to start September 28th. Trial following.


JMM said...

The article says

"As a trained public speaker, he is more eloquent than most who sit in the defendant’s chair."

Don't make me laugh. I never heard him preach but I have heard him on the stand and he's anything but eloquent. He reeks guilt.

Beth said...

This Cash song is perfect, Shannon. There will be justice. Nothing about this man is a man of God. Nothing. Peace to Kari's family, especially Kari's daughters.

Sooner or later God will cut you down.

Anonymous said...

Puhleeze, it's not like he's a polished and dynamic preacher. All I have seen out of him is stutters and stammers and shifty eyes. This will be all too apparent on the witness stand where it counts the most. There will be no Oscars awarded. I am sure. Wish I could be there to see it.

Sadie said...

Woe to any defense attorney in this case who believes the quote from the former-minister-now-attorney in this article, who implied that church people would tend to side with a pastor... He probably does not know the details of this particular case.

This particular pastor, once the truth about him is presented, along with the lies he has told, will be more likely to infuriate good Christian churchgoing jurors who will be disgusted and deeply offended by his perverting of the pastoral call and duties.

Christian or not, churchgoer or not, cynical towards the clergy or not.... Anyone with eyes, ears, and common sense will understand that Matt murdered Kari, covered it up and tried to disgrace her memory, and for several years has walked free because he hid behind the cloak of "pastor."

The article is an interesting examination of some of the elements involved in choosing a jury for this case. However, the jury will see the truth, regardless of whether or not their individual bottoms warm a church pew every Sunday.